Light Spirit Epic Chapter 743: The riot in the polar night (7)


Chapter 743 The riots in the polar night

It’s already late at night. Bedivere returns to the hotel along the secret passage from which he originally came. But he found a person behind him.

“Elaine.” The werewolf didn’t start a fire in the dark secret passage. I can only **** the stone wall and walk all the way: “Why are you following.”

“First. The Prophet said. The hotel is here.” The Ice Bear walked quietly behind Bedivere. Although his clumsy body made a lot of noise along the way. Not really “quiet”.

“You’re going to stay too.” Bedivere thought for a moment before exclaiming in a low voice: “Oh no. You shouldn’t be too—“

“Participate in the round. Round table trial. Yes.” Elaine stammered.

This guy turned out to be a candidate too. Take the test with this guy’s IQ. Is there really no problem. .

“How did you find the Druid Cult.” The werewolf asked suspiciously, “You probably didn’t find it on your own initiative.”

Before this. Even Bedivere doesn’t know about the religion of Druids. Not to mention that the Druid’s newspaper network is a shortcut to enter the round table trial.

With such a “high” IQ, Bedivere almost missed the clue of Druidism. It was only because of the network of Senezel that I found this place.

The nearly mentally retarded Elaine was able to find it here. Simply a miracle.

“Dad said. Come to the Druids for help.” The white bear whispered.

Dad. …referring to Boles.

“Yeah. You have a good dad,” the werewolf replied perfunctorily.

The two continue their journey through the dark secret passage. Another long walk quietly.

Elaine can’t take it anymore. Asked: “Bee. Mr. Bedivere. I want to ask a question. Can. Can I?”

The man casually agreed. Just hope Elaine isn’t asking a hard question.

“How could you recognize me right away. Recognize me who has become a dragon man.” The white bear man said this coldly. Bediveville was so frightened that a cold sweat broke out.

“Um. What.”

“The previous battle. You recognized me at a glance. Recognized me. And you didn’t. There was no surprise.” The white bear man whispered: “You. You have known me since you were together. Know my origin. . as it is.”

Oh. Damn. Sure enough it was still leaking. The werewolf kept muttering in his heart.

“This… can’t we not go too deep into it?” Bedivere replied gloomily.

“…No.” Elaine is stupid though. But on a lot of things it’s unequivocal at all: “Dad said it. Yes. Anyone who has a secret from me. All have bad intentions. Such people must be small. Be careful. Bedivere saved me. I don’t. I don’t want to. You’re the kind of person who has bad intentions.”

(What a troublesome character. What do you do with such seriousness.)

The werewolf was depressed for a long time. With his wit, he suddenly thought of a good excuse: “My wife is Lian Yin. Do you know Lian Yin? It is Lian Yin who is an assistant at Master Merlin.”

Ryan let out a soft exclamation. Then silence. This stupid bear seems to be trying to recall the past: “Really… Sister Lian Yin?”

“Lian Yin told me a lot of things. Including your father Boles.” Bedivere continued to make up lies along this momentum: “And of course also about you.”

“Oh.” Elaine seemed convinced. Nodding vigorously in yes. “It is. It is so. It is so.”

It’s not a lie either. But he borrowed Renine’s name to reveal what Bedivere knew in the first place. How convenient—although I’m a little sorry for Lian Yin.

After agreeing with everything. Bai Xiong shook out another sentence: “Then. So— how is Sister Lian Yin recently. Good. I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

These words hurt Bedivere deeply. He gasped. made a big circle. Continue to lie: “I don’t know either…I haven’t seen her in a long time either.”

The death of his wife and children is still a pain in the heart of the werewolf Bedivere. I am afraid it is the pain of his life forever. This pain will never subside over time. Unless he realizes the truth of the matter.

Let’s do it. ‘ Elaine whispered. He didn’t seem to have anything to ask.

Touch. Bedivere was distracted at the same time. He also slammed into the stone door awkwardly.

It turned out to have reached the exit of the secret passage. But the secret passage has been closed.

Touch. The polar bear had no idea that Bedivere had hit the wall. The polar bear, who was following the werewolf, also slammed into the werewolf awkwardly. The huge body of the giant bear almost crushed the silver wolf.

“Ow. It hurts. You idiot. Get back.” The werewolf cursed. He is thankful that he is well trained. The whole body is as strong as steel. otherwise. If pressed into meat sauce from behind by a bear. What an embarrassing way to die.

“Yes. I’m sorry—” White Bear wanted to go back: “Huh.”

Tragedy happened. The fat and strong white bear was stuck in the secret passage. The exit part happens to be the narrowed part of the channel. And Elaine, the big guy, was supposed to come in and out of here on his side.

Now he passes head-on. Coupled with the strength of the moment of throwing. Get this bear stuck to the passage gorgeously. Can’t get in. Can’t get out.

The white bear is in a hurry. He moved his body to squeeze out.

“Ow. It hurts, it hurts.” Bedivere yelled in protest. When the white bear man moved, he increased the squeezing force. Opportunity to crush Bedivere’s ribs: “Don’t move. I’ll find a way.”

“Yes. But—.Update”The white bear is also in a hurry. Controlling his fears, he managed to say something intelligible: “Okay. It hurts. . 

“You must be joking with me.” The werewolf’s face changed: “Hold it back. I’ll find the switch for the secret door in no time.”

Although Bedivere wears a highly waterproof nightwear. Generally not afraid of getting wet — but well. Someone urinates behind your ass. Probably not a pleasant thing. in particular. Elaine was pressing tightly behind the werewolf at the moment. Close to Bedivere. Being so intimately touched by another man. Not a pleasant thing for any man.

Bediver groped around in the dark cave for the switch of the secret door. The first time he updated, the more erratic he was. The more uncomfortable it is for Elaine behind him.

“Bee. Bedi. Hurry up. I’m dying.” The bear man yelled anxiously.

“Again. Be patient for a while.” The werewolf was also in a hurry. I can’t find the switch of the secret door anywhere. How is this switch hidden so well? Do you want to scare people to death? .

“Come on. Elaine. Listen to me. Distract yourself.” The werewolf said quickly: “I ask you. You can obviously transform into a dragon man. Why don’t you always use it. You have to transform at a critical moment.”

“Uh, like answering a very difficult question. Elaine thought and thought. Her body kept shaking (in a hurry): “Me. This body is not mine. The part below the head was originally the body of a bear. Update for the first time. so. The burden on this body is huge. Change. Transformation cannot be maintained forever. get tired. “

“Yes. Is it?” The werewolf finished fumbling the stone wall on the left. Go to the right again. Hope to see something: “That. Then what about your father Boles. He is not a golem created by Merlin. Should he serve him by Merlin’s side?”

“No. No no no no no.” White Bear’s urination trembled more violently. It seemed like it was going to flow out at any moment: “I’m going with my dad. I’m going into seclusion. I’m in seclusion. Merlin said it’s okay. He doesn’t anymore. I don’t need my dad’s service.”

Let a golem live free. That’s a really weird concept. Golems are created. Obviously it’s to serve humans.

Clap. Bedivere touches something.

“That’s great. The switch of the secret door—” he was about to call out. But——

He was wrong. What he touched was not the switch of the secret door at all. It is a trap prepared to deal with intruders.

Crack. The stone walls on both sides of the cave tightened even more. Press on the two of them. It means to crush the two of them.

Bearman tried his best to hold up against the stone walls on both sides. At the same time, he pleaded loudly: “Stop playing. Hurry up. Hurry up and open the door.”

“Oh. Damn—” Even Bedivere was anxious. Go on like this. It’s not just about getting your **** covered by Elaine’s peeing pants. Go on like this. Both of them will be trapped here by the secret passage. It turns into two balls…or one ball of bolognese.

“Damn..” The switch is nowhere to be found. Bedivere had no other choice. He secretly charged: “Elaine. Hold on. Just one more shot.”

lbs. . The werewolf punched out. Hit **** the secret door.

But. Nothing was born.

This secret door is built stronger than anything else. A powerful enchantment is attached to the surface of its stone. Bedivere’s punch was unable to damage the secret door.

The reaction force of the head is transmitted from the body of the werewolf to the body of the white bear. The powerful shock shook his bladder.

“Don’’t do this.” The white bear almost cried. “It will really come out.”

It was Bedivere who was about to cry. He could already feel a little heat spreading behind his ass. Elaine is estimated to have…

In desperation. The werewolf continued to exert all his strength. Pull back with both fists. Hit a series of punches.

pound pound pound pound pound pound. The continuous punches swept through the secret door like a storm. The secret gate is like a steadfast fortress in the storm. No matter how hard you attack. It’s just motionless.

Under the continued shaking. Elaine couldn’t take it anymore. The warmth spread in his crotch. He also started to lose his strength. There is no way to support the stone walls on both sides. The stone wall pressed down. The two orcs are about to be crushed into meat sauce.

The werewolf reluctantly allowed the stone wall to crush his body. Everything has come to an end.

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