Light Spirit Epic Chapter 795: The expedition is different from the first


Chapter 795 of the expedition to another world

“What are you–.” **first*..” When Bedivere turned to look. He also understood instantly.

The boat actually has a seventh locker room. And it’s a locker room for the ladies. There are not many female candidates. The knights still have extra care for the ladies. This avoids the embarrassment of women changing clothes naked in a crowd of men.

“However. A woman can pass such a harsh test. It’s amazing, meow.” Saifer whispered. As harsh as the two tests just now. Even the male candidates were secretly complaining. These women made it through. It is simply a woman who does not allow men.

Though at that time Zephyr’s unintentional and heartfelt praise. But there is still a hint of discrimination. He spoke so quietly. But it was still heard by a female candidate in the distance. The man felt offended. He turned his head and glared at Zephyr fiercely.

Unexpectedly. The stare instantly captivated the young big blue cat.

The woman is the standard beauty: a melon face. Update it for the first time and serve it with egg-like smoothness. White and red skin; a head of gold as light and beautiful as water. Plus the beautiful black pupils that were half-covered by the golden flowing water. Although only half of her face emerged from the hood of her cloak. It’s also enough to explain her beauty.

The young man with vigor and vitality immediately raised his head: “Beauty, meow—“

“Take care of yourself. Brat.” Palamidis was immediately displeased. His son stuck his tongue out when he saw the beauty. Tail wagging wildly. Just like a hooligan. His own son was so disrespectful in front of everyone. As a father, how could he just sit back and watch.

“If you don’t behave yourself again. I’ll punish you for eating the food I cook tonight.” Palamidis said angrily (he forgot that his own way of doing it didn’t work anymore).

Phil is still reflexively terrified of his father’s threat. With his head down, he immediately turned his face away in embarrassment: “It’s not my fault, meow.”

“Anyway, pay attention. Even if the other party is a big beauty.” Palamidis taught. More faster chapters to come.

Although the conversation between father and son couldn’t be lower. But the female candidate in the distance could still hear. She seems to have very sensitive ears.

After hearing the hilarious conversation between the Palamidis and his son. The female candidate who should have been angry immediately burst out laughing. Ignore the three big cats. Turn around and follow the examiner.

“Oh. I’m gone, meow.” Seglade also lowered his head in disappointment.

“You too.” Palamedis was shocked by what his sons had done.

“Dad, you don’t understand. This is the first sight, meow.” Zephyr also recovered. Moving with a large group of candidates: “Dad, when you and Aunt Vivian met, didn’t you feel at first sight meow. Where is our mom meow.”

“…Well. Can I not answer this question.” The leopard warrior shyly avoided the eyes of his sons: “But. Whether I see it at first sight or not. I have never been like you. I’m sorry. You young people have such poor patience. Update as soon as possible”

Bedevier listens. Just thought it was funny.

While they chat. The candidates have passed through the long steel corridor inside the battleship. Go out from the elevator on the left side of the battleship.

The lift is very advanced. A steel platform was driven by the teleportation beam. Send batch after batch of candidates to the ground.

“Dad.” Saifer added before jumping off the elevator: “Anyway. Please don’t look back at this battleship meow.”

“Hmm. Why.” Palamidis was even more curious. Generally speaking. What people tell you to “don’t do it anyway”. People can’t help but do it. then. After Palamides disembarked. Naturally, he looked back.

This look. He was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Bediveville sees Paramedis bulging out of his eyes. An exaggerated watch burning in anger. Also very curious. He turned his head to look logically.

First look. More faster chapters to come. He didn’t have any problems.

This is a majestic and domineering battleship of Great Britain. One of the largest Dreadnought-class warships. It was newly built a few years ago. From the hull to the main gun. There’s a nice clean silver-black metallic luster everywhere.

Bediver and the others boarded the ship in storms and hail. It’s too late to appreciate its beauty—I just took the opportunity to take a look at it now. And marvel at this majestic tin monster.

But. Bedivere had not had time to observe the other details of the battleship. His attention was immediately caught by a series of huge letters on the head of the battleship. That string of words was also the culprit that drew Palamidis so angry.

The letters are sprayed neatly on the bow. Next to it is the coat of arms of Great Britain. That string of letters was clearly the name of the battleship.

Paint the name on the bow of the battleship. It was the most popular practice in Europe at the time. This also makes the sunk ships in the battle formation easier to identify. Confirm war casualties.

Then. More faster chapters to come. The name of this battleship was originally called ——

——[Attack on the Palamidis]. )

Inexplicably hit the joke. Bedivere almost spit out saliva with a laugh. This sudden laugh even made him suddenly feel dizzy.

No. The feeling of dizziness has nothing to do with giggling. Palamidis punched Bedivere hard with his fist. Zephyr and Seglade’s head again. That’s why these three giggling guys feel dizzy.

“Someone explain to me. What’s going on.” The leopard warrior was furious. Really angry: “I’m not dead yet. How can I name the ship after me.”

He’s so angry for a reason. The mainstream of European countries at that time. It is to name the ship after the deceased heroes of the country.

Therefore. This [Attack Palamidis]. It’s almost like saying, “The great Palamides is dead. Let’s name the ship after him. Remember this man.”

See this. Of course the leopard warriors will be furious.

“But they did nothing wrong. Dad, your death certificate was issued three years ago. You were identified as brain dead by Prime Minister Merlin three years ago.” . Said in a calm tone. “You can be resurrected. It’s a miracle no one could have imagined.”

“Yeah. I’m so damned. You’re all gleefully raising a toast to my death.” Palamedis was still sulking.

“Did meow.” Seglade muttered to himself in a low voice.


“Cough cough.” Before Palamides swears. The Knight of the Round Table Cador has already spoken: “Then. Let me explain the content of the first stage of [Trial of Strength].”

The audience instantly fell silent. The candidates present were afraid of missing the slightest bit of the report. Everyone listened intently. Update as soon as possible

“As you can see. We are in Egypt’s new capital. A suburb of Cairo.” Cador began. “Your first stage goal. From Cairo. Follow the Nile all the way to the south. Finally reach the Kilimanjaro volcano in Tanzania. As long as you can reach the destination. There is no limit to any means. You can use whatever you can find. resources.

——But. You can’t hurt any natives. Nor can they violate any local regulations. Your bracelet will record your actions throughout. Please don’t take chances.

And your equipment includes a water bottle and a knife.

Warp magic has been applied to the water bottle. It has a capacity of one hundred liters. Enough for you to drink for a long time.

The knives are also custom made. In addition to being extremely sharp. Can be used for self-defense and other than open circuits. It can also make fire. Ideal for making campfires.

Your robes are in addition to waterproof shade. A compass and map are also attached to the buttons. direction can be indicated.

Then. Please use the tools you have at hand. Do your best. “

Heard here. The students breathed a sigh of relief. what the hell. It was just a long trip. Eliminate the entire risk factor of being attacked by monsters along the way. The exam at this stage is also very easy.

“That’s right. I almost forgot to say it.” Knight of the Round Table Cador said suddenly. There was a malicious smile on the corner of his mouth: “The exam officially starts at 12 noon today. It will end at 12 noon the day after tomorrow. You have exactly three days.”

The candidates present boiled instantly.

Anyone who knows a little bit of geography knows that. Even if it’s a straight line distance. Cairo is still at least 4,500 kilometers away from Tanzania.

People keep walking even if they don’t eat or sleep. At most, you can walk 100 kilometers in a day. So count down. The journey of more than 4,000 kilometers still takes 40 days to complete. And this is the calculated itinerary in the most ideal state.

Actually. Over the mountains. Wading through the forest. Much more tiring than expected. Take more time. It will also force travelers to take a lot of detours.

This is at least a month away. Even long trips that might take two or three months to barely complete. The examiner asked them to finish within three days. This is crazy. Still crazy. .

Most of the candidates present were boiling. collapsed. Overwhelmed. Only Bedivere and Palamidis seemed very calm. Cador brought out the most disgusting part of the exam. Instead, reassure them. This is the exam. This is the round table trial. Not that difficult. This test doesn’t work at all.

This journey. It is absolutely impossible to be in time if you follow the right path. However. Cador also said that. [Unlimited means]. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Not breaking the law. All means are permitted.

They are penniless now. There are few weapons in hand. And can’t use magic. But there must be some way. Get them to their destination within three days. Update as soon as possible

“Let’s go out,” Bedivere said quietly. “Go into the field first. See if you can find anything useful.”

“No. You should go to the city first. Let’s see if you can find something.” Albert sang the opposite, as always: “I want to cross the entire Nile Valley in three days. Transportation is necessary. Left Cairo. I’m afraid I won’t be able to find any decent cities. Not to mention transportation.”

Other candidates listen. Many people have quickly run to the direction of the city. Trying to find means of transportation. However. Anyone with a brain knows that. The city is a [trap]. These guys going into town are doomed to fail.

“You have no money. Time is pressing. It is impossible to earn enough road money within the specified time.” The werewolf said in a low voice: “In this case, I want to try my luck in the city. if you want.”

“Uh—” The tiger was stinged. He was speechless for a while.

Egypt has skyrocketed in recent years. No matter how hard outsiders try. Just work. It is also impossible to earn money to buy transport in three days. No – you can’t even earn subsistence money.

Don’t break the law and don’t hurt people. Want to get money or transportation in a short time. Totally impossible. —— Even when a bounty hunter catches a wanted criminal, it counts as [wounding]. And other legitimate jobs. Probably won’t make that much money.

Say more. The journey from Egypt to Tanzania. Clearly there is no through train. Direct boat. Or go straight to the ship. Relations between Egypt and the rest of Africa suck. It is currently in a state of isolation.

All in all. Going into town to try your luck is a dead end. Something that will really bring Bedivere to Tanzania. In and only in the wild.

The round table trial is difficult. But it seems to have its own set of logic. It will not design “absolutely insurmountable difficulties” to make things difficult for candidates.

In this case. The werewolves can only go down the Nile River. Take one step at a time. See what “surprises” the test organizers have prepared for them.

Meet the three Palamides. Even Elaine went with Bedivere. Even if Albert was reluctant. Just had to follow. The only resistance he could do. He just kept swearing in his mouth: “Bediver. If you fail the test this time. I will not let you go.”

“Oh. Let’s talk about it after the test.” The werewolf responded perfunctorily. A group of people flew south along the river bank.

Palamedes runs wild. While focusing on the distant wall of the world. They are in Cairo. It can be said that it is very close to the wall of the world to the east.

For the orcs. That giant wall used to be an eyesore. Its shadow creates the Underdark. And the endless darkness and desolation that followed; now. Even the wall of the world still exists. It turned into a huge wall with extremely high transparency. It’s almost invisible if you don’t get so close.

“ Seeing my father staring at the huge wall in the distance, I was stunned. Saifel let out a cry.

Black Panther sighed in a low voice: Of course I have heard it. But don’t see it with your own eyes. Still unbelievable. “

Palramidis did not participate in the final war. “Change” in the Wall of the World. It was after he lifted the petrification. Heard it from his wife Vivian.

A wall divides the earth in half. A huge wall of steel. It turned into a glass wall in an instant. Even the scenery across the wall is vivid (although it looks like a sea from here). Called a miracle.

No. It’s–is–is-a miracle.

There is nothing that instantly changes the world. Huge [Miracle Power]. It is impossible to make the Wall of the World look like this.

Palamedes turns to look at the werewolf Bedivere. Even the werewolf said nothing. The leopard warriors have also guessed something. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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