Light Spirit Epic Chapter 763: Explore in the Temple (1)


Chapter 763 Exploring the Temple

The next morning, Bedivere woke up early. “Speaking **first*.. As always, after he groomed himself, he ran outside the courtyard of the house for morning exercises.

The werewolf, who was going to do some punching exercises to get a good sweat out of his upper body, unexpectedly found Elaine lying on the grass.

“Vomit—” The white bear was so drunk that he had an unpleasant odor of alcohol all over his body, and he vomited a lot of dirt on the grass.

“Oh!” Bedivere turned his face away subconsciously: “No wonder you didn’t come back last night. So you went outside and had a good time.”

“Hey, I’ve polluted my lawn. This disease can be cured.” The old landlord took out a long hose, which is the soft glue hose he usually uses to water the lawn. Needless to say, the other end of the water pipe was already connected to the faucet.

“I’ll do it. Let me take care of this kid.” The werewolf volunteered to take the hose.

“Huhuhuhu, I’m going to turn on the tap.” The landlord gave the water pipe to the werewolf and ran away.

Bedivere picked up the water hose and aimed it at Elaine, waiting for the moment when the cold tap water rushed out.

However, the water never came.

“Huh? Is it plugged? Strange—” The werewolf picked up the faucet in confusion and glanced at it—

Pop! ! A large amount of clear water rushed out from it and shot the werewolf in the face.

East? ! “Bediver was angry and looked in the direction of the mansion.

After successfully finishing the werewolf, the old landlord has already bent down with a smile. Unexpectedly, the tragedy happened, the old man smiled and bowed at the same time, and immediately fell to the ground and rolled in pain.

“Deserved!” Bedivere grinned triumphantly, and at the same time picked up the hose and sprayed Elaine in the face!

“Woooooooooo!” The white bear man was also shot in the face, the cold tap water made him wake up instantly, and he jumped up from the grass: “One more cup!”

“Okay, this is a free gift.” The werewolf pointed the hose at the bear’s mouth, and the ice water spurted out, filling Elaine’s stomach.

“Woo! No—” The white bear man rolled back like a winter melon, and fell on the grass again, awkward and funny. He resisted the water column with his hands and shouted to the werewolf as if begging for mercy: “Enough, enough, enough! It’s so cold! Don’t spray me!”

“Hehe, this is the consequence of going out all night and not coming home.” The werewolf taught in the parent’s tone.

“Dad, Daddy is not as severe as you!” Elaine clumsily got up, or half sat up, shaking constantly, trying to shake the water off her body.

“Where the **** did you go last night? Did you get the kid safely to the shelter?” the werewolf asked.

“Delivered, delivered!” The white bear man shook off the water on his body and clumsily got up, “and then I met, got into trouble, Kang, Constantine helped me. — Oh yes, you, you Don’t know Constantine.”

(Of course I do, you idiot.)

“Instead, it was my friend who helped me. We went to dinner.”

“Then you drank too much.” The werewolf looked at the funny white bear: “Thank you for finding your way back, I thought you would become a lost child.”

“Don’t, don’t underestimate me!” The white bear touched his face, “You can get it back by smell.”

(Oh yes, I forgot the setting that this guy is an orc. The white bear’s nose is still very bright.)

Gruff— Elaine’s stomach started to drum again shortly after he threw up.

“Okay, I’m so hungry. Where’s breakfast?” Stupid Bear said shamelessly.

“No food!” Bedivere grimaced. If Ou Lin doesn’t come today, no one will cook.

I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate, but I don’t have to eat dark food.

“Go take a shower and change all your dirty and smelly clothes.” Bedivere picked up the hose and sprayed Elaine all over again as a prank: “We’ll go out for breakfast when we’re done.”

“Okay, okay!” The white bear shook a few times, dripping with water. He felt like he had already taken a shower.

Bediveville canceled the morning exercise and went back to the second floor to change clothes while…

Albert also crawled out of the haunted room, disheveled and smelling strange.

The werewolf covered his nose and asked, “What the **** did you do last night——“

“Aha, hahahahaha.” Albert laughed nervously, lifting his trousers: “No. Not much! And I got new powers, meow hahahaha .”

Bediver looked at the big cat suspiciously. But nothing seems to have changed in Al?

“Tomorrow is the day the Knights of the Round Table begins. Are you really ready?” Bedivere asked worriedly.

“I’m…well. I just…really need a shower…” Albert walked over to the bathroom and patted the door nervously: “Who’s in there? Come out !”

“I, I’m still washing! Wait a minute!” Elaine’s exclamation came from inside.

“…It’s okay! Let me in! I’m going to endure—no—stay—!”

(These two guys are dead!)

At the same time, Elsenburg in London.

The Knight of the Round Table Constantine waited in the corridor of the main hall all morning. He knew that King Arthur was bound to pass by at this time of the day, so he waited here.

The King of Knights really fell into a “trap”. As he passed by, Constantine suddenly jumped up from the bench and ran after the king, muttering as he walked, “Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

“It’s you again.” Arthur stepped up his steps, trying to get rid of Constantine who was entangled with others as soon as possible: “I have nothing to say to you, why are you still pestering me?”

“However, there is indeed a problem with the Round Table Council!” Constantine said stubbornly: “This is the 1,272nd time that I have submitted that motion, but this is also the 1,270th time that motion has been submitted. Twice downvoted. It’s just…weird. Illogically strange.”

“Is it still that motion?” Arthur continued walking without turning his head, although he knew he could not get rid of Constantine’s entanglement: “What’s going on—“

“Proposal No. 310, the second-level important issue.” Constantine replied: “The abolition of slavery and the issue of returning slaves to their free status!”

“Yes, that thing,” muttered the King of Knights.

“And Parliament has never approved it!” Constantine exclaimed dissatisfiedly: “This is unreasonable, so unreasonable! We Great Britain is obviously a country of justice and reason, and our era is obviously civilized So far, slavery is still allowed? Are the guys in the Roundtable crazy?”

(Maybe crazy, maybe not, God knows.)

Arthur stopped and turned to look at Constantine.

Being stared at like this, Konstantin felt uncomfortable: Next? “

In King Arthur’s eyes, the young Knight of the Round Table was actually just a child. Although he was eighteen years old, the childishness on Constantine’s face did not completely subside, and he still retained the innocence of his youth.

Therefore, there are things in this world that Constantine cannot yet understand.

“Listen, Constantine.” King Arthur persuaded: “No matter what kind of country Great Britain is. Slavery cannot be eliminated for a certain period of time.

—What era is it now? This is the sixth century AD, and it is now 526 AD. The whole of Europe is still slavery, and the whole world needs slaves as labor, how can Great Britain be an exception?

No matter how civilized the society is, it is impossible to contradict the trend of the times and become its own style. It’s like using a pistol in the Stone Age, how weird is that? “

“I understand the reason, but…” Constantine wanted to refute.

“Answer me, Constantine.” King Arthur asked, “What is the Round Table Council? Why did I abolish the old Council and re-establish this Round Table Council?”

The young knight of the round table looked at the king with a look of pride in his eyes. He answered rightly:

“The round table council is a system that uses the round table system to summon the holy spirits of the knights of the round table and let the holy spirits vote on issues.

Since it is the Holy Spirits who decide the issue, this saves human greed and prejudice. Because the Holy Spirits do not cheat, they have nothing, and they want nothing. “

“That’s right.” The King of Knights nodded slightly in praise: “So, since the Holy Spirits have no greed and no demands, will they make wrong decisions?”

Constantine shrugged and answered rightly, “They will. The Holy Spirit is nothing but a spiritual transformation of the Knights of the Round Table. Like its Lord, the Holy Spirit is not perfect. With only one or two Holy Spirit words, they The decision you make may be influenced by your own experience, and you may make the wrong decision.”

“However, I have twenty-four knights of the Round Table—although it is not yet full—there are as many knights as there are holy spirits. Could it be wrong?”

Constantine is silent for a while.

“Constantine,” Arthur testified without hesitation, “not to mention other Holy Spirits. Even your Holy Spirit voted against your motion. Even it did not favor you. .isn’t that telling enough?”

Constantine was speechless at this Let’s stop this matter. “The King of Knights sighed:” You can continue to submit the same motion, whatever you want. But I don’t think the Holy Spirits will let it pass. Slavery is needed in this age, even the Holy Spirit thinks so. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for slavery to be abolished – not within a hundred years.

We live in a savage society, both civilized and savage. We who belong to this era can only do what is in line with this era, that’s all. “

Those things that transcend the times and disrupt the order of the world, no matter how right, the Holy Spirit can’t allow it to happen!

King Arthur walked to his office, pushed open the door and went in: “Don’t talk, I still have to work. You should also do what you should do.”

Although still full of dissatisfaction, Constantine nodded and watched King Arthur enter the office.

Of course, he won’t stop there. Constantine planned more strategies, hoping to find out what was suspicious about the Round Table Council. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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