Light Spirit Epic Chapter 732: Wandering for the first time



Chapter 732 Wandering in the Trial

At the same time in King Arthur’s bedroom

Husky dozed off while taking a bath

Playing with the new kids just now cost the canine teen a lot of energy and is now almost falling asleep

Arthur smiled and pushed the rubber duck on the water with the water to let the toy duck and Husky’s mouth collide

“Oh um” the child woke up: “What’s the swollen?”

“Hey, look you’re tired” The King of Knights touched the child’s dog’s head: “Don’t soak in and change clothes and go to bed”

“But Papa said that you must soak in the bath for 30 minutes. You can’t waste such a large tank of hot water.” Xiao Ha has a wonderful persistence in certain things

“Oh your father must be a thrifty person” Arthur nodded lightly: “Okay, then soak it for a while”

“Hmmmm…” The canine boy buried most of his head in the water, only letting his nose stick out of the water, and then gurgling blisters: “Mom—mi—how—how- –still—not—come—wang—“

Seeing Xiao Ha’s silly appearance, Arthur just felt amused: “Your mother is very tired from work today, so let her have a good rest at home. Uncle and aunt will send you home to see your mother tomorrow”

“Well, ok Wang—“He sank in.

“Pfft” Arthur chuckled again and watched the dog boy’s innocent and free behavior that day, and the fatigue accumulated by the Knight King all day was suddenly eliminated

What Greenville had been complaining about all these years echoed in Wang’s mind again

—I really want to have a child

This is not an easy task. If possible, Wang would rather be an ordinary person without the troubles caused by the throne and be unaffected by the pressure of public opinion. I can do whatever I want

But now at least for now he can’t abdicate his throne is the [tool] used to command the whole of Great Britain – and even the whole of Europe against the darkness. He can’t abandon this [tool] until the real victory.

Without the guidance of the king, human beings must be like a mess of sand in the face of the army of darkness, and there is no power to fight back

So now at least I can’t give up this power

This throne was the thing Arthur would most disdain to fight for, but now it is extremely important

Arthur imagines that the day when the battle is won, and the darkness of the world is really cleared, the king of knights will be liberated. Then, find a quiet little village to adopt a child and live in seclusion with Greenville

Even if there is no glory and wealth, even if there is no admiration of the people, as long as I can live peacefully with my family, that kind of happiness is the real happiness that the King of Knights wants

And that day will come after all—after a **** war

For the sake of future happiness and tranquility, Arthur must work hard to prepare for battle now at least now

This is why the King of Knights has been working hard for the past seven years

—some people don’t always understand

“Xiao Ha” Arthur saw the dog boy sinking for a long time and did not rise up, so he asked worriedly: “Stop playing and come back up”

No response

“Xiao Ha” Arthur was terrified and thought that the dog boy was drowning. He got up and stretched out his hand to fish, hoping to find something from the place where Xiao Ha had sunk just now

But I couldn’t find anything, and Xiaoha sank into the bath and disappeared

“Oh shit—” Arthur frantically fished around in a misty pool hoping to find the drowning child


” The canine boy suddenly burst out from behind the King of Knights and laughed loudly: “Ahahahahaha scared you?

“Scared” The King of Knights turned his head to look at the energetic little Husky. The kid didn’t drown at all, but dived into the water to make a prank: “Damn don’t scare uncle, if you really drown, uncle How to explain to your mother”

“Hey, hey, hey hey, he won’t drown. Wang Xiaoha can dive for five minutes. Wang Xiaoha has tried to beat his dad and beat his dad.”

Five minutes is really amazing, as expected of an orc king Arthur looking at this innocent canine boy

“But next time don’t make such a prank

“[Wolf is coming] What is [Wolf is coming] Wang” Xiao Ha obviously never heard of it

“It’s your father’s coming” said the King of Knights jokingly

“So my uncle really knows my dad better than he is a wolf”

King Arthur smiled funny: I thought he was a dog too…”

(How can the father of the canine be a werewolf? This is unscientific)

“Ha sneeze

“Bediver sneezed heavily and subconsciously wiped his nose thinking he had caught a cold

But it’s not a pleasant thing for a werewolf to bathe Albert in the bathroom half-wet

Albert in the bathtub is still talking in his sleep: “Don’t grab…my…sashimi”

“You guy…you only know to eat in your dreams” The werewolf reluctantly scooped another spoonful of potion and poured it on the tiger’s head

“Ooooooooooo” the tiger shuddered

“Does the medicine work?” The landlord of Senezel probed in from outside the bathroom to see it

He followed the faint candlelight and saw Albert Tiger lying in the bathtub covered with green herbal juice

“Hope it works” The werewolf continued to apply the potion to Al’s body. He could clearly see that the rash on the tiger’s skin was subsiding: “Landlord, how much is this medicine expensive? I’ll pay you back later”

“Forget it, it’s not a precious medicinal material,” Senezer said bluntly. “In contrast, I am more worried about whether his disease will be contagious. If this medicine is used, it will not be good for his skin. There is a risk of infection, so I can only ask you to leave.”

“You don’t need to worry about this” the werewolf said “Al is indeed getting better”

“Very well, there are bandages here to help him wash and wrap him after washing. Good night.” Seeing that the rash on the tiger is really fading, the landlord seems to be relieved and paced away

The werewolf sighed

When you are a decent person, people will respect you; but when you are down, you can feel the heart and soul

Not everyone in this world is friendly and kind, but the world is full of indifference

And that doesn’t blame anyone for being selfish. It’s human nature. One cannot help another stranger selflessly

I am afraid that only true friends will not abandon you when you are down and down, and I am afraid that only such people are truly worthy of being your friends

The werewolf looked at his tiger friend with all kinds of thoughts in his heart

(Even if you are a nasty and stupid guy with lots of flaws, I will not abandon you)

(So…now…at least sleep now)

“Beddie…”Albert is still talking in his sleep: bitter”

“Why is the pain uncomfortable?” The werewolf thought that there was something wrong with the other party’s body and quickly checked it

No problem. The rash has subsided. There are only a few spots on the skin. The scars that the tiger had scratched with force before — and they are all scabbed.

Albert wasn’t trying to say what he was saying in pain: “No power…so painful…so disgusting…this weak self”

“El…” The werewolf was speechless

In fact, his own weakness has always stabbed the heart of the tiger man. He always sings against the werewolf and always hinders the werewolf’s actions like a bastard. In fact, it stems from the vague hatred in his heart

It’s not that Bedivere doesn’t know this. He has been pretending not to notice and obeying Albert. Because El’s situation is that the werewolf can’t help no matter what he does. The stabbing of the tiger shattered the last bit of the tiger’s self-esteem

And that time was probably the end of their friendship. Thinking of this Bedivere makes me terrified

So he whispered as if he was hypnotizing Albert and as if he wanted the tiger to hear it in a dream: “You’re not weak, you’re already strong.

In the past seven years, you have been hunting and killing dangerous monsters in the Dawning Region and have made great contributions to the stability and peace of the Dawning Region. Everything you do has meaning. You are a great and respectable person

So if anyone dares to speak ill of you, whoever dares to make fun of you for being weak, I will definitely not let him go. You are my most respected friend, Al”

That remark is both consolation and fact

Bedivere felt furious for the first time in a long time when Tristan mocked and humiliated Albert, and it was one of the rare times he was angry for a friend

It’s also because of Albert that he makes that kind of life-and-death gamble with the murloc prince

“You may have come to the wrong place and you may not be fit to be a knight of the round table” the werewolf whispered, holding his friend’s hand, “but you are still great and I am proud of you”

As if feeling the other person’s mind, the tiger god, who was still suffering from nightmares, gradually relieved a lot:

“Leave it all to me” Bedivere clenched the opponent’s hand even more: “No matter what means I use, I will make you pass the two of us together to become King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table— leave it to me. “

He doubted Albert’s suitability to be a knight of the round table from the beginning but couldn’t back down now for Albert’s sake

Even if he can’t become a knight of the round table, he must hold Albert to make the tiger pass smoothly

To embarrass those who made fun of Albert’s weakness and to embarrass the Prince Tristan who looked down on Albert again

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