Light Spirit Epic Chapter 786: Preparation for trials (6)


“Can ** ** ** (..)” Chapter 786 Preparation for the Trial

Bedivere uses the power of the Holy Spirit with the consciousness of sacrificing everything

But Albert is different. He has his life to live. He has his [life]

Looking at what the tiger looks like now, I am afraid he has been in a state of [Holy Spirit Possession]. He will lose [humanity] very quickly. If this continues, El will be swallowed by the power of the Holy Spirit

But Albert’s werewolf temperament couldn’t be more clear. Now it’s probably in vain to persuade Tiger to give up the Holy Spirit

“I won’t say anything more” the werewolf whispered a warning “but you’d better be careful, think you can control the gods and just abuse the power of the gods, you will only become the bait of the gods”

“I know” Albert retracted the Holy Spirit White Tiger and said proudly: “I don’t need you to remind”

Yobi Tiger already holds a camera in his hand, that thing should have been held by a werewolf

Bedivere took a closer look at the camera. It turned out that there was a card stuck on the camera. It was estimated that Albert hit the camera with a card when the werewolf was not paying attention. The card that was set as the anchor became the teleporter and the werewolf The camera is sent to the tiger people together

Tiger fiddled twice and deleted the video from the camera: “Hum wants to film me naked 10,000 years earlier”

The information in the beeping camera was cleared by the tiger, and Albert walked into the house in a comfortable manner: “If you don’t play anymore, go back to sleep.”

The werewolf snorted and they each took advantage of the other party tonight and it was a tie. It’s late at night, so don’t have any more troubles. If you really want to fight Albert, don’t worry about it

Wait until the Knights of the Round Table Trial and then really divide it again


Deep Darkness

Like indulging in the bottom of the deep sea, there is no light in this world

The only thing the werewolf knew he was there was a throbbing warm sensation on his left arm, accompanied by the throbbing pain that came out to make Bedivere a little awake

“Um” he muttered to himself, his voice echoing in this dark space: “Where am I…where…where…in”

There is no answer and the whole world seems to be the only one

“In the end…in the end…in the end” The werewolf looked around and seemed to find a light that could tell the direction in the boundless dark space: “What’s going on…what’s going on… something… something”

As if answering his question, an extremely strong ray of light suddenly shone down in the sky. The torrent of light instantly washed away the darkness and dyed everything in front of the werewolf completely

The huge roar of “woo” echoed in Bedivere’s ears, and he couldn’t help covering his head to bear it and wait for it to pass

When he opened his eyes again, a small cabin appeared out of nowhere in the world of light in front of him

The wooden house transformed by the Holy Spirit [cabin in the woods]

The werewolf suppressed the doubts in his heart and stepped forward and pushed open the door of the wooden house

When he closed the door, the outside had turned into a snowstorm, and inside the house sat a child quietly in the warm red light of the stove

Deville couldn’t believe his eyes exclaimed: “Husky”

“Daddy Bi” the dog boy turned his head to look at his father for a second and then he flew over happily: “Daddy Bi——“

“Little Ha” Bedivere also happily hugged his son: “What’s the matter, why are you here, you are not already——“

(Isn’t it dead?)

(Didn’t Lian Yin and Husky already died under the claws of Snow White)

The werewolf thinks his memory is correct, but he forgets that the memory can be tampered with at will

“I don’t know Wang”, the canine boy didn’t worry about these details at all. He wished he could see his father

Xiao Ha quickly wagged his tail and acted coquettishly in his father’s arms: “Dad, do you know that I have grown one centimeter taller recently”

“I really grew taller for you” Bedivere rubbed his son’s chin and teased the cute little son: “And it’s also stronger, so I’m going to keep exercising.”

“Of course there is a Wang hehe” the child smiled innocently

(This must be a dream)

Grump—Little Husky’s stomach is ringing again

(Are you still hungry in a dream? It’s a strange setting)

“Stay with me and I’ll get you something to eat” Bedivere put his son on a chair and turned back to the kitchen of the lower cabin

As always, [The Cabin in the Woods] miraculously transformed all the ingredients, whether fish or vegetables, as long as the ingredients that Bedivere wanted in his mind, the Holy Spirit is ready

The werewolf made a big meal effortlessly because of the dream, did he skip a lot of troublesome steps?

“Wow, it looks delicious.” Xiao Ha looked at the table full of fish and steak and drooled: “I started it.”

“Mmmm” werewolf chatting with his son while eating

“So (chew) Little Howl’s dad is back too Wang (chew) His corn scones are delicious Wang” Husky was so excited he forgot Upbringing: “But Little Hal also fell ill, and their family was in a mess. Hope Little Hal can recover soon.”

Watching Husky over eating and talking about spitting uncivilized behavior Bedivere wanted to scold his son but didn’t say much thinking it was just a dream

How could Husky know Little Howl? How could the dark dishes of Palamides be delicious?

Bedivere thinks it’s a dream he’s thinking about every day and night. He just combines his recent experiences and reorganizes them in a dream.

Even so—

Bedyville picked up an apple and took a few bites. The sweet juice of the apple rippled in the werewolf’s mouth

Even so, I can see the little Husky in my dream, which is already very happy

Please let this happiness last for one more second, let Xiaoha’s voice ring in my mind for a while longer, the werewolf prays to some unknown **** in the void

“Uh” Xiao Ha quickly ate his fill and burped loudly: “By the way, Uncle Arthur told me the story of [Wolves are coming]. What a strange story. Wang people were eaten by wolves. I still cry with guilt when my stomach is still alive. Wang Mingming is a story that educates people not to lie. I am full of lies, and why the wolf must be bad? Dad is a good guy.”

“Huh?” Bedivere couldn’t answer for a while, why did Xiao Ha suddenly talk about this kind of thing? [Wolf is coming] What is the story, and I have never heard of it

“It’s not too early for that Xiao Ha.” The werewolf looked at the wind and snow outside the window and speculated that it was a snowy night. “Go take a shower and go to bed”

“Hey” the dog boy laughed mischievously “Daddy wants to try diving with Xiaoha, Wang Xiaoha can dive for a longer time”

“I can dive longer, you will lose” The werewolf picked up his son and walked to the backyard while taking off his clothes: “Come on”

“Hey” the dog boy also quickly took off his clothes and got into the bath, the two father and son began to compete

Of course the werewolf didn’t plan to compete fairly with his son because he knew he couldn’t win. He quickly grabbed the canine boy’s small foot in the water and scratched it violently

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooever together together Husky couldn’t take it anymore and he jumped out of the water.

“Hey, hey, hey” Bedivere also jumped out of the water to shake off the dripping hot water. “How can I be treacherous. I said that I would try diving with you, but I didn’t say that I would not scratch your itch”

“Damn **** look at my wang” Xiao Ha stretched out two puppy paws and scratched at the waist of the werewolf, not to be outdone

“Hahaha, stop, hahaha, see how I treat you” The werewolf also started to fight back. The two father and son “scuffled” in the bath and burst into laughter for a while

According to Betteville’s memory, every time the child’s mother Lian Yin will come over and scold the idiot father and son, saying that doing so will splash the bath water everywhere, soil the floor, and troubleshoot

However, Lian Yin did not appear in this memory of the family, leaving only Bedivere and Husky

This is a dream, of course it is impossible to restore 100% of what Bedivere remembers

Some things can’t be completely fulfilled even in a dream, right?

The werewolf father and son who were tired from playing in the water leaned back on the edge of the bathtub and looked up at the stars in the sky. The dark night was long and quiet The surrounding blizzard seemed to be unable to cover this beautiful night sky

Whenever this time, the child will always point to the stars in the sky and think about it: “Dad looks more than you see that it is Orion, and next to it is Canis Major and Canis Minor, as if I and Dad are more than Wang”

“Yes, they are chasing that Taurus and have a steak tonight.” The werewolf echoed his hand and stroked the child’s forehead: “It is your mommy who is going north to Andromeda along the direction we are chasing. She is waiting for us. We hunted Taurus and gave us delicious food”

“Hey to Wang” Xiao Ha also continued to associate: “Then the Cassiopeia next to Mommy is Aunt Greenville, and the Cepheus a little west is Uncle Arthur, Uncle Wang and Auntie are very good, although they don’t have one. Child Wang—Oh, the Gemini next to Orion is Little Hal’s two older brothers, and the Lynx a little bit to the northwest is Little Hal Haha, we are neighbors Wang”

“Then a little further west, Ursa Major is Uncle Elaine” said the werewolf again

The canine boy looked puzzled: it was Uncle Elaine who didn’t know Wang”

“Oh forget about that stupid bear” Bedivere stared at the zodiac in the middle of the zodiac and only thought of Albert but he decided not to say it

“Alright take a bath, enough to go back to sleep” Bedivere stood up and hugged his little Hal: “Would you like to sleep alone or Daddy to sleep with you”

“Daddy sleeps with Xiao Ha, hehe” the child exclaimed happily

“When you grow up, you want a father to sleep with you”, the werewolf said with a smile, although he remembered that his son was only about five or six years old when he died

“It’s just one time at a time.” Husky really snuggled like a puppy next to his dad, his watery eyes begging.

“Hey…Okay” the werewolf hugged his son tightly “Dad likes my little baby the most”

“Xiao Ha also likes Dad more than Wang” the child giggled

Bedevier cuddles his son to sleep by the warm fire

(I feel so happy as long as I can be with my son)

(Is there really no problem with me being so happy)

(Xiao Ha…Lian Yin…I hope you have a good time in heaven)

“Little Ha….” Bedivere continued to snore while sleeping, hugging the pillow

Bearman is biting his finger and hesitating whether to wake Bedivere

“Don’t let him oversleep just in time” Albert said savagely in his shirt


Albert said confidently: “The hunter organization has also come to report that we can find the venue and follow me, that’s right, Elaine”

“What about Coco Bebe Deville”

“I don’t care what he does” Albert Wu said, obviously still angry about what happened last night

Deville was woken up by the conversation between the bear and the tiger and got up from the bed: “What time are you arguing about?”

“It’s almost seven o’clock in the morning,” says Albert, although he has absolutely no idea when the first round table test will start

“Really” Bedivere disapprovingly crawled out of the bed, sleepily dressed: “It’s a pity I still want to have breakfast before I go on the road”

“Why don’t you have any sense of crisis?

“Albert shouted dissatisfiedly:”What if I was really disqualified from the exam because of being late”

Although there is a possibility, intuition tells Bedivere that such a thing will never happen

After all, the Prophet Mutani lent the Druid’s secret treasure [Psychic Stone] to Bedivere. According to the landlord of Senezer, this thing will lead everyone to find the venue of the round table trial. In fact The werewolf’s dream was indeed a good thing the psychic stone did. He was able to meet his son Husky in the dream thanks to this strange glass bead

So instead of doubting all this werewolf decided to believe in the end and believed the prophet Mutani from the beginning. No reason to go back on it now

If this treasure still fails in the end, let Bedivere and the others miss the exam, the werewolves know who to come back for trouble() “The Lights” only represents the opinion of the author Raven D Vixus~IndoMTL .com~ If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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