Light Spirit Epic Chapter 813: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 813 of the expedition to another world

“What meow?” The leopard boy looked back in panic. “But **yan**shou*(..)” I saw a headless horseman waiting outside. And its separated armoured arm climbed into the vent and grabbed Hal’s feet.

Didn’t think so? Although the monster couldn’t get in by himself, he was able to send a hand in and capture the two teenagers hiding in the ventilation duct.

“No!” Husky tried his best to crawl forward, but he soon realized that his crawling strength was nothing compared to that of the Headless Horseman. Not only did he not pull away from the monster, but he was pulled closer and closer, sliding back towards the exit of the vent!

If it goes on like this, they will both be caught!

“Goodbye, Husky – thank you meow.” Without hesitating for half a second, Hal let go of the hand holding Husky’s tail.

Husky ran deep into the vent, and he was safe. And Howl was dragged back by the Headless Horseman, grabbed from the vent by the monster with one hand, and hung upside down in the air.

The leopard boy looked at the headless monster. It was holding a sharp sword with a cold light and was about to pierce the abdomen of the leopard boy.

It’s all over. This is probably the end of me, Hal thought, closing his eyes tightly.

The Headless Horseman’s sword stabbed.

Touch! ! The monster’s killing blow was interrupted by a powerful impact, and its sword stab only rubbed the black panther boy’s belly, leaving a shallow wound.

“Hal!” As soon as the big wolf fell to the ground, he rushed over and grabbed the Leopard boy and threw it on himself, “Hold me tight! I have to escape!”

“Husky?! How are you–” The black panther boy looked at the big hole on the wolfdog’s shoulder, which was scratched by the headless horseman’s sword just now, and it looked very serious.

“You’re a bastard, Hal! How dare you let me run away alone!” The wolf dog complained resentfully, running all the way: “It’s clear that no one is allowed to leave anyone behind. !”

“I’m sorry—“

The armored knight who was knocked off by Husky got up again, ran as if nothing was wrong, and chased up at an amazing speed.

Although Husky was still on the run, his arm was injured, and with Little Howl on his back, it was impossible to match the speed of the Headless Horseman. They were quickly overtaken and pushed to the wall.

“Husky…” The leopard boy hugged the wolf dog tightly, his body trembling slightly, he couldn’t bear to look directly at the approaching death.

“We haven’t lost yet… I’ll definitely save you, Wang.” Husky still planned to make the best counter-attack, but his physical strength had also bottomed out, and blood was gushing from the wound on his shoulder. out, draining his last drop of energy.

It’s all over, this time it’s really all over! When the sword in the hand of the headless knight fell, the escape game between the two teenagers was really over!

Husky couldn’t even stand still, he half-kneeled and gasped, “Is this the end…?”

“We will always be good friends, good brothers, meow.” Hal hugged the wolf dog tightly and whispered as if to comfort him.

I don’t want to live together, I just want to die together. Both children closed their eyes, huddled together, and waited for the moment of death.

The headless knight’s sword fell, and the sharp sword could directly slice through the flesh, breaking skulls and bones. The two teenagers will die just like that!

—Or maybe not!

Keng! ! A crisp sound resounded in front of the two children.

Unconscious of pain and no sense of dying, Husky opened his eyes suspiciously at what was born in front of him.

A small boy held up a golden sword and blocked the headless horseman’s heavy blow.

The black boy looks familiar, but is that possible?

Hasky asked, even more puzzled, “Uncle Arthur…? No, brother Arthur?…No no no, brother Arthur?”

“Noisy, you stinky boy!” King Arthur was already at a disadvantage and was struggling to meet the Headless Horseman, and was even more angry at Husky’s nonsense.

Just fine. Anger is the essence of Arthur, the source of his strength. The power that anger gave him made even King Arthur, who became a child, stronger. With enough strength, he raised his sword and pushed forward! The headless armored knight who was pushed down by brute force!

The headless knight fell to the ground, and the armor that was not very strong was scattered on the ground, and his body was full of flaws.

“Die!” King Arthur rushed forward and stabbed with his sword! The sword of the holy king pierced into the chest of the armored knight without any obstacles, and nailed that thing to the ground!

Pounds! ! The golden light flashed by, and Arthur moved [Spellbreaker]. The photons summoned from another world exploded like a storm in this world, impacting the laws of this world.

Because of its ability to impact [Law], [Spellbreaker] can interrupt or cancel almost any magic in an instant, including of course the [Evocation] that constitutes a golem.

When the holy sword was deeply inserted into the chest of the Headless Horseman and exploded with golden light, the “soul” that constituted the core of the golem was completely swept away by the [Spellbreaker] from zero distance. . The golem lost its “soul” and finally turned into an ordinary armor that could no longer move.

Yes, in addition to being a “Mage Killer”, [Spellbreaker] can also be said to be a veritable “Golem Killer”. Under the golden light, a lively golem will immediately become dead, and the efficiency of destroying the golem is even greater than expected. Therefore, in the presence of friendly golems, Arthur generally avoids using this trick—repairing the golems that have lost their cores takes a lot of effort and is very expensive.

“Hu——” After finishing a move, Arthur just felt exhausted. It is too unscientific to fight with the body of a child. He just bit the bullet and won with a little luck. And such luck cannot last.

“Let’s go.” The king of knights pulled up two orc teenagers: “Leave this ghost place as soon as possible before more golems arrive.”

“It’s a ghost—” said the evil star lying on top of Arthur’s head.

“Shut up! Look at the useless guy who doesn’t come to help!” Arthur got even more angry.

Is that really Uncle Arthur? “Husky asked with a puzzled face: “Why is it like this—“

“I can’t wear that **** vent if I don’t look like this.—Aren’t you getting weird too, Husky?” Arthur still looked angry, though he was The appearance is very incompatible with his current baby face: “Shaxing, do you know the way back?”

“Leave it to me.” The dragon said, “Turn left here.”

“I’m going to run, keep up.” King Arthur said to the two orc teenagers in a commanding tone.

“Hal…” Husky got up: “Just hold on, we’ll be home soon.”

The leopard boy agreed in a low voice, and hugged the big wolf dog tightly.

Arthur opened the way in front, and the big wolf dog with the black panther boy on his back followed closely and fled all the way to the exit.

Dozens of headless horsemen rushed over and intercepted the fleeing people along the way. Arthur saw that he was outnumbered, so he quickly gathered his energy and summoned the Holy Spirit: “Kill!——“

The Holy Spirit Unicorn was summoned and rushed out in a straight line, knocking all the headless horsemen who were attacking. The ice storm it set off even more frozen all the monsters. The armor shattered and was frozen firmly by the frost, and these headless knights were no longer able to fight.

However, when King Arthur made such a fuss, the entire castle naturally reacted. The boiling old castle sounded a beeping and piercing siren, notifying more headless horsemen to come and arrest the intruders!

No matter how powerful the Holy Spirit summoned by King Arthur is, it has a limited number of times, because each summoning of the Holy Spirit will bring additional burden to the round table system. It is obviously impossible to rely on summoning the Holy Spirit to kill all the enemies in the castle. No matter how brave King Arthur was, he could only smear oil on the soles of his feet at this moment and slip away as soon as possible.

“Turn left over there!” Shaxing yelled.

As soon as the King of Knights turned around, three headless knights rushed towards him. Those guys are so close, their swords are out, Arthur doesn’t even have time to summon the Holy Spirit!

“Hoo!” Shaxing roared, spitting out a large fireball. The magic released by the dragon has no absolute relationship with his size. Even now, this little lizard-like evil star still spit out a huge fireball. They were blown away, and the armor scattered all over the place!

The same heat also rushed towards Arthur. Fortunately, he drank the dragon’s blood, and his body had a strong ability to resist fire, so he was not injured by the heat of the flame.

—but it still startled Arthur.

The King of Knights raised his holy sword and moved [Spellbreaker]. The golden light flashed by and penetrated through the cracked gap in the armor. The scattered armor was “purified” by this golden light—they lost the “soul” core that maintained the golem’s action, and they would never move again.

“Shaxing, next time you do this, remember to notify me in advance.” The King of Knights complained angrily.

“It was an emergency just now. I’ll talk about it next time.” Long said disapprovingly, he almost cooked Arthur, but he showed no remorse.

At this point, the corridor in front of them begins to darken.

It should be said that there is some very terrifying force that is interfering with the illuminated crystals on the wall, making these devices flicker dazzling.

“Here’s the guy.” Shaxing said, “It’s such a nasty feeling, such a powerful force.”

“We have to take a detour, we can’t confront it head-on.” Arthur winked at Husky, signaling to retreat: “With my current body, there is no chance of winning a fight. Only I can escape.”

“Dang—” Husky was about to agree, but he didn’t expect the enemy to be approaching at a very high speed.

“My God… it’s the ancient king Kather!” shouted the Holy Spirit crown on Arthur’s head. Of course it knows.

That’s right, that thing is the [that] the two orc teenagers had met before.

That wrinkled-looking corpse with a terrifying smell of carrion was the ancient king of the Keltons, the founder of Pantoracken (Great Britain), Cather D. Panto Laken.

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