Light Spirit Epic Chapter 738: The riot in the polar night (2)


Chapter 738 riots in the polar night

A strange thing happened

At the moment when the seeds touched the rock wall of the cave, the seeds took root and began to become a large number of vines and climbed upward. It is rare for plants to have such a strong activity and instantly change into this shape

“Hmm” the bear man hummed curiously and stuck his head out to see what the vines were doing

At this time, they have climbed to the top of the cave and the spiders are very close to the ghost-faced spiders. The spiders don’t pay attention to the spreading vines and continue to rain acid on the people on the ground

The spiders will regret and seem to avoid the spiders. The vines drilled around the top wall of the cave stop growing after covering a large area

They started to brew some kind of violent killing


With the sound of sharp objects, thousands of sharp needles suddenly pierced from the vine and they appeared without warning

The ghost-faced spiders, who didn’t take the vines seriously at all, were completely pierced by the vines in an instant

The explosive acid splashed down in a torrential rain

The scene of thousands of dead ghost spiders bursting out of poisonous acid is really spectacular

“Ah ah ah ah ah my eyes

” Elaine, who didn’t have time to turn back, was drenched in half of her face. It must be very painful. He hugged his **** face and screamed loudly, but I don’t know why Bedivere couldn’t come to a werewolf with this stupid bear. I even feel funny in my heart

If you die, you will die.

“Woo woo woo…” The bear man muttered while covering his face, his corroded and **** face has been regenerated

It is indeed a terrible regeneration ability, but this kid is really not good—such a clumsy skill with such a low IQ, how can a powerful regeneration ability be a waste of an extremely useful talent

The world may be fair because Elaine has too many talents and everyone is too powerful to make this child unscrupulously stupid

It’s definitely not out of jealousy, it’s definitely not…probably

The acid water spilled all over the ground and quickly eroded the limestone ground. The whole ground was sinking into a gray-white muddy water and bubbling continuously. Only the piece of land with Olin at the center was intact– -And the area of ​​this land is getting smaller and smaller

Therefore, the two orcs naturally approached the woman…in the eyes of outsiders, it was a rare blessing, but in the eyes of the people at the time, it was actually a kind of helplessness

“Hey, don’t lean over, you’re about to squash me” Olin protested: “And it smells like a beast. How many years have you not taken a bath?”

Bedivere remembered that he hadn’t showered yet—he had planned to finish his work first and then take a nice hot bath. Things must not smell good

“I don’t stink anymore—” Elaine thought she was being scolded and said helplessly

“Shut up I’m too lazy to tell you” Olin saw that the acid pool on the ground had subsided—the acid had fully reacted with the limestone on the ground and was no longer dangerous—she pushed away the two beside her. Orcs

“Um” Elaine tumbled clumsily out, and a muddy gray-white thing with its back turned to the ground and stained him—fortunately that thing had lost its corrosiveness

“Are you all right? You’re still clumsy when you grow up to be so big…” The werewolf tried to help the white bear man, but the other party put his dirty hand on the werewolf’s hand. Bediveville only felt extremely regretful : “Well, the spiders are all solved, but what about the [god]”

“I don’t know,” Olin whispered. “Maybe in the deeper part of the cave we have to keep a low profile and go a little further.”

While he said this, Orin reached out and plucked the seeds that had stuck to the wall before – they had done a good job of killing the spider army and now returned to their seed form slowly from falling off the wall

“What an interesting seed that can instantly turn into a tree and then restore it instantly” the werewolf muttered

“This is the [foresting seed]. It is also a very special existence among all plants, but this is not [restored] the form of this [seed] is its final form”

Olin packed up the battlefield and moved forward slowly, keeping all noises to a minimum: “This plant does not grow from a seed to a tree, but on the contrary, it condenses from a forest into a seed. When I make a wish, it will show us the part of the forest that it once contained, as I ask.”

“This is also possible” Bedivere was dumbfounded. “Is this… a kind of [Creation Magic]”

“Perhaps I don’t care what you call it” Olin’s contempt for magic determines her shallow understanding of magic, but she has a unique view of the world: “In my opinion, what is in this world is relative to what is in fact.

What you call [photons]—called [reiki] in our Druids, is a medium that reverses the relationship between the size of the universe [forest seed] I am afraid that this method is used to Compress a forest into the form of a seed—it shrinks and seals everything in order to survive better”

What Bedivere calls [creation magic] in a nutshell, is magic that creates mass or virtual mass

The [Crazy Transformation] of the orcs and the [Growth] [reduction] of the giants belong to the category of creation magic

Adding virtual mass or anti-mass between the molecular structure of matter can temporarily make objects larger or smaller. The application of creation magic is actually very wide, although they are rarely used in combat

Olin’s [Forest Seed] definitely works on the same principle — even though Olin doesn’t use magic herself — it’s actually the seed that does the [magic] itself

Olin’s so-called ability to “communicate with plants” may also be a form of mind control

There is also a race among the orcs that is proficient in mind control—Gypsies (Bunny People)—The Bunny people can control animals, including various monsters, but the Druids control plants—and The ability of rabbits has the same effect

After thinking about all this, Olin’s ability does not seem to be particularly mysterious, but it is very strong, but it is not much different from the modern spell system

Even if you change a statement, it’s just a bunch of magicians in the end

While the werewolf was still meditating, Elaine, this stupid bear, stumbled while walking. He stumbled and not enough to fall, and stretched out his hand and subconsciously pulled the tail of Bedivere beside him

The pull of “Ow” not only made the werewolf heartache, but he also lost his balance and fell back completely in the mud

It’s annoying to have a wet ass

“Sorry” White Bear apologized repeatedly when he got up

“You…” The werewolf suppressed his anger. No wonder Olin was so disgusted when she saw Elaine. This stupid bear would really implicate her teammates and bring him not only to the battle, but to get in the way

It **** that Bedivere feels sticky and stinky, and even he’s not happy with his performance. How long will this bad night go on

It’s not just that his whole cave smells so good, it’s like some kind of stinky shithole, impossible for a human sense of smell to detect but not for the keen puppy nose of a werewolf

This stench comes from all directions, every stone crack and every cave is full of stench

It seems that something is wrong all over the cave

“Something’s wrong” Bediveville took a few steps forward and the situation was abnormal

The werewolf’s intuition told him that the ferocious **** was not in the cave and their guess was wrong from the start

“Get out of here as soon as possible” he shouted

“What the **** are you talking about—“

Bedivere doesn’t have time to take care of so much. He flies up and picks up Oleen and runs out shouting, “Follow Elaine”

The born dull white bear has the benefit of his dullness and Elaine doesn’t think much of it and immediately follows the werewolf

The three of them ran all the way out of the cave. The werewolf, with the weak illumination of the lightsaber in his hand, looked at the things that were about to move in the small crevices of the cave—a large group of ghost spiders

It’s a spider hole

No werewolves are quite sure that these spiders, which did not exist before, hatched into this large group of small spiders instantly under the agitation of some force

These little ghost-faced spiders as big as fists may not be as big as the big spiders compared to the previous big spiders, but their numbers are astonishing, gushing out from the stone crevices like a tide, and instantly covering the walls of the cave

“Oops”, even the retreat was blocked by the spider tide. The werewolf took out the [Magic Bow—The Fire of Nare] from his storage ring and shouted at Orin who was on his back while pulling the bow: ” Is there any kindling?”

“I’ll give it to you right away” Olin grabbed Bedivere’s shoulders with one hand and pulled out a fire book with the other It will ignite as soon as you blow it

“Fast out” werewolves were still running non-stop, but the floor in front of them was already covered with little spiders. These nasty bugs surrounded the cave and sprayed acid at everyone

The situation is critical, Olin threw out the fire fold without thinking much, and the werewolf also pulled a bow and shot forward without any explanation () “The Legend of the Light” only represents the opinion of the author Raven D Vixas~ If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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