Light Spirit Epic Chapter 791: The ultimate battle is far away


『Yan**first*..Chapter 791 The ultimate battle is in the distance

Everyone is still wondering what Palamidis is going to do. Unexpectedly, the big cat has turned into a black shadow and swept over several candidates. These unlucky human candidates fell immediately. It seems that they were used by the black panther. The hand knife knocks out from the back of the head

“What is he doing? Shouldn’t he wait for the last chance to attack—“

“He didn’t attack candidates with bracelets” Bedivere interrupted before Albert finished: “He attacked guys who didn’t wear bracelets”

(And they are all weak-looking candidates Palamidis is looking for soft persimmons)

“What the **** is my dad doing, it’s so embarrassing meow” Seglade can’t wait to hide his face

But Bedivere doesn’t think so

The first person to wear the bracelet is probably going to suffer.

The knights of the round table are synonymous with the strongest knights in Great Britain and the whole of Europe and even the world. Those who can become knights of the round table must be able to know what people can’t know and can’t see what people can’t see

The idiots who don’t even have the foresight to wear bracelets will eventually get slapped down in the exam, and Palamidis doesn’t even bother to shoot these guys

And the leopard warriors are showing pity to those who don’t have bracelets but look very weak Just don’t come to take the exam. Even if you try to do it, it will only hurt.

Palramidis screened the candidates in front of a self-appointed examiner. He ran a circle and knocked down about sixty people while about ten candidates cautiously avoided the hands of the Leopard warriors. Retired, Palamidis only gave these people a chuckle and did not pester them any more, but continued to find the next target

“Why did the big cat also come to take the test?” asked Kay in the bridge curiously

“It was authorized by His Majesty King Arthur”. The Knight of the Round Table, Cadore, took the electronic ledger to carefully check the candidates’ information and disqualified those candidates who were put down by Palamides: “It is said that it was also for the sake of I don’t know the details of Palamidis’s rehabilitation training.”

He looked at Elaine’s file again from the screen of the electronic ledger, and a look of disgust flashed in his eyes at the stupid face of the bear man

Seeing that nearly 100 people had fallen down at the scene, Cador asked nervously: “It seems that the fight is a little too much. Do you want to stop him?”

“Don’t let him make trouble” Kai laughed mischievously: “This exam itself allows candidates to fight each other and brush some more, we can save more time — the Grand Duke of Palinlor. Are you ready?”

“The news just came that he was ready,” Cador said without feeling, “The battleship is also rushing to his place at full speed. It is scheduled to arrive at 11:30. You count the time exactly, Your Royal Highness.”

“It’s just intuition” Kay sneered and continued to sit on his bench to watch the candidates fight

The palace of the King of Knights at the same time

“Hi Husky Meow” Little Howl greeted the dog boy when he got up in a wheelchair

“Halwang” Husky put down the blocks in his hand and wagged his tail to greet the Leopard boy: “Wow, why are you in a wheelchair?”

Hey—“Hal scratched his head embarrassedly

“Then I’ll leave him here temporarily.” Vivian let go of the wheelchair and smiled at Queen Greenville: “There is still work in the research institute, so I won’t delay it. I will come to pick him up at night.”

“Walk well, Sister Vivienne” Greenville took the armrest of the wheelchair “Don’t worry, I am here and there are a large group of servants looking after Little Hal. It will not be a problem”

“Indeed” Vivian glanced at the group of attendants in the palace. They were all carefully selected to serve the king and queen. Whether the servants or the maids were well-dressed and well-behaved, they were professionals and from the point of view of the attendants. Vivienne knows that these people love children and will not treat them badly

Or maybe it’s because King Arthur and Queen Greenville have been unable to have children all these years, and it is rare to have a child in the palace, so the laughter of little Hal and little Husky is all the more precious

“Hal be good, mom will come pick you up at night” Vivienne leaned over to the little black panther’s cheek and kissed it lightly

“Hey…” The little black panther smiled and said goodbye: “Goodbye mom, meow, work hard, meow”

“Yeah” Vivian patted her son’s head again and then reluctantly left

“Now” Greenville said to the two children, “Let’s drink black tea and eat dessert first, and let’s have a math class”

“Oh, it’s math class again, Wang Xiaoha hates calculus Wang…”

“But that’s the most basic common sense of mathematics, you have to learn a little bit” Greenville still persuaded with a smile on her face: “Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up with the rhythm of elementary school”

Halki and Hal are both orcs. It is very difficult for these two children to enroll in elementary school. Even if they can go to school, they will probably be discriminated against by other human children. And Hal is too weak to go to school. go

So Greenway’s idea was to set up a private school for these two children — in this bedroom, let the two children play and teach them to read. Although the children may resist at first, Greenway He has a very good way of dealing with children and can always persuade cats and dogs to study hard

The only problem is that Greenwell can’t teach the two teenagers too much math and English. She is good at teaching as much as she wants, but things like astronomy and geography still seem to require professionals to teach.

Thinking like this, Greenville sipped a sip of black tea and smiled at the two teenagers at the table who were trying to solve a math problem with a pen and paper. She picked up a pen and drafted an advertisement for hiring a teacher on a notepad.

On the deck of a warship in the test room of the round table trial at 11:10 noon

Palamidis made a full circle and finally returned to Bedivere and others

About one hundred and sixty people fell on deck >

“Alas, the skills of these candidates are not bad, so many people avoided my hand knife” Palamidis showed a look of approval

“There are so many people who haven’t avoided the quality of these candidates.” The werewolf shook his head and said

“You’re too strict” Albert Betteville turned a white glance and turned to Palamidis: “Uncle, you are not afraid of being resented by doing this”

“I’m just helping to clear the field to reduce the chaos for the subsequent melee” Black Panther shrugged disapprovingly: “Let’s go and leave the rest of the people fighting so that they won’t be in a hurry”

Indeed, the werewolf thinks that out of the 532 candidates, 167 have already been eliminated, and these are candidates who are not wearing seal bracelets

The remaining sixty-five candidates without bracelets need to be grabbed from candidates with bracelets

And Bedivere’s group of six won’t fight each other, which means that only fifty-nine of their competitors want to take the bracelet from the other three hundred candidates who hold the bracelet before the fifty-nine. It shouldn’t be difficult for Palamidis to reduce its competitors and actually increase the success rate of Bedivere and his party.

Although I didn’t say it explicitly, in the end, the **** cat was still in action for his two sons

As the werewolf meditated, ten minutes passed and there were ten minutes left until eleven thirty. The candidates on the deck were already ready to move, all clenching their weapons and ready to fight

“It may be a bit wordy to say that” Palamidis also pulled out a pair of photon daggers from his waist”, but the powerhouses you mentioned just now all don’t wear that magic bracelet, they are full of strength, I’m afraid It’s best to avoid these guys when you can’t get into a melee”

“Of course, Dad, you’re so wordy meow” Saifei was a little upset

Palamidis gave his eldest son an incredible look: “Is it retrograde?”

His two sons were trying to do it, but they thought that their father had just been released from the petrification state and his physical fitness must not be as good as before, so he had to swallow it up and not make Palamidis angry

As soon as Palamidis’s voice fell, there were already many impatient candidates on the deck, and of course those candidates with bracelets also began to flee frantically in order to survive the last ten minutes

“Let’s go too” The werewolf pulled out his lightsaber and showed his vine whip “Will Elaine help you grab a bracelet”

“No need” The white bear is still dignified and covered in blood. He used a giant sword to support his body and climbed up “I will grab it”

But is there really no problem that his Earth Splitter can’t be used on battleships?

Just when Bedivere was wondering, Elaine broke his greatsword in the middle and turned it into two (still huge) long knives

“It can still be split, this is a wonderful design” Albert drooled at the white bear’s weapon

Everyone was silent for a while and then all rushed out to hunt their own magic bracelet

To hunt or be hunted to hunt or be hunted

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