Light Spirit Epic Chapter 731: Wandering for the first time


Chapter 731 Wandering in the Trial

After entering, the werewolf appeared, and the lobby of the hotel was extraordinarily dark, with only a few candles lit. The flickering light of the candle would fill the dilapidated stone house, and I am afraid not enough.

Thus, the main source of light in the hall is not the candles, but the fireplace, which burns less vigorously. The whole hotel also smelled of some pungent spice, which seemed to be a kind of sandalwood.

Although this hotel has an eerie atmosphere, at least it is much warmer and more comfortable than outside. The werewolf sat down on the shabby sand, and finally thanked God that he didn’t have to sleep outside tonight.

The old man wandered around for a while before taking a contract and explaining the hotel’s check-in procedures: “A room for the two of you is enough? The rent is one gold coin a day, and another 30 gold coins are paid as a deposit. When you leave, The deposit will be returned in full—only the maintenance cost of the furniture will be deducted. If you have no opinion, please sign here.”

“That…” The werewolf took the contract and sat down on the coffee table to sign. But the light was so dark that he was so tired looking at it that he couldn’t help but spit out: “Why don’t you turn on the light…”

“No, not tonight.” The old man shook his candlestick and said quietly: “Tonight is the night of the ceremony, so no lights can be turned on.”

“Ritual, ritual?” The words stinged Bedivere. Is this really a hotel? They must have broken into some kind of wrong place! ?

“Yes, the [Spirit Summoning Ceremony person said with seriousness, the gloomy look on his face once again frightened Bedivere.

“You must be joking with me——” The werewolf’s first reaction was to run over to pick up the unconscious Albert, ready to escape from this eerie place.

“No, don’t run!” The old man knew that he was out of his way, and hurriedly stopped the werewolf youth: “This is not the kind of thing you imagined. This is just a monthly ritual held by the Druids. , you need not be afraid.”

The werewolf narrowed his eyes and looked at the weird old man: “Are you sure…you’re not some kind of cultist or something?”

The old man explained both amusingly and angrily: “No, you idiot! Druidism was once one of the ancient religions of the original inhabitants of Great Britain, the Keltons. It is upright, and even if it is now in decline, the state still recognizes its existence.”

Is there such a thing?

Thinking about it, the werewolf seems to have heard of similar things before. By the way, when he was an apprentice knight, he was instilled with some of the most basic social common sense in Great Britain.

Druid (), is actually the so-called [Forest God]——a creature that integrates with the forest and coexists with nature.

There are subtle differences in various legends about druids. Some people even believe that some ancient people who worshiped the **** of the forest used special means to transform their (human) flesh into plant properties to create a special creature like [Druid].

Whether the Druids worship the gods of the ancient forest, or the sages who turned into Druids, it is impossible to find out from any books and historical materials – I am afraid that only people who truly believe in this religion can be able to speak clearly.

It is one of the most primitive religions in ancient times, and its teachings are very simple, basically persuading people to respect nature and learn to coexist with nature.

Druidism is indeed not a cult.

If the old man really believed in that Druid religion, then he really wasn’t a cult.

Thinking about it now, Bedivere realizes that the smell wafting in the air is actually the aroma of burning resin. This is also an insect repellent incense, which is often used by knights when camping in the wild to prevent mosquito bites.

The werewolf thought of this, and the eerie atmosphere around him suddenly became less eerie.

—what! This old man made things so mysterious. In fact, he just lit a mosquito coil at home and turned off the lights to worship God.

Is it necessary to make everything so terrifying for this ghostly death stick?

Looking at Bedivere’s puzzled and contemptuous watch, the old man couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy: “Listen, boy. What religion we follow is our freedom. This has nothing to do with your renting a room, please don’t overdo it. Mind your own business. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your stay, it’s fine, right?”

(That’s true, but—)

“Are you signing your autograph? Or do you say you don’t want to stay? Get out of here!” the old man urged.

“Okay, okay, I’ll sign…” The werewolf reluctantly took the pen and paper and signed it. It always felt like a deed of sale rather than a lease.

“For a month’s rent, the rent and deposit amount to 60 Pantoraken gold coins.” The old man said.

“It’s Great Britain…” The werewolf shook out the money from the purse.

“Yes, Great Britain… whatever name it has, it’s Pantoracken.” The old man put away the money. People of this older generation are very conservative. Even though the name of Great Britain has been changed, they are still calling the country by its old name.

“Your room is on the second floor near the first room of the stairs. This is the key.” The old man handed over an ancient bronze key: “I’m Senezer, come downstairs to discuss anything with me. .”

“Your name is Senezel, too?” Bedivere took the key suspiciously. No wonder this old man looks a bit similar to Captain Senezel.

“Yes, you take care of my stupid younger brother.” The old man nodded lightly: “Go, have a good rest. I’ll go get you a tub of bath potion—“

He looked at the rash on Albert’s body: “It’s soothing for skin allergies.”

“Excuse me. I’ll take care of everything and take Al down for a bath.” The werewolf carried the tiger upstairs.

This is really a very run down old house, the floor is a little loose, and it squeaks when I walk on it.

The carpet on the wooden floor is even more tarnished with age, showing a grayish white, but at least it is not dusty and cleaned.

As Bedivere pushed open the old bronze door and entered the room, he could feel the musty smell of the house. Of course, this musty smell was immediately covered up by the resinous scent of the spirit-calling ceremony, and it was never smelled again. Those resins repel insects, disinfect, sterilize, and prevent mildew, so… living here shouldn’t be much of a problem, right?

The bed is also very clean, a new white bed. Looking at the clean bed, Bedivere was reluctant to throw the dirty Albert on the bed. Instead, he threw the tiger on the sand and let it roll into a ball with difficulty.

Alright. Just lived in this place for a month, no big deal. A month later, the trials of the Knights of the Round Table have passed, and there is no need to stay in such a ghost place anymore.

The werewolf touched his left arm involuntarily.

Actually, if you really can’t find a place to stay, there is indeed a last resort.

However, once used, I am afraid it will alarm too many people. Such a conspicuous move is not suitable for this kind of country at this time.

“Oh, so you also have a **** living in your arm?” The old man Senezel suddenly appeared behind the werewolf, and suddenly said this.

Bediver jumped with fright: “What?!”

“The metal prosthesis in your left hand—” The old man looked at Bedivere’s left arm with a mysterious gaze: “There is a **** inside. Although it is an artificial god.”

(He knew?!)

(This old man knows about the Holy Spirit?!)

The white diamond that King Arthur gave to Bedivere, [Holy Spirit— Cabin in the Woods], is hidden in the werewolf’s left arm.

It was a secret that no one knew – even Albert, who had been with Bedivere for a long time, didn’t know the hidden mystery of Beddie’s left hand!

However, the old man knew the “spirit” hidden in it just by looking at it. What kind of ability is this? !

“Don’t be nervous, young man.” Landlord Senezer put down his candlestick by the table, shook his head and chuckled, “I’ve seen more gods than you can imagine. Druids have special secrets. You can see and feel the gods.—Well, you are a good god. Calm and serene, selflessly dedicated to everything, taking care of you little brats along the way. I didn’t expect Pantorakena A group of knights who only know how to fight and kill will also make such gods.”

The werewolf remained silent. Before that, he thought that the old man in front of him was just an old-fashioned superstitious old guy, and their old-fashioned religion was just a child’s play.

But now, his mind about the old man has changed. Perhaps Druidism isn’t the deceptive superstition you might imagine. Perhaps it has a great relationship with the Holy Spirit and the round table system.

Seeing that the werewolf didn’t speak, the old man sneered: “Then I also advise you to be careful. There are gods living in this room, but they are not as kind as the **** in your arm.

Tonight is [Spirit Summoning Night], a night when Druids burn incense and pray to appease the gods. You’d better not make any big moves. Otherwise, be careful to be punished by angry gods! “

Bedivere gasped He had noticed from just now that there seemed to be many gloomy shadows on the walls of this room. He blamed the dim lights and the filthy, dusty walls that had fallen into disrepair.

But now it seems that things are not so simple.

Maybe it’s a psychological effect. This hotel, which was originally full of ghosts, but was subconsciously thought by the werewolf to be very clean, has now become ghostly again. Even its roof, which rustled in the night wind, sounded like a ghost.

Have a month in this **** place? Omg…

As if to intimidate the other party, the old man gave another mischievous sneer, interrupting Bedivere’s thoughts: “The bath water is also ready. Take your friend to take a bath. His If the situation is so bad, if his body is not cleaned up, the gods here will not be happy.”

Bediver didn’t say much, picked up Albert and walked to the bathroom. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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