Light Spirit Epic Chapter 690: Goodbye to Silver (2)


Chapter 690 Reunion with Baiyin (2)

Seeing the burly and mighty beast in front of him, the hunter was instantly stunned. “You can say **the first*(..)”

Warcraft? The thought flashed through the hunter’s mind for a moment.

No. The hunter’s reason immediately rejected the idea in the next instant. That’s definitely not a monster.

The giant silver wolf exudes some kind of sacred and noble aura, which is by no means comparable to a monster transformed by Anko.

Is that silver wolf the incarnation of the legendary Snow White?

Silver Wolf glanced at the hunter and saw that the hunter was not injured, so he ignored the hunter and turned to deal with the beast.

As soon as he got up, the furious Silver-backed Snow Monkey was about to charge at the Silver Wolf, but was attacked first by the Giant Wolf—the Silver Wolf had not yet approached the Snow Monkey, and his left claws had already drawn out!

Seeing all this, the hunter was puzzled: The distance between the two giant beasts was thirty yards, and the Silver Wolf was going to miss this blow?

No. This is exactly what Silver Wolf wanted. His giant claws grabbed and pulled at an astonishing speed, and actually drew out four vacuum waves!

Shape like a crescent moon, the vacuum wave sharp as a blade actually glowed dazzling white under the sun, tearing the air and hitting the silver-backed snow monkey!

The charging Snow Monkey couldn’t dodge, its arms were crossed on the front of the chest, trying to prevent the vacuum wave.

The monster has enough confidence in its steel-like fur that it can resist the blow of the vacuum blade, but it is wrong!

Four vacuum waves are dozens of times sharper than ordinary vacuum waves, and they are not just a stream of air. At the moment when the silver wolf hits the vacuum wave, photons are added to it, which makes the destructive power of these vacuum waves even higher. They are not just vacuum waves, but higher-level “vacuum light waves”!

The four vacuum light waves hit the silver-backed snow monkey firmly on the arm, but the impact they brought did not subside.

The vacuum wave slashes on the monster’s arm like a blade of light, and the photons in it circulate at high speed like a chainsaw, sawing through the opponent’s flesh.

The fur on the monster’s arm was cut off in an instant, and the monster’s hard-as-steel flesh was immediately sawn, and the silver-backed snow monkey’s arms became dozens of pieces of meat in an instant!

The vacuum light wave didn’t stop there, and continued to smash into the monster’s chest, slicing the monster’s chest! Although the remaining power has disappeared and the power has been greatly reduced, it still caused great damage to the snow monkey.

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” The seriously injured Warcraft was so angry that the dark son in the body kept awakening, making this monster that is already extremely dangerous itself became more dangerous!

It ate the flesh on its broken arm, and at the same time grew four stronger, pure black arms from its back!

There are no palms on the arms, but instead sharp, thorny blades. They have knife arms like mantis arms, knife arms mutated just for killing!

“Difficult, unbelievable!” The hunter watched the fight from a distance of a hundred paces. The strange attack of the silver giant wolf is already amazing, and the mutation of the silver-backed snow ape is a strange thing that has never happened before!

The mutant silver-backed snow ape waved its four knife arms at an unsightly speed. They rubbed the air on the snow ape’s body, making a continuous whirring sound! It waved its knife arm to protect itself, and rushed to the silver wolf desperately, like a crazy meat blender!

The silver wolf retreated several times, dodging the opponent’s charge with agile movement. The impact of the demon beast was very fierce and rapid, but was easily avoided by the silver wolf again and again!

“Oh my God.” The hunter watched the two giant beasts fight. This is no longer a battle he can intervene in.

He has hunted many monsters, and there are many tough enemies, but none of them are as crazy as this silver-backed snow ape, and he has never seen a monster infected and mutated by this dark child—it It is no longer beyond the scope of [biological]!

And the silver wolf is a strange and inexplicable existence. This silver wolf used magic in the vacuum blade attack just now, absolutely!

Beasts don’t use magic, and beasts are even less likely to use them. Even the inhabitants of the Dawning Region, orcs of various clans, do not know how to use magic!

—What happened to that silver wolf? !

“Don’t stay!” When the hunter was inexplicably surprised, the silver wolf suddenly spoke up!

“Run! It’s going your way!” Silver Wolf growled.

Another surprise for the hunter! He didn’t have time to think about Yinlang Weihe’s words, and the mutant snow monkey in front of him had already rushed forward with his sword arms!

Oops, too late to escape! The hunter’s first reaction was to roll to the side, but he knew it was pointless to do so!

The killing range of the monster’s blade is very large. Even if the hunter can roll over to avoid the monster’s charge, he will definitely be cut into minced meat by the blade of the snow monkey!

This time, it’s really going to die! No one can save this hapless hunter!

At least, he faced a monster of extraordinary strength. Losing in the hands of such an enemy is also considered ——

Touch! ! The silver wolf rammed over once again desperately, interrupting the impact of Snow Monkey!

However, all the sword arms swung by the silver-backed snow monkey fell on the silver wolf! The sharp and long blade arm glowing with evil black light pierced through the body of the silver wolf!

“No!!” the hunter exclaimed.

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Snow Ape was proudly tightening the knife arm, intending to tear the silver wolf!

However, it has been unable to tighten the arm. Its head has been detached from the body, and it flew out of the sky!

The silver wolf slapped out its claws while eating the opponent’s attack. The sharp wolf claws directly cut off the head of the beast!

Pounds! ! The headless body of the silver-backed snow monkey immediately collapsed and fell to the ground!

“Ugh…” The silver wolf, who was severely injured by four knife arms pierced through his body, also lost his strength and instantly shrank.

He reverts to human form.

That’s a werewolf.

The werewolf who was naked, wearing only a pair of shorts in the ice and snow, looked very young, probably only in his twenties.

The huge silver wolf who could only use magic was actually an orc?

Also, such an orc actually ran naked in this ice and snow, suddenly appeared like a ghost, and fought to the death with the beast?

What the **** is going on here? !

The hunter looked at the werewolf youth lying in a pool of blood in surprise, and his heart was confused by countless mysteries.

“Hello, you—“

“…my pocket!…medicine!” the werewolf youth said in a sullen voice.

The hunter squatted down in a hurry, fumbled around in the werewolf youth’s pocket, and found a strange red potion.

The werewolf grabbed the potion with one hand and drank it more and more, drinking all the potion in a matter of seconds.

Sizzle sizzle. The wounds on the werewolf youth were bubbling with smoke, and they healed very quickly.

Among the orcs, only the Pyrenees have this miraculous self-healing ability. Although other clans have strong physiques, their self-healing powers are no different from ordinary people. The self-healing power of a werewolf can never be so exaggerated!

Is this werewolf really just a werewolf?

“What the **** are you…” whispered the young hunter, taking off his helmet.

Under the helmet, there is a handsome, young tiger face. He had pure black tiger stripes on his snow-white fur, and the tiger stripes on his head turned into a funny “w” while the young man frowned.

The wound on the werewolf had basically healed. He sat up and looked at the hunter in front of him: “Albert?”

“You know me?” The tiger man was also stunned, “How is that possible?! Who are you?!”

The werewolf youth knew he had made a blunder, and immediately changed the subject: “It’s nothing, I just saw your face in the… um, the newspaper, um.”


“The newspaper from seven years ago.” The werewolf youth continued to make up the story. “The patriarch of the tiger people signed a peace treaty with the human beings. The entire Underdark knows about this, right? Even people like me live in the wilderness. The people inside also—“

“You recognized me from a photo in a newspaper seven years ago?” Albert looked suspicious.

The werewolf was embarrassed by the questioning: “Oh, haha, don’t take this too seriously, okay?”

Albert the tiger man still frowned, looking at the werewolf youth in front of him with doubts.

This werewolf is the embodiment of mystery. He is full of mystery and can no longer be described as “suspicious”.

However, he did save Al, twice! Save yourself!

Since the other party is unwilling to reveal the secret, perhaps it is better not to ask further?

“Master, is everything okay, meow?” Albert’s servant shouted and ran over when he saw that the battle was over.

“Come on.” The tiger man extended a friendly hand to the werewolf, “It’s about to blow in a heavy snowstorm in this ghost place. You’re so badly injured, you’d better get out of here and find a cave to recuperate.”

“Well… no need, thank you.” The werewolf youth reluctantly got up, the wound on his body was completely healed, but the pain in his body remained vaguely: “My home is nearby.”

“What meow? How is this possible! There’s no such thing as ten miles around here—“

Albert had to swallow the words he had just said halfway through.

A log cabin that appears out of thin air dozens of yards away.

The hunter is stunned again. He was quite sure that this wooden house did not exist just now. Until the moment the fight was over, this snowfield was still an empty snowfield without any buildings!

Did that cabin pop out of the ground? In the blink of an eye? ! —incredible!

“Come on,” the werewolf youth walked in the direction of the wooden house, “Come to my house for a cup of hot tea and warm up.”

The cat people who rushed over and Albert looked at each other with endless doubts in their hearts.

“Well, at least—” Albert squinted at the corpse of the Silverback Snow Monkey, “that monster can’t go anywhere. We just need to wait for someone to come and respond.”

“Master…you have to report what happened just now, meow?” his servant asked, busy making various notes.

“I don’t I didn’t hunt this monster, so…” The tiger man thought for a while, then turned to the werewolf who had just opened the door of the wooden house and asked, “By the way, you What’s your name?”

As if stung by some sharp object, the werewolf youth twitched. However, he recovered immediately, turned to Albert and said, “I’m Bedivere. Nice to meet you, Mr. Albert.”

When the werewolf answered, the tiger man had a numb scalp and an inexplicable feeling of grief, even he himself didn’t know what was going on.

The blizzard is getting bigger and bigger, and the biting cold penetrates the tiger’s leather armor and penetrates directly into the body. He shudders and blames the strange feeling on the temperature.

“Excuse me then, Mr. Bedivere.” He walked to the door of the cabin.

“Just call me Bedivere.” The werewolf youth added some firewood to the fire of the log cabin, making the house even warmer.

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