Light Spirit Epic Chapter 794: The ultimate battle is far away


“Can ** ** ** (..)” Chapter 794 The ultimate battle is in the sky

“Hey, lucky guys, let’s have a fight next time—but with your skills my sons are enough to deal with it, no need for me to do it myself”

“Let’s wait and see” Farris scolded the wound clutching his chest: “I will definitely find you two sons who will almost kill you and let your bald man send you off—“

Rumbling battleship turned over at an accelerated rate and Farris bit his tongue full of blood just halfway through his words

“Pfft” Palamidis let out a sneer, and he turned around and climbed back when he saw that it would be pointless to fight again

After the battleship was completely turned over and stabilized, the bracelets in everyone’s wrists were also released from the magnetic force and could be broken off from the deck

Paramedis of course returned to his sons immediately and picked up his severed hand

The tingling sensation of “woo woo” spread from his wrist. It was the pain when the flesh, bone, blood vessels and nerves combined again

“Dad, you’re playing too much, meow” Zephyr is worried about the authentic “that kind of attack is just blocked, there’s no need to fight them meow”

The Black Panthers didn’t say anything if Farris had shot them with poisoned gunpowder arrows from the start, not only Palamidis but the Blue Panthers would be in big trouble

Fortunately, the big cat used to hold the marksman duo in the past and fortunately Farris kept the gunpowder arrows warm until the last moment when Palamedis forced them to use them in a hurry, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable

“You stay away from those two in the future—“The leopard warrior suddenly felt dizzy


Daddy Meow” two brothers hurriedly supported Palamidis

It’s fine.” Palamidis knew what was going on. He spewed blood and poison out of his body at a high speed. Although this method could detoxify, it also had the side effect of anemia. He stopped in time. It’s the same reason to entangle with the shooter duo again

All in all, it’s good to arrive at the destination smoothly

Beddieville Albert and Elaine stood up and came over to see the exhausted panther werewolf and asked worriedly: “Are you okay Palamidis?”

“Very good, don’t worry” The leopard warriors still stared at Faris and Bett until the two were far away and finally relieved: “So we came to Egypt and the first exam is here. Go”

When the spacecraft landed on the ground to release the force field on the edge of the deck, a hot wind also hit everyone’s faces at the same time, dry and hot with a small amount of sand. This is an Egyptian-style grand welcome

“It’s not bad” Albert, who was soaking wet from the morning hail and rain, wanted to find someone to almost dry his clothes. He simply unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his chest, letting the scorching wind blow over his body. To take the wet feeling away from him

“Warning to all candidates” Kay’s voice came from the radio again. “Before you disembark, please follow the staff to the locker room of the warship to remove your equipment and put on special equipment for the test”

“Oh, do you still need special equipment?” The werewolf subconsciously played with the magic-sealing bracelet on his wrist. This little thing has brought them great inconvenience. I hope the exam will not add more restrictions.

“It’s so good that I’m still wet. I wish they could get me some dry clothes.”Albert was very happy to wag his tiger’s tail

(My gut tells me there must be something odd about this)

The candidates stopped fighting and lined up and followed the staff into the battleship. Three hundred candidates passed the screening of the overturned battleship, and finally there were more than 250 people left

It can be said that the remaining two hundred and fifty people are the most tenacious warriors, and each of them has considerable strength

The werewolf thought while walking with the team inside the battleship. He was surprised that the interior of the battleship should have become a mess after the flip just now, but along the way, the small pendants on the corridors and the knight flags on the ceiling were all tidy. Neat at all doesn’t look like it’s been affected by a stormy flip

“Oh no surprise” someone walking beside Bedivere said “the gravitational field inside the battleship is fixed even if the sky is shaken outside, as long as the battleship’s engines don’t damage the interior of the battleship it will be fine” /

The werewolf turned his head to see that it was Tristan

The werewolf was initially a little surprised by the murloc prince’s sudden presence, but he immediately realized that Tristan and Evan were just coming over to say hello to Palamidis

“Really?” Hearing Tristan say this, Black Panther glanced at the surrounding scene in disbelief: “It’s amazing, it’s only been seven years since human technology has advanced so fast”

“That’s thanks to you and your wife,” Ivan said in a low voice

Palamidis’s mind couldn’t turn around for a while: “How could I and Vivienne-“

“Unknown Ruins” Tristan added in a low voice

“Ah” the big cat was amazed, and then he understood what he and Vivian found in the dungeon of the Demon Marsh in the Turks seven years ago – the huge information left by the ancient gods. Library

Vivian probably cracked some of the knowledge and shared it with Great Britain

Therefore, the brilliance of Great Britain and this battleship integrating many high-tech technologies have been created.

“So that’s the case hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” the big cat laughed out loudly “It seems that I am still the father of this battleship”

Speaking of this, Zephyr and Seglade looked at each other immediately, and their eyes were filled with a certain subtle feeling

“…You never want to know about Palamides” Ivan dropped a cold sentence and walked ahead with Tristan at a faster pace

“Hmm”, the big cat was confused when he heard it, he had to grunt in dissatisfaction

“Arrived” and the staff in charge of leading the way said: “This is the locker room from No. 1 to No. 50, please come in the first batch of candidates, and then this is the locker room from No. 51 to No. 100 and then —“

The candidates poured into the six large rooms side by side. Needless to say, the group of Bediveville decided to enter the third locker room, rooms 101 to 150. Medium

There are two long rows of stools in the locker room and a large row of huge lockers that can accommodate a whole person. Even Elaine’s great sword can be easily stuffed into it

The cabinet was originally supposed to be used to store the crew’s personal belongings, but it was emptied for candidates to use during the exam

“Attention everyone” Kay’s voice came from the radio again” Please choose a locker to store your equipment. Once locked, the locker will not be able to be opened temporarily. Please be careful to decide all items except the test suit prepared for you. All kinds of jewelry, amulets, and your own weapons are not allowed to be taken off the ship.”

Oh my god, there must be a lot of people in the test-takers who shouted angrily, even their own weapons are not allowed to take this exam and let people live

How”Albert said that he didn’t want to move, but he was very happy and quickly stripped off his equipment and clothes.

The weapon on his body is not a powerful thing at all — it is a pile of iron — even if he is not carrying it, it has no effect on him at all

“You’re still hesitant to take off your underwear, even the insider. Like a tiger, he was soaked in the rain from the outside to the inside and felt uncomfortable.

“I’m afraid there are special equipment for exams anyway” Albert took it for granted and stuffed everything into his cabinet

“Dad his **** meow—-” Zephyr couldn’t take his eyes off Albert’s blackened **** no matter what

Last night when Al ran around the city naked, he sprayed a circle of black paint on his waist. This thing can’t be washed off without a special solvent. Now it’s hilariously smearing a tiger on Al’s body. It looks like she is wearing a pair of pants, but it looks like a naked pervert.

“No, don’t look” Palamidis deliberately pretended not to care, took off his clothes and stuffed them in the closet, leaving only a pair of pants (normal people would do this)

“Hey, I don’t know if there are any women in this group of candidates. It must be very embarrassing at this time” Albert sneered and said that he was naked but didn’t know the embarrassment at all

Bediveville wondered for a moment: “The difficulty of the exam is so high that men and women are struggling… I’m afraid they have been brushed off long ago”

“Who said you look over there” Albert sat on the bench and turned to look at someone in the distance

The werewolf turned to look along the tiger’s gaze and saw that it happened to land on a peculiar figure

Twenty yards away, a human teenager is changing clothes in front of a cabinet. The man’s hair is gray and his skin is surprisingly white. It looks like he has albinism

Where did this boy Bedivere seem to have seen it

The werewolf gasped as he remembered that he had seen the boy on the cargo ship bound for Great Britain

The wonderfully short white head and the skin are the people who were transformed by the Holy Spirit

It is unlikely that since it is the Holy Spirit, there is no need to take the exam, and the child is probably just a simple albino

But it’s really amazing that such a small boy can successfully pass the test and come here

“If even such a kid can pass the test, then there must be a woman who can do it.” Albert used his god-like logic to reason: “Bediveville, I bet there must be a woman among the candidates here. Bet me meow”

“Don’t” werewolf tired of Albert’s childish bet “It doesn’t matter if it has women or not”

“It’s so boring…” Seeing the werewolf ignore his tiger’s long face and sulking

“Okay” Kay’s voice came from the radio again: “The uniforms are down, everyone, please take them from the conveyor belt in the locker room”

The conveyor belt next to the locker room began to rotate. The long black rubber belt carried bags of clothes wrapped in plastic bags to the locker room

Everyone went to pick up the clothes and found that there was only a simple robe in the bag. Although it looked thin and simple, it was made of a light and tough cloth. The surface was silver and seemed to have a strong ability to reflect sunlight.

It is very important for a country like Egypt to have light-resistant clothing

But since they were given this kind of equipment, the next test should not be ——-

Bedyville has a bad feeling

But it’s too late to go back and regret it

He put on a silver robe and buttoned the hood of the robe over his head to show that the outfit wasn’t too bad

There are also some basic survival supplies in the pocket of the robe, including a bottle of water, a survival knife, and two-finger-length high-compression dry food

“Ah, it’s not bad, but why don’t you have a ku?” Albert is slightly dissatisfied

(It’s weird that I will give you a pie)

“Forget it, that’s fine.” The tiger locked the cabinet without hesitating too much

He looks mighty in this silver robe but there’s a vacuum inside the robe…the thought of this Bedivere and others makes him speechless—werewolf would rather wear soaked **** Not like Albert

“Have you all changed your clothes?” Kai’s voice came from the radio again. “Please lock your lockers and keep your keys with you. If you lose your keys, you won’t be able to retrieve your equipment later.”

That’s of course the werewolf closed the locker door. The key on the door automatically turned around, locked the locker, and then protruded out to signal Bedivere to get it. It’s really high-tech

The werewolf took off the high-tech alloy key and saw that the metal key was not only covered with numerous uneven holes and grooves, but also laser engraved the cabinet number—110

Needless to say, this must also be Bedivere’s candidate number in this exam

It took so much effort to get the candidate’s number for the first time, which means that the exam is really only now.

For those candidates who are going to go home without even getting the exam number, this key is probably the eternal pain in their hearts

“Alas” Saifer sighed: “This year’s exam seems to be particularly difficult, I hope the next exam will not kill us”

Everyone was silent for a while and walked out of the locker room with the long rope that originally came with the key, wearing the key around their necks

As soon as they walked out the door, Knight of the Round Table Cador was already waiting outside

“I am one of the invigilators of the first exam, Knights of the Round Table Cador, please come with me to disembark one by one in an orderly manner”

“Hum” Palamidis sneered in a low voice

“What’s wrong?” the werewolf asked curiously

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