Light Spirit Epic Chapter 762: Prepare for the Shadow (4)


Chapter 762 Preparing for War in Shadow

Evening. “You can say **the first*(..)”

After embedding the [Sacred Tree Seed] into his metal left arm, Bedivere tried giving the tree an order, conjuring a whip.

He swung the vine whip freely, and was able to control the length of the whip, and even the timing of the spikes on the vine.

He tries to retract the whip, allowing the vines to coalesce in another form, forming a shield. The shield of the holy tree is light and strong, easily blocking the whip of Olin’s whip.

The werewolf retracted his shield and transformed the tree species again. This time it became a wooden longsword. Although it is only a wooden sword, it is hard and sharp, and it is as light as air, and it is very easy to use under the swing of a werewolf.

“Well, that’s great.” Bedivere put away the Sacred Tree Sword and snorted contentedly: “I didn’t expect [Sacred Tree Seed] to be so useful, Albert actually rejected this kind of treasure, What an idiot.”

“It’s not because the Sacred Tree Seed is easy to use.” Olin looked at all this and muttered in her heart: “It’s because you have an amazing talent, and you learned to manipulate the Tree Seed as soon as you get started.”

The [coordinators] of the Druid religion would have needed more than ten years of hard training to initially master the method of communicating with the tree species. But to apply [Forest Seed] to the point where it can be used in actual combat, it takes longer and harder training.

Geniuses like Ou Lin were also trained at birth, grew up with the [Forest Seed], and practiced non-stop. It took more than 20 years to have today’s accomplishments.

On the contrary, Bedivere is totally irrational.

Although the operation of [Sacred Tree Seed] is relatively simpler than [Forest Seed], it is by no means an easy-to-use item.

The [Sacred Tree Seed] has been used freely to this extent just after playing for a day. Bedivere is an amazing genius, so amazing that it can scare people to death.

Perhaps because werewolves grew up in the extremely harsh environment of Siberia, he originally had the ability to integrate with nature. Other than that, there is no other way to explain it.

Of course, in order to avoid the werewolf’s pride, Olin wouldn’t tell Bedivere about it.

She deliberately made a **** that was not strange, and said quietly to Bedivere: “Unlike [Forest Seed], [Sacred Tree Seed] contains only one sacred tree, and Not the whole forest. The sacred tree gets tired too, please don’t overuse its power.”

“Understood.” The werewolf replied naturally. He didn’t intend to rely too much on the power of the [Sacred Tree Seed].

“Also, this tree species is very precious. If possible, please use it only as a weapon. Don’t leave your body. If you lose it, I won’t get you a second one.”

Speaking of this, Bedivere couldn’t help giving Olin a blank look: “You shouldn’t be qualified to say this to me, right?”

During the battle with the Spider Queen and the Hill Djinn last night, Olin clearly placed tree seeds everywhere and used [Forest Seeds] as consumables. Where is this precious thing?

“Haha, you don’t need to worry about my affairs.” Ou Lin said with a cheeky smile: “And the battlefield has been cleaned and all the trees have been recovered, so there is no waste.”

“Yes, you’re really going to trouble the Druid brothers.” The werewolf rolled her eyes at Olin again. This woman is a troublemaker. She messed up the battlefield by herself, but asked others to help her clean it up.

Are all the Druid coordinators so lost?

As if knowing that Bedivere was making fun of herself, Olin immediately lowered her mouth: “I also taught you how to use tree species, and my mission is over here. It’s getting late, I should go home, Goodbye.”

“Uh, okay, good night.” The werewolf scratched his head.

“Well, okay, good night?” Olin was upset again: “How arrogant should you be? Someone helped you, and that’s your attitude?”

(Again. So women are really troublesome.)

“Oh, then… thank you, Olin,” the werewolf added helplessly.

“[Thank you, Olin]! Your thank you is so casual! There is no sincerity at all!” Ou Lin became completely troubled.

(Gosh, let me go!)

“Okay… Olin, thank you very much for your help. I will definitely repay you when I have time.” Bedivere suppressed the fire in his stomach and pretended to be calm.

“Well, it’s still not very sincere… Forget it!” Olin turned and left: “You owe me a meal, and I will ask for it from you in the future.”

(It would be much easier if it was just a meal.)

“Okay, okay. Good night, Olin.” The werewolf waved goodbye.

“Okay, good night.” Olin walked away without looking back.

(What the **** is this woman thinking. How can women in the world be so fickle and troublesome to death.)

“Huhuhuhuhu,” Senezel’s landlord snickered as he watched all this from the shadows of the yard.

“Eavesdropping is a bad habit.” Bedivere walked towards the big house. He was tired enough today and wanted to take a shower and go to bed early: “How is Al? him?”

“Don’t worry, he’s very cool now.” The old man continued with a grim smile: “I’ll give him the things—or, I’ve already given him to that thing. What will happen later, just Look at his own creation. I hope he can come back alive tomorrow morning.”

Let’s do it. “Bedivere didn’t think much of it, and pushed the door directly into the house.

“Ah!~~~ Oh ah!~~~” Albert’s strange cry came from a room on the second floor, as if he was having an affair with something.

The werewolf can’t help but wonder.

“What the **** did you give him? Some kind of strange toy?” The werewolf gave the old man a white look: “Please don’t teach bad Al, okay?”

“Hmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The old landlord responded with a burst of laughter.

In the middle of the night, Edinburgh Underground City two figures, one tall and one short, searched among the ruins of the church.

“I didn’t expect that the church would be so severely damaged after I walked away for a while,” said the unusually tall figure.

“Hmph, everyone here is a bunch of idiots, and they deserve to die.” The relatively short figure used his cane to push through the rubble, as if looking for something: “And you’re going to be active in London during the day. , I can’t take care of it. Don’t blame yourself too much.”

After speaking, the relatively short figure found something in the ruins. He performed a magic trick to collect the pieces of those things and hide them in his pockets.

“It doesn’t matter, even without this puppet church, it has no effect on our plan. They are just a **** in charge of collecting live sacrifices.”

The tall figure did not respond to the other party, but looked up at the ceiling of the dungeon, thoughtfully. As he did so, the handsome face of Knight of the Round Table, Westard, was half exposed from the lower part of his hood. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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