Light Spirit Epic Chapter 787: Preparation for trials (7)


Chapter Chapter Preparation for the Trial

Although Bedivere decided to believe in the power of the psychic stone and let everything take its course, the werewolf quickly groomed and rushed downstairs in order to avoid the tiger lingering there. “You can say **the first*(..)”

In the living room, Olin was already waiting there, preparing a simple breakfast (although it was a dark dish) for everyone.

“What are you doing here?” Bedivere grabbed a piece of bread and ran.

“In order to send you on your way.” Olin said angrily, and at the same time followed everyone out the door.

That’s right. Bedivere thought of this. He holds the psychic stone in his hand, and after using it to find the venue of the round table trial, he must return it to the Druid. Olin followed to recover the psychic stone.

After rushing out of the compound, the werewolf raised his left arm to see how the psychic stone reacted.

However, this so-called secret treasure did not respond at all, and it seemed that it did not intend to guide the way for Bedivere and others.

“Huh?” The werewolf groaned, a little disappointed.

“Humph, that thing is useless meow?” Albert sarcastically said: “Don’t rely on that, I have the information organized by hunters, I will be able to——“” Just go to the street Just go up.” Olin, who ran out of the house, interrupted the tiger’s words, “The psychic stone doesn’t choose the timing to move, it moves all the time. Wherever you want to go, as long as you have this idea, it will eventually I’ll take you there, no matter what the middle process is.” “Isn’t this too ridiculous?” Albert didn’t believe Olin’s nonsense at all: “Anyway, I decided to follow my own clues. You can do whatever you like. You guys.” The tiger walked out of the yard and turned to the left.

“Let’s go too.” The werewolf turned right in a fit of anger, choosing a different path from Albert.

And so, Olin and Elaine followed behind Bedivere.

Before taking a hundred paces, the tiger blushed and yelled and followed. Because no one was walking with him, the guy felt unhappy.

“Why are you following again?” Bedivere laughed wickedly and kept pouring cold water on the tiger: “Aren’t you going to follow your own clues?” The tiger ignored the werewolf and just kept cursing. He didn’t use English, he used the dialect of their Fierce Tooth tribe, obviously just because he didn’t want people to understand what he was swearing at.

“But, where are you going now?” Olin couldn’t help but wonder when she saw that Bedivere was walking on the road leading to the industrial area of ​​the city.

“Oh, just walking around.” The werewolf remembered that this was the way back from last night. Keep walking in this direction and you will eventually reach the Goth’s Cafe.

If there is really no way, it seems like a good way to ask Shadow Walker (Constantine) for help. Whether he will help is another matter.

As Bedivere pondered, a shower of rain suddenly fell in the sky, and the rain suddenly became heavier.

The rain came very quickly, as if someone had deliberately arranged it. When Bedivere went out, it was still a sunny and sunny day, but within a few minutes, it turned into this ghostly weather with dark clouds and violent storms.

Furthermore, the icy rain in the early spring of Great Britain was very cold, occasionally mixed with hail, and smashed the surrounding buildings into a terrifying momentum.

“Damn!” The werewolf hugged his head and ran to the building to avoid the rain: “It started raining hail as soon as I went out, how could it be so unlucky!” , rolled and crawled, ran clumsily over to avoid the rain, and when he reached the eaves, he shuddered a lot: “Okay, it’s cold!” “Oops!” Albert also huddled under the eaves, “The weather is so bad. , the exam may be postponed!” Bedivere seized the opportunity to sneer fiercely: “Oh yes, the candidates taking the exam are all spoiled young masters like you, and they will definitely complain to the examiner with a long face. The exam has been postponed!” But the storm was indeed getting more and more ferocious. After only a few tens of seconds, the pouring rain reduced the visibility of the surrounding area to less than five yards!

“Look! This kind of ghost weather is still a test! Edinburgh must be flooded in many places, where is the test room!” Albert looked at the crazy raindrops and hail. road.

Bediver listened silently, although he did not refute, he secretly laughed at the ignorance of the tiger. The werewolves knew very well what King Arthur was. Such a ruthless person would never be able to pass the half-pipe test, and it is even less likely that he would give up halfway because of the harsh weather conditions.

On the contrary, it is even possible that this is one of the tests, and the storm may have been artificially created to prevent candidates from going to the test room.

If this is the case, Bedivere and the others can’t continue to delay here! Even if you are drenched in rain and smashed by hail, you have to find a way to get to the venue!

“Let’s go, it’s useless to wait here.” The werewolf stretched out his left arm and summoned the seed of the holy tree. The tree seed soon weaves a sacred tree shield for Bedivere. With this sacred tree shield, the werewolf was able to move forward in the hailstorm without being hurt by the hail.

Elaine thought for a while, then set up his great sword, held it like a shield over his head to block the hail, and rushed out.

“Oh, a bunch of lunatics.” The tiger man shook his head.

“You don’t have to follow, we won’t laugh at you.” Olin squeezed out a sneer, and used her [Forest Seed] to transform into a giant shield to block the rain on her head. .

Albert is depressed. Regardless of whether these idiots did the right thing or not, it is probably not a pleasant thing for a tiger to be left in such a ghost place to “watch the rain”. In desperation, the tiger could only follow. However, he didn’t have anything to block the hailstones, and he just ran a few steps before being slapped by the slap-sized hailstones and screaming!

“I really can’t do anything about you!” Olin turned back again, propped up a larger leaf umbrella (shield), and sheltered Albert under the umbrella.

“Thank you, Olin!” The tiger was so grateful that he almost wanted to hug Olin’s thigh and kiss him: “You are so nice! You are different from those two thin bastards!” He deliberately put this sentence The words were so loud that the werewolf and white bear who were running in front could hear them.

Werewolves are too lazy to deal with tigers. The current situation is actually urgent enough.

Thanks to the torrential rain, their visibility dropped to less than five yards. The surrounding scenery has become blurred in the mist and rain, making it impossible to identify the direction. What’s more, Bedivere and the others don’t have a clear destination at all!

This hail rain is getting bigger and bigger, but the citizens of Edinburgh are all hiding safely at home as if they had already known that there would be hail rain today. The werewolf was even more convinced that this was definitely a deliberately arranged hailstorm!

Crackle crackle crackle crackle. Countless hailstones hit the werewolf’s shield, making a series of irritating muffled sounds. He was running on the road, soaked all over, and his clothes were cold and uncomfortable. He really wanted to find a coffee shop right away, get in and have a cup of coffee to warm up. When he thought like this, his left arm throbbed, as if the Holy Spirit on the prosthesis or the Seed of the Holy Tree was scolding the werewolf for its worthlessness.

“Bedie, be careful!!” Elaine, who was following the werewolf, suddenly shouted.

It’s too late. The visibility was originally low, and Bedivere had to run while stunned. It was difficult to miss the trick. Something tripped him, and the werewolf flew up!

Whoosh! ——Snapped! Bedivere did a gorgeous somersault in the air and landed in the water!

As a landlubber, the werewolf has a morbid fear of water. As soon as he fell into the water, he struggled in panic: “Wow, cough, cough! Help——” “Uh, what are you doing? You’re stupid.” Olin whispered not far away.

“Huh?” The werewolf realized that he wasn’t sinking, he was in a waist-deep pool.

Stand up and look again, this turned out to be a fountain in a square in Edinburgh. The pool was large and clean, and now it was filled with hail, and the water was so full that it almost became an open-air bath.

However, this is cold water—the werewolf shuddered greatly. It was the edge of the pool that he had stumbled upon—a foot-high low wall made of stone bricks.

It’s really bad luck.

Or not? When he stared at the pool, he suddenly realized.

“Found it.” He smiled at the reflection in the water.

“What meow?” “I found the venue for the round table trial.” Bedivere said confidently.

“I found it? Stop joking.” Albert responded with a sneer of disdain, “Are you going to tell me that the venue is in this pool?” “No,” the werewolf jumped out of the pool, throwing After a few times, he got rid of the ice water as much as possible: “It’s not here, it’s not on the ground.” He stretched out his hand and pointed up: “There!” Under the prompting of Bediveville, everyone looked up in the hail rain. .

During the rainstorm, in the sky with extremely low visibility, there is a huge black shadow that almost merges with the clouds. But experienced adventurers can see that it is an anti-gravity warship, and it is also the largest dreadnought-class Wow. “The big cat sighed deeply, “It’s really yours. Hail on our heads, not only preventing us from going, but preventing us from looking up? This insidious trial of the Knights of the Round Table, how naughty is it that you don’t want candidates to participate? “Can’t blame anyone. Tens of thousands of test takers arrive in Great Britain every year to take the test. Even if a huge test room were set up to accommodate these test takers, the test room would probably simply be overcrowded.

They do this by screening candidates from the very beginning. The location of this original examination room is a puzzle and a conundrum in itself.

There are no wise people who will only run around in the city of Edinburgh in the rain, and will never find this examination room;

A person without considerable strength will not be able to get there even if they can show up in that exam room!

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