Light Spirit Epic Chapter 739: The riot in the polar night (3)


Chapter 739 riots in the polar night

[Magic Bow—Nale Fire] burst out a strong shock wave, the shock wave instantly hit the fire zigzag and produced a magic interference phenomenon. The huge flame shock wave was sprayed out of the cave like a volcano. The acid also instantly scorched the spiders and rolled up these coke-like corpses and spewed out the hole together

There were originally tens of thousands of small spiders on the road ahead, but the insects and beasts were instinctively afraid of heat, and the small spiders temporarily retracted into the stone crevices and did not continue to pour out

“Just run now

“The werewolf shouted to remind the stunned white bear man to continue to escape, while he was already running like a madman and rushed out of the cave with the coordinator Olin on his back

The clumsy white bear is already less than ten yards behind Elaine at the mouth of the cave and knocks down the spider army

“You idiot” Ou Lin moved the [Forest Seed] tree vine that was originally buried in front of the cave, and the vine instantly broke out of the ground, rolled up the white bear man and threw it out of the cave, and it also stretched its branches and turned into a dense net Sealed the hole

Small spiders hit the web, crawling and swooping, but they can’t break through the web of vines and run out. Spiders trapped in the web are really rare

“The **** spider hole has finally escaped.” Olin had a lingering fear. If Bedivere noticed the abnormality just a few seconds later, they would have had a close contact with the spider army. /

“It’s not safe at all” the werewolf put down Olin, showing her claws and being alert

The spiders are just minor characters and the real king is coming out now

Actually it wasn’t the [King] but the [Queen]

The 30-foot-tall ghost-faced spider queen broke through the blockade of the hole and ran out. She waved her claws and sprayed spider eggs from her abdomen.

These spider eggs hatched instantly and thousands of small spiders around the queen also began to spread around to become a pure black spider tide

The surging small skulls are actually the patterns on the abdomens of the spiders, but in this dark night, under the cold moonlight, the eyes of the “skulls” glow faintly. The red light really looks like a group of undead crawling on the ground at this moment

This scene is both disgusting and terrifying to the extreme

“Is this what you call a ferocious god?” The numb-headed Bedivere instinctively stepped back and looked at the Spider Queen suspiciously: “She doesn’t look like a spirit”

Ou Lin explained as a matter of course: “The gods are all composed of aura (photons), and the aura itself is invisible and intangible. In order to interfere in this world, some gods will attach themselves to the living beings and manifest themselves”

Is that so?

Bedivere has seen quite a few “gods”—the Holy Spirit, the evil spirits and the dark spirits, most of which have their own bodies—virtual appearances made of photons

The big spider in front of him is not much different from ordinary monsters. Its shell is obviously that the shell of insects is not composed of photons. Maybe this guy is not that powerful “god”

Or is it just a matter of [preference], maybe some gods like to attach themselves to other creatures to show their appearance instead of showing their true colors

I don’t have time to think about the oncoming spiders, and I need to deal with the werewolf. Both claws and moonlight waves are continuously shot to kill all the spiders who dare to go forward

Moonlight waves are both sharp and penetrating, strong enough to kill dozens of small spiders. When the werewolf claws, the spider army can’t advance the front line at all

Olin is not to be outdone, she uses [Forest Seed] to transform into two long whips covered with thorns

And Olin doesn’t just wield the whips. In fact, the whips act as if they had their own will. The trajectory of the whip’s swing is very strange. It can often be used to avoid Bedivere’s moonlight wave and then gently twist a large group. The spider rolls up and crushes

Olin used a whip to contain the spider army from a medium distance, and Bedivere’s long-range attack cooperated to form a tight line of defense. The spiders died in an instant and most of them were about to be cleaned up

However, the ghost-faced spider queen who followed the spider tide continued to lay eggs and hatched more spider queens from the spider eggs. She drove the spider tide to attack the crowd. The cannonball spewing venom on its way intends to take advantage of the crowd when they are busy

“Wow” Elaine the white bear tumbled to avoid the oncoming poisonous cannonball, and the rock-like sticky venom ball brushed beside the bear and blew on the ground and splattered on the ground

It corrodes the rocky ground, sending out bursts of smoke and stench that instantly etch a huge hole up to three yards deep in the ground. It will turn into a pool of blood in a few seconds, and there is no reason to survive

“It’s so scary” the white bear man looked at the big hole behind him and his legs were weak

“Don’t stand still.” Olin and Bedivere deal with the spider army together. She saw Elaine shaking and scolded immediately: “If you don’t come to help, find a place to hide yourself, we are too busy. I don’t have time to take pictures——“

“Olin be careful” Bedivere shouted to remind

A poisonous cannonball hit Olin impartially. It was very fast. Olin saw that she couldn’t dodge with her own mobility. She only stretched out her left hand and tried to transform the camp seed into a shield

But it’s too late. No matter how fast the foliage unfolds, it won’t be able to conjure a large shield large enough to block the fatal blow before the cannonball hits Olin and the cannonball will still deal splash damage if only partially blocked- –The terrifying corrosive ability is enough to corrode Olin to the point of **** flesh

Poison cannonballs are only a yard away from Olin, and they’re exhausted

A white shadow rushed towards Olin trying to block the terrifying poisonous cannonball

“No” no matter who Lin is, she doesn’t want to see someone die for her. Seeing this irreversible scene, she exclaimed in sadness and despair


The sound of the impact and the splash sounded almost at the same moment

But the person standing in front of Olin is safe and sound

In front of Olin is a thin, petite white humanoid lizard

The original form of the white dragon Elaine

It seems that the stupid bear no longer exists and is replaced by a sturdy young dragon man whose icy blue eyes shine with the light of this power

As the most mysterious and rare race in the Dawn region, the dragon people have been endowed with powerful power from birth. This power is unmatched by any other orc race

“Elaine…” Bedivere exclaimed in a low voice

So this kid, the white bear man, can still turn back into a dragon man. With such a powerful transformation, why didn’t he take it out earlier, but waited until the moment of life and death to use it

Thinking of this, Bediveville does have a bit of jealousy in my heart. This is exactly the same as the sour words Albert said before—“How many hands did you hide?

It was only then that Bedivere realized that hiding your strength in front of your friends is actually the greatest insult to your friends. When you expect that you can be on the same level as the other party with hard work, but in fact the other party has hidden strength and leaves you far behind. behind

The loneliness of seeing a friend who was weaker than you suddenly become unbelievably strong is indescribable

Elaine put away his dragon wings during the few seconds of Bedivere stunned

Those wings with thick dragon scales just acted as shields. Although they were resistant to corrosion, they were also corroded by strong acid, and their flesh was smeared. The membrane was burned and countless holes were burned. I can’t fly for three minutes

“It’s really bad.” The white dragon man drew a great sword from his possession ring

Bediver also has the same nugget ring that Mage Merlin gave him — of course, it may also be given to Elaine, no wonder this kid has never had a weapon in his hand before, so it turned out to be hidden

And that great sword appears to be a dragon. It is about ten feet long and appears to be well enchanted. It is extremely sharp and heavy, and I am afraid that only a guy with amazing arms like Elaine can swing it freely

In order not to hinder the battle, the white dragon man endured the pain and directly tore off his two pairs of wings

Olin behind the scenes can’t help but feel a lot of pain when she sees this scene

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt,” Elaine replied in a low voice, as if the other person was the one who needed comfort. His body could quickly regenerate the torn wings, and the torn wings would soon grow back, nothing to worry about

“You are… that stupid bear” Ou Lin recognized him from the voice of the white dragon man

The white dragon man didn’t speak, turned his flushed face away and hid it from Orin’s sight. Even if he became a dragon man, he was still so clumsy and unspeakable. It will be as clumsy as before

“Elaine, I’ll help you clear the way to give that big spider a slash” The werewolf has drawn his magic bow and pulled the bowstring

“No, I will open the way” Elaine rushes to say: “My trick… is more suitable for opening the way”

Let’s go” the werewolf gently pulled the bow and shot a shock wave that was neither strong nor weak to repel the attacking spider swarm. The shock wave also slightly knocked back the spider queen, giving Elaine a chance to make a move

“Can he trust him?” Olin leaned over to Bedivere and prepared the fire book

I can only trust Elaine once. The werewolf said in his heart

At this time, the White Dragon Man has raised his greatsword and slanted it into the rocks on the ground. The weight of the greatsword is already terrifying, coupled with its unusual sharpness, it is an easy matter to insert into the ground

About two-thirds of the blade sank into the rocky ground, Elaine did something simple and amazing:

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