Light Spirit Epic Chapter 742: The riot in the polar night (6)


Chapter 742 The riots in the polar night

“It’s all right here.” Silver Wolf ran for about a hundred yards, Olin cried.

The werewolf then stopped and turned to look behind him. Seeing this, he was completely stunned!

Blood is spraying from the chest of the Hill Djinn!

Hot, bright red magma, like blood, gushed out from the chest of the giant spirit, flowing everywhere! Surrounded by heated air and wildly burning vegetation. Even the vines that were entangling the mountain giants shrank back in fright and hid in the hard shell of the Camp Seed.

It was like a volcanic eruption…” Bedivere swallowed.

“That’s why I don’t want to use it.” Olin looked at the hellish scene from a distance and sighed: “The Seed of Volcano Camp will cause huge environmental damage every time it is used.”

The hill giant struggled through a pool of molten rock, but he lost his hands and had nowhere to go. The high heat decomposes the dark son, and the rapid loss of the dark son quickly makes the fallen **** of Ming lose its power. It struggles less and less.

“Dead, dead? Really, dead?” Elaine murmured. The werewolf turned his head to look, Elaine had long since released the transformation of the white dragon and turned back into a clumsy big white bear.

“If it’s an ordinary spirit body, it probably won’t die.” Bedivere took out the bottle of [Soul Soul Incense] in his arms and handed it to Olin: “I’ll ask you then.”

But the Darkling Hill Djinn did come to a complete standstill. It’s dead.

“Unbelievable. You killed a god!” Olin sighed as she took the potion.

“Anyway,” the werewolf shrugged disapprovingly: “In short, it doesn’t harm the world anymore, right?”

That being said.

But the wolf in front of Olin murdered a god!

And he was still smiling broadly, as if he had no regrets for killing the **** at all.

Olin looked at Bedivere hostilely, and the inadvertent hostility in her eyes was also detected by the werewolf.

“You don’t need to look at me so hostilely.” Bedivere shook his head uneasily: “That is the **** infected with the dark son and turned into a violent god. Destroying it is actually a big favor to the world. “

“No matter what it is, gods are gods.” Olin and Bedivere had completely different ideas: “People shouldn’t kill gods. You have done something that is absolutely unacceptable, one day. You will be badly punished.”

The werewolf narrowed his eyes in displeasure. What injustice? He just destroyed a dark spirit, and the world should thank him.

Druids respect nature and advocate harmonious coexistence with nature. Werewolves don’t have much opinion on this. but? Leaving a dark spirit to not destroy it, just using a seal to suppress the hidden dangers of the world can not but be called stupid!

It was only then that Bedivere realized that he could never truly believe in this so-called Druidism. It’s made up of a bunch of stupid, good-natured people who just hold back and don’t get anything done.

Bediver’s radical thinking runs counter to the negative thinking of the Druids. If the Tao is different, it is not the same, that is the truth.

The volcanic plants have done their job, re-pumping the surrounding semi-hot molten rock away. They are very polite plants, and they know not to pour molten rock anywhere, so as not to pollute the environment.

And the hill giant, which was completely drenched by the molten rock from head to toe, has merged into a large rock, and it is still red and bright in the heat at this moment, and it is constantly smoking.

“It’s like steamed potatoes.” The white bear man said stupidly, interrupting Bedivere and Olin’s quarrel.

The snickering laughter almost made the werewolf spit.

Lin couldn’t laugh: “Forget it, it’s no use arguing with you. Let’s go back first.”

She threw a forest seed on the ground, the seed sprout burst out, and the vine quickly transformed into a portal.

“Don’t you need to recycle the camping seeds you just used?” The werewolf looked at the small hill that was still hot from a distance.

“It’s too hot to get close, let alone recycle seeds.” Olin sighed, “I’ll call the Brotherhood to recycle later. Go back now, I’m exhausted. .”

She deliberately dragged the word “tired” very long to show how tired she was.

It was only when the werewolf relaxed that he felt that his whole body was sticky and smelly, and it was extremely uncomfortable. He missed the bathtub in the hotel so much.

The three got into the portal and returned to the underground meeting place of the Druids. This seems to be the anchor of the binding, and Bedivere found himself jumping out of the teleportation ring of the previous sacred tree.

“Are they all back?” The Prophet was still waiting for everyone at the venue. He didn’t wait long. In fact, it took only about an hour for Bediveville and the others to return: “It’s really fast. Is it done?”

“Yes, Lord Prophet.” Olin stepped forward and saluted, “Although the gods we encountered were much more powerful than what the report said, we still have to do this, let’s do it.”

“Is it done?” Prophet Muthani’s face showed a doubt: “Is it done or not? Be clear.”

Olin shrugged, prepared to be scolded by the prophet, and reported what happened.

Olin discussed with the Prophet for a long time. After the Prophet understood what happened, the expression on his face gradually became solemn.

Bediver was still waiting, judging from the solemn expression on the prophet’s face, the werewolf knew that he was about to be scolded.

When the Prophet came to him, the werewolf looked over with fearful eyes, like a child who had done something wrong and was afraid of being scolded by adults, and whispered, “Mu, Prophet Muthani?”

“Come, here’s your reward.” The Prophet shoved the purse into Bedivere’s hand.

Not too heavy, not too light. The werewolf opened the purse and counted it briefly, about two hundred gold coins.

Did you only get two hundred gold coins after going through that kind of life-and-death battle?

Sure enough, it was deducted. Because Bedivere did not seal the gods as promised, but killed the gods?

“Don’t doubt. Your reward is one thousand gold, but we charged eight hundred of it as a fee. Don’t worry, the Brotherhood will help you find the venue for the [Round Table Trial].”

Oh, that’s it. Eight hundred gold to buy the newspaper of the venue, I feel it is worth it. perhaps.

Angry? ‘ asked Bedivere tentatively.

“I don’t think you should pursue the matter of killing gods beyond your authority.” The prophet said leniently: “Originally, gods cannot be killed. It is because they cannot kill that they are called gods.

If that **** is as degenerate as you said and can be killed, then it must have become a completely different existence from other gods.

In that case, let it die. Death may be the fate of these fallen gods. “

Bediver’s eyes widened. He had never imagined that the Prophet Muthani would be so enlightened. Unlike other old-fashioned Druids, the Prophet Mutani saw more real and farther than anyone else.

If such a person is leading the Druids, there is indeed hope for the sect.

Thinking of this, the werewolf’s face became slightly relieved: “Then, I should go back to rest. Good night, Lord Prophet.”

“Wait.” Prophet Muthani stopped the werewolf: “Again, let me see your left arm.—This is very important.”

“Huh? Okay—” Although he was reluctant, Bedivere was embarrassed to refuse when he saw the solemn expression on the other’s face.

The Prophet’s solemn expression was not blaming Bedivere for killing the god, but for something else?

He raises the metal prosthesis of his left arm for the Prophet to examine.

The Prophet of the Druid looked carefully at the silver metal arm, murmuring constantly, as if he was conversing with the Holy Spirit hidden in the arm.

The more carefully the middle-aged man looked, the more solemn the expression on his face.

After reading it, the Prophet sighed in a low voice and let go of the werewolf’s left arm prosthesis: “Is it really like this?”

“What, what does it look like?” The Prophet’s dignified look as if someone was about to die really frightened Bedivere: “What’s going on?”

“According to Olin’s report, your arm can throw punches at supersonic speeds?” The Prophet stepped back, crossed his arms, and asked in a low voice.

“Yes. That’s my ability… cultivated.” Bedivere said proudly.

“That’s not it. That’s the power lent to you by the **** in your arm.”

“What?!” Bedivere was stunned. He only knows that [a cabin in the woods] can be transformed into a house to provide convenience for people’s lives. Its power, even among the hundreds of thousands of Holy Spirits in Avalon’s Pure Land, is very special.

It is precisely because [The Cabin in the Woods] is completely unkillable that King Arthur made an exception to let it out of Avalon’s control and gave the White Diamond of the Holy Spirit from the Cabin in the Woods to Bedivere.

This special, completely invulnerable Holy Spirit “lent” the power of Bedivere?

” is true. Humans, even orcs, can’t move their arms faster than the speed of sound, and it’s even more impossible to create a vacuum wave after punching. All this can only be explained by the power of the gods. It works.

I think you can not only punch supersonic with this prosthetic arm, but also with your real arm, right? “

It is. Although Bedivere rarely used his right arm to make moonlight waves, his right arm could indeed do the same thing as this metal left arm.

However, supersonic punching with the right arm hurts. The burden of supersonic punching is still enormous for a true **. Therefore, except for exercise time, werewolves almost always shoot moonlight waves with the prosthetic left arm.

Perhaps all of this is really due to the power of the Holy Spirit? In addition to summoning and using the Holy Spirit, it is said that there are [Spiritual Armament] that transforms into a weapon, and [Spiritual Possession] that is possessed by the user and enhances the user’s physical abilities.

Based on the current situation, Bedivere uses either [Holy Spirit Arming] or [Holy Spirit Possession]. Probably the latter.

But, if that’s the case, isn’t Bedivere’s seven years of hard work in vain? ! If it’s easy to get [The Cabin in the Woods] possessed, and use supersonic punches and moonlight waves, what else can Bedivere do?

Has he been wasting his time for seven years? !

As if seeing Bedivere’s doubts, the Prophet smiled and persuaded: “No, all your efforts are not in vain. The gods in your hands are watching.”

Man is doing it, God is watching.

“It is because of your unremitting efforts that the gods who are moved by your efforts are willing to lend you strength.”

(I don’t train hard to impress the gods…)

“However,” Prophet Muthani’s face changed: “This kind of power is not safe, I advise you to use it sparingly.”

Bedevier’s heart froze: “Not safe?”

“You’ve been borrowing power from gods, and the more gods lend you, the more your body will assimilate with gods. Over time, you will gradually become a god-like being.”

Is it a good thing? It’s like I’ve got the divine out of thin air—“

“No, never.” Before Bedivere finished speaking, the Prophet shook his head violently and interrupted:”

First, you are a [person].

Man should be born as a human, live as a human, and die as a human. This is the life a normal [person] should have.

Any [person] who wants to become a [god] and cultivates himself through various unnatural means will eventually experience evil consequences.

Any [human] who transcends nature, distorts the laws of the world, and wants to reach the same level as [God], will be punished.

Eventually you will realize that everything you cherish will disappear, everything you should protect will become meaningless.

When your existence loses its meaning, you are left empty and blank.

——Without the identity of [person], what are you left in this world? “

While the Prophet’s philosophical words were incomprehensible, Bedivere vaguely understood.

The werewolves have lost many, many in order to have their current power.

If he continues like this, he will surely lose more.


“Thank you very much for your concern, Lord Prophet.” Bedivere whispered, nodding his head both in agreement and in denial: “But that doesn’t change anything.”

“Mr. Bedivere!” Prophet Muthani protested.

“I know that for those of you who advocate the way of nature, I am sure of the existence of heresies. I don’t hesitate to use the power of gods, and I want to get power.

—However, there is no way out, Lord Prophet. “

Bediver took a long sigh: “I have a [king] that I need to protect. For my king, for the world, it doesn’t matter what I become.

When this is over, maybe I’ll die, maybe I’ll lose [existence] itself completely, and no one in this world will remember me. But it doesn’t matter, I can accept it.


Bedivere took a deep breath and replied solemnly:

“This is my destiny.”

For the sake of this world, the werewolf Bedivere has been prepared to die 10,000 times and sacrifice 100 million times.

No matter the cost, no matter the cost, only for one purpose, dedicate his life.

Others will laugh at him for being stupid, not expecting anything in return but only knowing how to pay.

But it is precisely because of such fools that the world can be saved, and it has been saved.

In this [world where Bedivere shouldn’t exist], no one has the right to laugh at him for being stupid.

Because, the prosperity of this world is what the werewolf used up all his Karma (destiny) in exchange.

The world owes him so much.

As if seeing through Bedivere’s firm intentions, Prophet Multani knew that he would never persuade him.

The Prophet sighed again, helplessly, and said slowly: “Okay, do as you like. Even if I know that the road in front of you is nothing but emptiness and pain, I can’t help you at all, and I have to keep trying You prayed.

May you have true happiness after all this is over. The world owes you so much, may the world give you a truly fair return. “

——However, what is true fairness?

“Thank you, Prophet Mutani. Thank you.” The werewolf could only respond with a blank thank you to the Prophet’s blessing.

” However,” the Prophet added another sentence: “Please take a good rest while the round table knights’ exams have not yet started. If I am not mistaken, you have borrowed the power of gods too many times during this time. That’s more than in years combined. You’d better use that ability less often.”

Hearing this, Bedivere frowned again. Asking him to seal the useful skill of Moonlight Wave is equivalent to tying up his hands and feet, greatly reducing his combat effectiveness. suffer in battle.

“On the other hand,” the Prophet added: “I will ask the friends of the Brotherhood to work hard to help you, and I will definitely help you find the venue for the round table trial.”

“Does it mean that I should stay at home for three days and do nothing?” The werewolf was puzzled. What should he do if he can’t get any news after three days, and he wastes three days in vain?

It is very likely that you will fail the exam without starting the exam and be thrown into the Atlantic Ocean.

Is the prophet Muthani in front of him really worth believing?

The Prophet looked at the werewolf with his bright Those slightly old but piercing eyes seemed to tell Bedivere, please believe me.

He advises Bedivere to take a good rest, it’s no good for him.

That’s really just out of pure goodwill, hoping Bedivere’s body doesn’t collapse.

The easiest thing to deal with in this world is malice, but the hardest thing to deal with is kindness.

The werewolf finally gave in: Well, I will definitely rest well these three days. Although there is no guarantee that you won’t be using Moonlight Waves in a fight with anyone. One word is for sure. “

“Very good,” said the Prophet with a smile, spreading his fingers in a gesture of druid blessing: “Goodbye then. — May you be with Gaia, and may you receive Peace and relaxation.”

“…Good night.” Bedivere also learned that gesture and saluted the Prophet, then said goodbye to Mutani and Olin, and walked back alone. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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