Light Spirit Epic Chapter 704: Travel for Trials (7)


Chapter 704 Trials (7)

After leaving Albert, Bedivere rushed to the deck in a fit of rage.

Although it was only a slight scratch, he was considered to have been poisoned by the ice bee. His face was numb, and the numbness continued to spread. God knows if the venom would spread all over his body, making Bedivere unable to take care of himself like Albert.

It would be bad if it turned out to be like that. Among the companions on the ship, Albert was no longer able to fight, and the strengths of Zephyr and Seglade were unclear and could not be relied upon. Now, he could only rely on Bedivere to do something.

The best case scenario is to take out the damned sneak attack before Bedivere’s poison. In this way, they don’t have to hide in fear for the next two days. Even if Bedivere is poisoned and paralyzed, the team will not end up completely destroyed.

However, is it that simple?

When the werewolf rushed to the deck, he knew he was too naive. The deck was even more chaotic than expected, and the group of human candidates had already made a big fight when it was dark and nobody was watching!

The werewolf’s previous remarks made the group of candidates suspicious of each other. It is estimated that some small frictions caused the group to fight. On this battlefield, people do not admit defeat to each other, and treat everyone they see as an enemy!

Swords rang out, and the sound of killing was so loud that it would be impossible to find the real attacker from this group of lunatics!

As soon as the werewolf saw this chaotic scene, he quickly retracted into the cabin entrance to hide.

“Look at what you’ve done!” I didn’t expect that there were already people there. Captain Senezel crouched against the wall and complained when he saw Bedivere.

“Sorry.” The werewolf glanced at the situation outside. Fortunately, although the candidates fought to the death, they still knew restraint and did not cause too much damage to the hull during the fighting – everyone knew that if the ship sank, everyone’s exam would be in vain.

As expected of a group of masters. Fighting so fiercely, you can actually control the intensity.

Whoosh! A dagger was shot in the face of Bedivere. The werewolf shrank back against the wall, and the dagger flew over and nailed it to the floor of the cabin.

By the faint illumination of the moon and stars, Bedivere saw the poisonous purple light rising from the dagger. What a sinister guy, is this guy the same person who put the ice bee on the sneaker?

More tinkling sword strikes, more candidates falling. The werewolf saw the problem in this chaotic battlefield.

Something is wrong. Very wrong.

Most of those who fell were not wounded by swords during the battle, but fell by poisoning.

To be more precise, he was hit with neurotoxins, his limbs were weak, he was paralyzed and fell down with convulsions.

This is the venom of the Ice Bee. The guy who controls the poisonous bee, in the process of fierce battle, can use hypnotism to control the ice bee to attack everyone present? !

How much concentration would it take to do that?

Especially, the people present are masters, and their knives are not so easy to hide!

Unless the sneak attacker’s swordsmanship level is far higher than the people present, there is still room for dealing with these people, otherwise, he absolutely cannot have the mind to control the ice bee attack!

No, it’s not right to think that way!

If this attacker is really that powerful, capable of multitasking, and his swordsmanship is far superior to the candidates present, there is no need for him to play yin!

If that person is really that strong, he will simply defeat the entire crew and it will be done, there is no need to use ice bees to sneak attack!

The only answer is on the horizon – the sneak raiders didn’t take part in the melee!

That despicable guy must be hiding in some dark corner, watching people kill each other, while laughing at the ignorance of this group of candidates!

Where the **** is that **** hiding? !

The werewolves searched with wide-eyed eyes.

The entire deck was full of candidates, and none of them were busy except those who fell and couldn’t fight. If you exclude these people—

Bedivere walks over and picks up the poisoned dagger on the ground.

He took aim at a distant target and threw the dagger hard!

Whoosh! The dagger pierced the night sky at nearly the speed of sound. Its shrieks were so loud that the candidates who were in the fight were startled.

Pasha! The dagger hit something.

Clap! Something fell from the ship’s lookout and hit the wooden floor of the deck hard.

The werewolf just came over and looked at the guy who fell to the ground and was unconscious. The guy was dressed as a sailor, but he looked like a vicious thief.

“Don’t fight, this is the guy who sent the ice bees to attack you.” Bedivere stepped forward and kicked the sailor. The guy was hit by a knife in his arm and fell from a height. Although he didn’t die, he fell hard. It is estimated that he won’t wake up in a few days.

“What? The attackers were the crew?” a candidate exclaimed dissatisfiedly: “How is this possible. The ship was hired by Great Britain to transport the candidates—“

“So what? You can’t let someone with ulterior motives pretend to be a crew member and sneak in?” Bedivere retorted, while rummaging through the guy’s pockets.

A small glass bottle containing dozens of bees was retrieved from the guy’s pocket by a werewolf. The glass bottle seems to be enchanted, and it did not break when it fell from this height.

“This is the evidence.” The werewolf threw the dangerous bottle into the sea and looked up at the same time: “The hive must also be hidden on the Liao Wangtai.”

Another candidate exclaimed: “Oops, if he doesn’t wake up, doesn’t it mean—“

Under the faint moonlight, a dark mass rose from the Liaoning Observatory.

That’s a swarm of ice bees!

Losing the control of hypnotism, the ice bees are no longer instructed by others, and immediately come out!

This horrific group of poisonous bees is about to ravage the deck, stinging everyone on the deck! !

Man does not fight beasts. Especially, in this situation where you have to lie down after being stung by a poisonous bee without any protective measures, this is not a win-win duel at all!

The candidates were so frightened that they panicked, hugged their heads, and rushed to the direction of the cabin!

But people who know it in their hearts will know that when such a large swarm of bees is flying around the ship, it is useless to hide in the cabin!

The only way is to jump into the ice – that’s another way to die!

Do you want to be stung to death by a bee, or to freeze to death by jumping into a sea of ​​ice? That’s a dilemma.

The real masters (there are about ten) choose to keep quiet and deal with it calmly.

And they saw Bedivere so calm, knowing that the werewolf must have a way.

“Who will get me a torch!” The werewolf touched the ring on his hand and pulled out the [Magic Bow—Nare Fire].

He didn’t intend to use this artifact in front of people, but now he has no choice.

The young werewolf quickly drew his bow.

Another candidate has already drawn a torch and lit it and handed it to Bedivere.

“Okay, hold on!” The werewolf aimed his bow at the fireworks on the torch, and at the swarm of ice bees. The three ** are connected in a straight line, then——

Whoosh! ! The magic bow fired! The photon bow and arrow burst out a shock wave at the moment of leaving the string, and the shock wave hit the flame, instantly producing a magic interference phenomenon. A flaming shock wave shot out, coiling in the air, like a flame tornado, more like a fire snake!

Fire snakes danced in the night sky and devoured the swarm of ice bees in one bite! Living in an extremely cold place, the ice bees who are so cold and afraid of heat are immediately scorched, and most of them are killed and injured!

“Kill them all! Don’t let any of them go!” The werewolf retracted his bow and used his claws to face the oncoming swarm of bees.

The remaining ice bees are already defeated by the remnants of the party, and the number is less than 100. As long as you deal with it carefully, everyone will safely overcome this difficulty!

The candidates who just killed each other to death are now raising their weapons at the same time and fighting the swarm!

Ice bees are small, agile and agile in flight, making them extremely difficult to hit! But they are always just animals. Under this group of adventurers with outstanding fighting ability and superb swordsmanship, they can only be slaughtered!

Swipe, swipe, swipe! The sword fluttered, and the bees were quickly dismembered!

Chop chop chop chop chop! Under the shadows of countless swords and swords, only a group of scattered ice chips remained!

With the help of everyone, the last ice bee was also chopped into pieces, and the battle was over!

“Huh.” The werewolf had just finished a battle, and immediately became sore and weak, sitting on the ground: “I’m exhausted.”

The poison of the ice bee also spread in his body. Although the amount of toxin was very small, it didn’t poison the werewolf to the point of paralysis, but it still made his limbs numb and inconvenient to move.

Other candidates cast a malicious look at the werewolf. While the werewolf is tired and sleepy, now is the best time to deal with him!

A drop of cold sweat seeps from Bedivere’s forehead. He was surrounded by this group of human candidates, and his physical condition was extremely unfavorable. This time, he was afraid that he would die!

The candidates put away their weapons and did not attack Bedivere.

Thanks to Bedivere, this group of candidates was not wiped out. It would be too despicable to attack while the werewolf was in distress!

The remaining candidates are adventurers with certain strengths. The more capable people are, the more arrogant they are, so they won’t do such dangerous things!

The candidates spread out, each occupying a corner of the deck and taking a rest. Seeing that the crowd was not besieged, Bedivere, who was paralyzed on the ground, breathed a sigh of relief.

“That—what to do with the rest of the hive?” Captain Senezel was still worried, after all, this was his ship.

“There should only be queen bees and a small number of larvae inside. As long as they don’t touch the hive, they won’t take the initiative to attack people.” After the ship reaches Great Britain, please notify the quarantine personnel to deal with it.”

“But what about the sea beast you said? Doesn’t it like to eat honey from ice bees the most?”

“Oh, then…” He was immediately embarrassed to mention this werewolf. He lowered his voice, afraid that other candidates would hear: “That’s nonsense…”

“What?!” Senezel suddenly shouted.

Thinking the captain didn’t hear Bedivere turned up the volume by (just) one more sound and repeated: “That’s nonsense——“

Before he finished speaking, a huge sea beast jumped out of the sea, sixty feet above the sea!

“Oh, **** it!” The werewolf watched in amazement as the thing leaped over the straight pole, swallowing the Liaowangtai and most of the pole!

But their misfortune goes beyond that! If the sea beast bites away the Liaowangtai to eat honey, the bite should be over.

However, the huge beehive on the Liaowangtai was crushed by one bite, and it also poured out countless honey when it burst! The honeydew brewed by the ice bees, with an ice blue shimmer, splashed out in an irresistible way and spread all over the deck of the cargo ship!

The entire ship has been turned into food for sea beasts! To the sea animals, the boat is like a steak sprinkled with delicious honey and grilled to taste!

“It…it appeared!” the captain hurriedly exclaimed, “What should we do next?!”

“Next—“Even Bedivere was dumbfounded: “We’re dead!”


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