Light Spirit Epic Chapter 691: Goodbye to Silver (3)


Chapter 691 Reunion with Baiyin (3)

At the same time, the Holy United Kingdom of Great Britain. 『Word**first*

It took seven years and with the help of countless golems, the magnificent first capital, the Holy Camillo, was finally rebuilt.

The white royal capital is spotless, crafted from countless white jade stones. The walls and alleys are all carved with ingenious holy lily reliefs, and every brick and stone is chiseled with exquisite historical pictures. In the gap between the white jade bricks, pure gold is also gilded to add brilliant golden light to this pure white royal city.

In addition to the white and golden colors that complement each other, there are also a large number of plants planted in the city, which are lined up one after another, embellishing the royal city with green, which has become Camilo’s third main color.

Whether it is a tall and sturdy tree or a petite shrub, every branch and branch is neatly trimmed, like a group of soldiers standing still.

Under the sun, the white royal city exudes a sacred atmosphere, as if its desolation never existed, and everything was just a nightmare.

The big explosion 12 years ago completely destroyed this royal city, leaving only demons and monsters to wreak havoc; today, 12 years later, it has returned to its former prosperity, even higher than the original prosperity, majestic and luxurious to the extreme.

Seeing all of this, the King of Knights was both amazed and amazed; delighted and furious.

“Is…is this really the Camilo I know?! Why did it rebuild so quickly? I clearly told me to only allocate the minimum budget to Camilo’s reconstruction project?”

“Your Majesty.” The celestial knight behind the king, who is also the Grand Duke of Leon Digens, a knight of the round table, explained calmly: “Your Majesty does not want to burden the people of Great Britain, we can do this. Understood. However, Camelot’s reconstruction did not draw much of the budget from the treasury.

It was because the drive to the golems cost almost nothing, and the golems were provided by your majesty, your sister, Ms. Vivienne;

Also, most of the cost of rebuilding came from the nationals of Great Britain, as well as donations from European countries. They have nothing to do with appropriations from the treasury. “

“Really?” The King of Knights was puzzled.

“Really.” The Celestial Knight on the side, Archduke Hall, who is also a Knight of the Round Table, also interjected: “Even if Your Majesty can’t believe Leon Dickens, please believe me. The donations are converted into a total of three billion dollars. British gold coins, all donated by the citizens of Great Britain, as well as Rome, Iceland, France, Germany, and other European countries.

Your Majesty, you have made such a great contribution to this world. When you heard that the royal city was going to be rebuilt, many people in the world are scrambling to contribute to the reconstruction. “

“Really…” King Arthur snorted, trying to find more to complain about.

“My father, Uther, once used the ultimate magic technique in Camilo – nuclear fusion. Thanks to that, not only did he blow up the entire city, but also brought about the mutation of photons near the city. Affected by the mutated photons, many unimaginable strange creatures have appeared.

—Are you sure you have completely removed the mutated photons? Are you sure the city is habitable and safe enough? “

“Yes, 100% sure.” Another Celestial Knight, Palinlor, who is also a Knight of the Round Table, said, “Before the reconstruction began, Hall and I worked together overnight to destroy the monsters in the ruins of the old city. They were all slaughtered. The mutated photons were cleaned up by the prime minister, Lord Merlin. His Majesty can go to Lord Merlin to confirm. But he should have told us that [everything is normal].”

“Um…” The young Wang meditated again.

Everything works fine. The pure white king city suddenly appeared in front of the king’s eyes, it looked so pleasing to the eye, but—

“I don’t understand a bit—” Wang was angry, “I did such a big thing for you, but I didn’t even know it at all?!”

The celestial knights smiled at each other, as if they were playing a big joke on the king. Now that the prank was successful, they couldn’t help but feel complacent.

“You don’t need to be too particular about it, Your Majesty.” Celestial Knight Youns explained with a smile: “It didn’t cost too much money anyway, and the royal city was built like this. Isn’t it pretty good, ahahaha- –“

The king of knights is still sulking, and he has a lot to say about the “surprise gift” sent by the four heavenly knights. But the royal city was already built, and it couldn’t be demolished and rebuilt, so I had to accept it happily.

“I hope it’s not a bean curd project.” King Arthur was still dissatisfied, and complained again.

The celestial knights snickered behind the king. The royal city was built stronger than any city in history, and the building materials used were the best.

“Your Majesty, when will we move the capital?” asked the Grand Duke of Hall suddenly.

“Do you want to move the capital right away? The people of Great Britain are not mentally prepared for the sudden move of the capital?”

“Your Majesty.” Leon Dickens leaned into the king’s ear and whispered, “Don’t forget that part of the round table system is still buried under Camelot. The sooner the defenses are set up here, the better we will be. Peace of mind.”

“That’s right.” Wang thought for a while, “Okay, I’ll make arrangements right away to hold the relocation ceremony at the end of this month. I hope the people will not be disturbed by this.”

“Oh, they won’t.” The Grand Duke of Palinlor said with a smile, “It’s the money they donated. They want to see the completion of the new royal city right away, so they can live in.”

Such a huge town, large enough to accommodate 10 million people. What came to the mind of the King of Knights at this moment was the scene of people living in a clean and tidy city, living in peace.

It’s not a bad idea. This is what the Pantoracken—no, the kings of Great Britain wanted to show.

A peaceful and prosperous world is coming soon.

However, under this peace, the world is still turbulent.

A red shadow appeared on the square of the royal city. When the king of knights noticed it, it was already slowly walking towards the king of knights.

“What is that? Golem?” King Arthur’s eyes fell on the strange red shadow.

Completely different from the busy golems around, the red shadow is very sturdy, his actions seem to be aimless, and he seems to deliberately slow down and approach the king.

When the King of Knights’ vision was able to see the shadow clearly, he gasped.

It’s not a golem, and it’s not a human being. That thing was indescribably weird.

It is covered in a tattered red cloak, and the crimson on it has not faded over the countless years, but has become more dazzling.

The hood on the cloak is large and long, covering the monstrous creature’s face, leaving only a dark shadow on its face.

The cloak gently drags the ground, the “creature” is floating in the air, it has no feet!

These alone are enough to make people feel the strange and ominous of this strange creature. But this is far from enough, this creature with a red cloak holds a scythe about ten feet long with a cold black light in his hand!

“What the **** is that?” The King of Knights and his fellow knights had already drawn their swords alertly.

“Hall, the foreign photons here have been purified, is this true?” The King of Knights confirmed again.

“It’s absolutely true, it was said by Chancellor Merlin himself.” The Duke of Hall replied, “If you don’t believe me, you can call and ask—“

“This is not the time!” The King of Knights interrupted the Grand Duke, and the red shadow was getting closer. It’s definitely a bad comer!

Seeing all the knights rattling their swords and looking at him with hostility, the red shadowy figure opened his arms.

Under the red cloak, it is composed of white bones, pure bone arms, exuding a red mist.

The red mist spread at an incredible speed, covering everything around before Arthur and others were prepared!

The red fog made everyone’s mind go into a trance. This fog has a powerful hypnotic effect!

What’s more troublesome is that the red mist infected the surrounding golems, they immediately became the subordinates of the red shadow, dozens of golems surrounded the king of knights and others!

Assassin! There is no doubt that it came straight at King Arthur, this red shadow is definitely an assassin!

The golems that were originally used for construction are not equipped with any weapons, but they have huge fists and small photon daggers for cutting stone. Under the infection of the red mist, these things that had no lethal power turned into sharp claws and murderous lightsabers!

The golems are rushing wildly!

“Hall, Yones, Palinlor… and who else, you all focus on dealing with the golem. That red shadow, I will come to ask for advice myself!”

“Your Majesty, you definitely did it on purpose.” Leon Digens groaned in disbelief as he raised his sword and attacked.

While the four heavenly knights were fighting with the golems, King Arthur also rushed forward and fought against the crimson shadow.

Seven years later, the King of Knights once again faces a real rival.

The sword of the holy king in his hand drew out several golden sword lights, but they were all dodged by crimson shadows one by one. The thing was floating in mid-air, ten feet tall, but surprisingly agile—because it just floated and didn’t use its legs to move!

“Hmph, this ghost looks like the **** of death in legends!” Arthur swung his sword and attacked, giving his opponent no room to breathe: “Say something! You are sent by Morgan. Assassin?!”

The **** of death in red remained silent, dodging while waving a huge sickle to block the counterattack. That sickle is deadly and terrifying. It has an invisible sense of deterrence, and even King Arthur had to be careful to avoid the sickle’s attack trajectory!

The duo’s fierce offense and defense lasted for hundreds of rounds but the hundreds of rounds were played in under a minute. King Arthur was not tired, and the other party didn’t seem to be showing any signs of fatigue!

“Ha!” The King of Knights took out the scabbard of the king and tapped, flicking off the opponent’s scythe, and at the same time moving the [Spellbreaker]!

A flash of golden light blinded everyone around him.

“Your Majesty!” The Celestial Knights complained.

“Sorry!” The King of Knights has already rushed forward with a sword. The Sword of the Holy King turned into a 30-foot-long golden blade, directly slashing the red-clothed Death God in half!

No, no cut in half?

That thing doesn’t exist below the “waist” at all, it’s just a cloak! It was cut off, and the long vertebrae were exposed above the waist!

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