Light Spirit Epic Chapter 792: The ultimate battle is far away


Chapter 792 The ultimate battle in the sky

“Hehe, it’s finally a fight!” Kai, the Knight of the Round Table in the bridge, played with a glass of red wine, watching the battle excitedly while checking the ship’s route. 『Word**first*

“It’s coming to Egypt soon, I hope they can solve it as soon as possible.” Knight of the Round Table Cador also said.

“The last ten minutes, just let them struggle.” Kai sneered and took another sip of wine.

Beep, beep, beep. Cador’s electronic ledger squeaked, and he clicked and answered the call.

“Hello? Father?” Constantine’s voice came from the microphone, “Has the trial of the Knights of the Round Table begun?”

“Started, busy now.” Cador didn’t quite understand his son Constantine’s intention to call at this time to ask about the exam. Although Constantine is one of the examiners, he shouldn’t have anything to do with the first trial, right?

“If you’re going to talk about the next stage of the exam, you should talk to the Grand Duke of Hall…”

“No, I want to say something else.” Constantine said, “Can you take a step to talk?”

Cador looked at Kai suspiciously. Kai didn’t say anything, just waved his hand.

Cador then bowed apologetically and stepped back from the bridge.

At the same time, the fierce fighting on the deck continued.

A dagger sprinted toward a fleeing candidate, who nimbly ducked, thinking that he would be able to avoid the dagger’s attack. The dagger caught up to him and brushed past him without hurting him. But the dagger attracted something else.

Albert suddenly teleported to the dagger’s location, resting his foot on the dagger. His presence startled the candidate. I want to change direction and escape, but it’s too late! Albert slapped the two long swords down and knocked the candidate unconscious with the flat blade!

“Hehe, it’s too easy.” Albert carefully removed the bracelet from the fainted candidate and put it on.

Clang! The dagger that was floating in the air suddenly lost the power to make it float, and fell to the ground weakly.

“Well, sure enough.” Albert reluctantly picked up the dagger and put it away. Even if I have the power of the Holy Spirit on my body, can I still use the bracelet after wearing it? This bracelet is really amazing.

At the same time, thirty yards away, Elaine the Ice Bear chased a candidate and shouted, “Don’t, don’t run!”

“You stupid! How could you not run away when you are chasing him like this!” The candidate fled frantically. Can’t use magic, and the opponent is still this huge white bear, a mere human has no chance of winning. However, this guy’s speed is very fast, and Elaine has two heavy knives, and his mobility is far behind his opponent.

Being pulled more than ten yards away by the opponent, Elaine had no choice but to use the hidden move.

He waved his arms together, slamming the two long knives in his hands together with the backs of the knives. The two knives were originally split from a giant sword, and their flat backs fit together seamlessly. And when the white bear man did this, the two long knives cracked even more into a powerful vacuum wave and shot straight forward!

Pounds! The vacuum wave effortlessly caught up and hit the fleeing candidate. It is impossible for the person who was hit by this powerful shock wave to keep standing. In fact, the candidate was thrown out and flew out of the battleship deck at a very high speed!

“Shit!” Elaine exclaimed. If you drop the battleship from this height, that person will be shattered. Bai Xiong was just trying to make money and didn’t want to kill him. He regretted that he had gone too far.

Touch! However, the candidate collided with some invisible force field, bounced back in the opposite direction, and fell heavily on the deck.

Not dead. Although Elaine’s dual knives can slap a long-distance shock wave, it cannot have the huge lethality like the Earth Splitting Sword.

“Humph,” the bear man happily snatched the Demon Sealing Bracelet from his opponent and put it on: “It’s not dead, too, that’s great.”

Not bad. The candidate who was knocked unconscious by Elaine had his face swollen like a pig’s head, twitched a few times and vomited blood and fainted. When he was shot and flew out, his face just hit the barrier of the battleship, the effect was like hitting a wall, and the nose bone was shattered, and the pain can be imagined.

Seifer and Seglade are also chasing two candidates at the same time. It is easy to catch up with these humans at the speed of the Leopard, and it is also easy for them to defeat these humans who cannot use magic.

But the moment Zephyr put on the bracelet, an arrow flew towards the back of his head.

“Be careful!!” his younger brother Seglade shouted and reminded him, but it was too late. The arrow was coming as fast as lightning, and Zephyr couldn’t dodge no matter what!

Paza! A hand stretched out from the side and caught the arrow!

The moment Palamidis caught the arrow, he threw the arrow back and shouted angrily: “Where is the despicable villain!?”

The arrow passed by a lanky young man, who had already swiftly avoided it.

It was only then that Palamides recognized that this man was the sharpshooter Pharis whose sons had just mentioned.

“Hehehehehe,” the marksman Ferriss sneered: “It’s just a joke.”

“Where is this a joke, meow?” After Seglade grabbed the bracelet, he also stayed beside Zephyr, holding a photon dagger on guard.

“Anyway, you two brothers are swept away in the first exam every year. Wouldn’t it be great to send you home soon?” Another companion beside Faris also said that the short and dirty Egyptian was It’s Poison Spett.

Palamidis looked at the two men, both of whom were wearing bracelets and were unable to use magic. But this didn’t affect Faris’ precise archery at all, and it didn’t affect Beit, who used poison.

In a sense, these two may be the candidates most suitable for this stage of the exam.

On the contrary, after the three Palamides father and son put on the magic bracelet, they couldn’t use their speed. The leopards’ talent for speeding seems to have deep roots in magic.

Palramidis knew he was at an absolute disadvantage, but he pretended to be at a disadvantage, yelling, “Don’t shoot at my sons. You want a real showdown, and we’ll have a chance.”

“Oh, so this big cat is your father?” Bei Te sneered, the python wrapped around his shoulder sticking out its tongue and making a slight noise, it seems that it will pounce on everyone at any time: “However, you Do you have time to take care of your own sons? Obviously you can’t protect yourself.”

“What?!” Palamidis suddenly felt dizzy. The hand that took the arrow was hit by a strong numbness, and it was already swollen.

“The poison on the arrow can kill thousands of times, and it will be poisoned if you wipe it lightly.” Bei Te sneered, “The next time you pick up an arrow with your hand, you should think about it carefully.”

“Dad!” The two Leopard youths shouted at the same time.

“Hoohoo, it’s okay, don’t worry.” Palamidis held the poisoned left arm: “You said this poison can poison ordinary people thousands of times?—Unfortunately, I am not an ordinary person. .Hmph!—“

The leopard warrior moves his arm vigorously. As an emerald knight, he can change his body on a small scale and make the blood flow backwards in his body, which is simply an easy task.

He picked up the knife and cut a wound, forcing all the poisonous blood out of the wound on his palm. After spewing out some pure black blood, the poison in Palamidis was completely emptied.

Faris and Beatr looked at Palamidis in amazement, completely unable to understand what the **** panther was doing. No matter how strong the orc’s body is, it is theoretically impossible to do such a thing! ?

“Oh, it’s not bad.” Palamidis shook his arm twice, feeling more relaxed after detoxification: “I didn’t expect this ability to be used after sealing magic. —Now, shall we start it? ?”

Boom, boom, boom, boom. The siren on the battleship sounded again, and Kai’s voice from the Knight of the Round Table came from the loudspeaker: “The last minute before the battleship arrives at its destination! Please pay attention to the time limit!”

At this moment, Bedivere ran frantically, catching up with a candidate ten yards away. He controlled the timing of grabbing the bracelet in the last minute to avoid being attacked while grabbing the bracelet.

Unexpectedly, there are also people who think the same as the werewolf, and only shot at this time, and the target of the pursuit is actually the same as the target of Bedivere!

At the same time that the silver wolf caught up with his target, another golden shadow quickly approached. That person is the magic swordsman Solal!

Crap! Are you going to fight for the same goal with Solar? ! However, the other candidates with bracelets are very far away from Bedivere, and if they go after these people, there may not be enough time!

Can only bite the bullet and grab the bracelet one step ahead of Solar!

Thinking like this, Bedivere waved the vine whip without hesitation, hoping to entangle the escaped candidate’s leg first.

But Solar is not to be outdone. His Creation Demon Sword has been thrust out. The long sword that was only three feet long suddenly became thirty feet long and pierced the examinee’s shoulder!

The speed at which the whip is thrown is completely determined by its own inertia and the strength of Bedivere’s arm;

The speed at which Solar’s Demonic Sword of Creation stabs the target is equal to the speed of its magic movement, or the same as the speed of light projectiles: about one-sixth of the speed of light.

Comparatively, it is obvious who is faster. The moment the long sword stabbed the candidate, the candidate screamed and fell forward.

“Hoohoo, it’s mine.” Solar chuckled, his voice slightly inconsistent with his youthful appearance, a heavy bass.

“Not necessarily.” But Bedivere pulled a bit, and the whip that had just hooked the candidate immediately pulled a wave-like shock wave and threw the candidate into the air!

The two jumped at the same time to fight for the candidate’s bracelet. But orcs have an absolute advantage over humans in terms of physical fitness. Bedivere jumped high and casted violently. If there was no accident, he would definitely catch the candidate first and grab the Demon Sealing Bracelet!

But the battle-hardened Solar had long since stabbed his Creation Sword into the deck, and made the sword grow rapidly at the same time!

He used the long sword as a pole, and flew out at a higher speed with the help of the reaction force on the long sword! He quickly caught up with the werewolf, and even left the opponent at a very high speed to reach the target!

If it goes on like this, the bracelet will be snatched by Solar first! Even if Bedivere throws the vine whip right away, it is probably too late!

“The last fifteen seconds!” Kai’s voice came over the broadcast.

The werewolf concentrated on his wits and threw the vine whip for the last time, but his target was not the candidate in the air, nor was it Solar, but—

Solar’s long sword!

Crack! The vine whip entangled the body of the long sword without difficulty!

“What?!” Solar just grabbed the candidate in the air and ripped off the bracelet from the unconscious candidate’s arm, only to find that the long sword he used as a pole was entangled in the werewolf’s whip !

While the magic swordsman was still wondering, the werewolf had already taken advantage of his strength to fly out, instantly pulling a distance from Solar!

“The last ten seconds!”

Bedivere was still in the air, and ten yards away, a large group of candidates who thought they were safe stopped to take a breath.

“Nine!” Kai’s countdown continued.

Bediveville throws his whip at a candidate ten yards away!

“Eight, seven, six!”

The whip caught the candidate’s head! The werewolf pulls hard!

“Five, four!”

Before the candidates who were dragged into the air had time to struggle, Bedivere’s right fist had already been hit! They’re five yards away, but no problem at all because—


The werewolf’s right fist instantly became partially mad, and the enlarged fist slammed into the candidate’s face!


The examinee lost consciousness in an instant, and the werewolf continued to retract the whip, pulling the unconscious examinee to his side! Sensing that the examinee lost consciousness, the bracelet immediately detached from his wrist, drawing a silver-black arc in the air!


Bedivere’s outstretched arm just coincides with this arc, and the Demon Sealing Bracelet is buckled on his wrist and closed!

“Well done!” The magic swordsman Solar’s loud praise came from a distance. Although he is a rival of Bedivere, he can sincerely praise werewolf wit and dexterity at this He is not a narrow-minded person.

“Time is up!” As if declaring death, Kay’s cruel and stern voice came from the radio: “Goodbye, candidates without bracelets. Wish you could swim!”

The werewolf just fell to the ground, and he didn’t understand what was going on, and immediately found that his bracelet became as heavy as lead!

No, it’s not getting heavier, it’s–a powerful magnet! !

Bump bump bump bump! Candidates with bracelets all had the same reaction as Bedivere. They all knelt down, their arms involuntarily sticking to the deck!

Just when these people were secretly complaining, thinking that the candidates who didn’t have bracelets were coming to grab the bracelets, the whole battleship suddenly turned 380 degrees! !

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-a-aaaaaaaaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-some-some-some-somesome-somesome-somesome-somesomesomesomeonega kind”””’-”-‘ kind OF”””?’?????? The world turned, the whole battleship turned into the sky, and the deck on which everyone stood immediately became the ceiling! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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