Light Spirit Epic Chapter 703: Traveling for Trials (6)


Chapter 703 Trials (6)

At the same time, the Holy United Kingdom, Elsenburg, the King’s Office.

“What? Volcanic eruption?” King Arthur put down the approval in his hand.

“Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano suddenly became active.” A mermaid envoy said to the King of Knights: “This is the most violent volcanic activity in three thousand years. Its first eruption has caused serious disasters. Many local Viking villages have been buried by lava, and the wind is blowing poisonous ash towards your Great Britain.”

The King of Knights frowned and glanced at the report of the volcanic eruption: “This year has been a tragic year. Well, if you have any requirements, feel free to say. Since Great Britain and Iceland are allies, they must not I’ll leave it alone. Let’s allocate 1.6 billion Great Britain Coins from the treasury to support the disaster relief work in Iceland.”

“Actually, Your Majesty—” The mermaid envoy was embarrassed and seemed to have a bigger request: “The money aspect is not the biggest problem. It’s just that our Queen has a request—”

Arthur frowned again. This [not please] is probably not a good thing. But he still had to agree: “Speak, I’m listening.”

“The eruption of Eyjafjallajökull this time has affected a very large area.” The mermaid envoy also made a request with embarrassment: “About two-thirds of Iceland’s territory was affected by the volcanic eruption and became uninhabitable. More than 200,000 people have lost their homes, and with Iceland’s current human and land resources, it will be very difficult to arrange temporary housing for these 200,000 people.”

The King of Knights looked at the mermaid quietly: “Do you want me to take in these 200,000 Iceland refugees?”

“…Yes, Your Majesty is wise.”

King Arthur was immediately unhappy: “Europe is so big, you don’t put refugees there, but you squeeze 200,000 people into a small island country like Great Britain. What are you thinking?”

“That…because Icelanders, especially mermaids, are more afraid of heat. Those countries in Rome can’t stay at all.” The envoy explained with a blushing face: “And our relationship with Norwich and Switzerland is not good. It’s very good, and I don’t want to owe them too much. In the end, I can only ask your Majesty. The relationship between the prince and Her Majesty Queen Lilith…you know.”

“Oh, of course.” King Arthur immediately showed a look of impatience, “It’s all a romantic debt caused by Yones.—Okay, I will approve this matter. Of course, the final decision will be made. If it is not approved, it depends on the decision of the Roundtable Council.”

(And the Roundtable always acts with the purpose of treating people well, and it is no wonder that it does not approve.)

“Of course. Thank you His Majesty King Arthur.” After successfully persuading the other party, the mermaid envoy smiled smugly.

“Go back.” The King of Knights waved annoyedly.

The mermaid happily retreated, and the celestial knight Grand Duke Yones also called.

“Your Majesty!” As soon as Arthur pressed the button to answer the call, Yones’ hurried voice came from the microphone.

“Needless to say, I have heard everything from the Icelandic envoy. This is approved.”

“…Thank you, Your Majesty. But, Your Majesty—“

King Arthur couldn’t help laughing and crying: “What? You have an opinion if I don’t approve this, and do you have an opinion on approval?”

“Your Majesty, is there really no problem in immigrating more than 200,000 people to Great Britain suddenly? There is a huge security risk.” Ewings said his doubts directly.

Speaking of this, the King of Knights finally exploded, and it exploded more violently than the volcano in Iceland: “Oh, speaking of safety hazards, why don’t you think about it when you do that kind of thing with the queens of other countries. [Security hazard]?”

Youns are embarrassed to say: “No, this… can’t help it.”

Love has no reason and does not choose a time and place.

“Yes, I can’t help it.” The King of Knights shook his head sarcastically, even though the other party was on the other side of the phone, he couldn’t see Arthur’s shaking his head at all: “Don’t talk about it, it’s just approved like this. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll leave it to the roundtable to decide. I don’t care. I hope Iceland will fulfill its promise and will not do anything to our country during the covenant.”

Youns chuckled: “They won’t. There is no military organization in Europe that can stand up to the Knights of the Round Table. Any country that knows the times will follow the trend of Great Britain, unless that country wants to off.”

“Pay attention to the way you speak, Yones.” King Arthur warned: “Great Britain is a peace-loving country. We will not invade any country, nor will we fight for European hegemony. Please Don’t listen to gossip.”

“…Of course, Your Majesty.” Ewans repeated silently, “Of course.”

King Arthur sneered disapprovingly. Of course they can’t see it.

“So, when will the refugee fleet leave?”

“Just today. They may be on their way.”

The same night, on a cargo ship bound for Pantoracken.

“Ouch!” Albert fell off the bed with a jolt, his cat’s face just touching the wet wooden floor of the boat.

“It’s so dirty!—Who, who will help me up!”The numb tiger man exclaimed.

“What a fuss.” The werewolf Bedivere got up from the bed and helped Al on the ground, “You bastard, how come you have been paralyzed for so long and haven’t recovered from the narcotic toxin of the ice bee? How long have people served you?”

“Wipe my face for a favor, thank you,” Al ordered as soon as he lay back on the bed.

The werewolf reluctantly reached out and wiped Albert’s cat face.

“How did I know this would happen. Maybe it’s what’s called an allergic reaction,” Tiger said.

About 10% of people will have severe allergic reactions after being stung by bees. The conditions include various edema, limb weakness, coma and fever, and even death in severe cases.

And for the ice bee, the venomous wasp with unusual neurotoxicity, the allergic reaction is even more intense.

“To be honest, a guy like you is really not suitable to participate in the trials of the Knights of the Round Table.” The werewolf looked at Albert and whispered.

“Then I’ll be honest, I don’t care about the trials of the Knights of the Round Table.” Albert also whispered: “I just want to be by your side.”

As soon as she said that, Bedivere blushed immediately. The young werewolf turned his face away, hiding the shyness on his face: “Idiot, what are you talking about.”

“…Because, if you are the only one, you will be fooling around and lose your life. I have this hunch.” Albert bluntly said, “Although you seem to be very strong, sometimes If you do things without paying attention to the consequences, you will only rush forward like crazy. If no one holds you back, you will die early.”

The werewolf immediately became unhappy when he said that. But Albert might be right. And he did everything for Bedivere’s sake.

Thinking of this, Bedivere swallowed the swearing words that came out of his mouth.

“Uh…Beddie?” The tiger man suddenly sullen: “I have one more request, can you help me meow?”

The werewolf looked gloomy when he saw the other party’s serious expression: “You…couldn’t it be—“

“Please help me to the toilet—” Albert said with an uneasy look.

“Give you a bottle, can’t you solve it on the spot?” The werewolf panicked.

“No… come bigger.”

“Oh, **** it—“

“What’s the matter, meow?” Saifer, who was sleeping on the upper bunk, was awakened by the conversation between the two, and asked with a probe.

“…Nothing.” Bedivere said in a low voice, “I’ll help Albert go to the toilet. Lock the door and be safe.”

“The environment is so dark, it will be attacked by bees…”

“I will deal with it carefully, don’t worry.” The werewolf supported Albert, pushed the door gently out, and closed the door carefully.

Shake, shake, shake. There was no wind or rain outside, but the cargo ship kept shaking in the sea, seemingly affected by some kind of undersea earthquake.

The cabin in the middle of the night is even darker, with a suppressed sense of terror.

“Al, walk carefully.” Because he didn’t know when the ice bees would attack, Bedivere put his senses at the sharpest point, and was aware of every move around him in the darkness.

In order to avoid becoming a living target, they didn’t even turn on a single light and marched in the dark. Fortunately, Bedivere has been to the toilet of the cargo ship once and is very familiar with the route.

They groped all the way and reached their destination without being attacked. After opening the door, there was no one in the toilet.

“…Can you be alone from here?” the werewolf asked in a low voice, slightly embarrassed.

Albert, who was paralyzed and weak in his limbs, was even more embarrassed: “Uh… take off my pants first…?”

“You must be kidding me—“

Fortunately, the environment is very dark, and this series of actions is not so embarrassing.

Finally closed the door, leaving Albert handy in the toilet. The werewolf stood outside the door dejectedly, thinking about what to do next.

“Beddie…Thank you.” Albert’s voice suddenly came from inside.


“…Thank you, I won’t say it a third time.” Albert said angrily, with a tough tone: “If it weren’t for you, I would have died of that silver-backed snow monkey long ago. The claws fell. Although it still killed Luffy in the end… Thank you anyway.”

The werewolf is even more embarrassed to say: “Why are you so out of touch all of a sudden—“

“I…I have a very strange feeling.” Al interrupted Bedivere: “I feel like…I knew you a long time ago. I feel like…I was with you a long time ago. friends.”

(That’s not the feeling. That’s the truth, you idiot.)

“Whenever I think about this, my mind is always hazy, as if the memory once existed, but it was hollowed out.” Albert said hesitantly, “Bei Deville, you are such a strange fellow. Who are you and where did you come from?”

The werewolf was silent for a while.

“One day, I want you to confess to me and tell me everything you know. The truth may be too bizarre to believe…but I will try to believe it.”

(…you won’t. Nobody will believe it.)

(Things that do not exist in memory, have never been born.)

“…I’ll try to believe that we were friends,” Albert whispered.


Bedivere leaned back against the wall, quietly wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes.

(You **** why are you saying this all of a sudden.)

(It made my eyes wet.)

Another ice bee brushes past Bedivere’s face. This time, because Bedi was distracted and did not hide, the sting of the poisonous bee lightly scratched a small scar on his cheek.

“Oops…!” He hurriedly squeezed the bee to death, and at the same time stretched out his hand to squeeze the poisonous blood off his face: “Bastard, it really came to attack—Al, hide inside and don’t come out! I’ll deal with that guy!”

“What, what?” Albert was shocked, “but——“

It was the hurried footsteps of the werewolf youth who responded to the tiger man.

Albert muttered gloomily: “But… who will wipe my ass…”

“No!!—————” Albert shouted in despair as Bedivere’s footsteps disappeared. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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