Light Spirit Epic Chapter 68: Deception in Midnight (Part 2)


Chapter 68 Deception in Midnight (Part 2)

The knight sighed, sat down on the ground, and reached out to touch the boy’s head.

“If you think you can’t do anything and don’t dare to fight for anything, you will end up with nothing.”

Arthur whispered, “I used to be as weak as you. What happened? My home was taken away, my family was taken away, even all my feelings were taken away. I got my anger back when I realized that I would have nothing and my heart would be empty if I went on like this. Since then, anger has been the only emotion in my heart.”

Evan is still curled up, whispering: “You are different from me, you are much stronger than me. You have nothing to fear.”

The knight shook his head again: “I’m not absolutely different from you. What is real power? Is it superb swordsmanship? Is it a tough body? Is it agile feet? Is it profound magic?

No! neither. The real power just needs one condition, a very simple condition. is not afraid of death. The scariest thing is never death, but the fear of failure and giving up trying. “

Evan retorted: “You put it simply. You are very skilled, of course you are not afraid. But I am different from you. I know how weak I am. I know that I will be hurt, and it will hurt, even May die. How can you say that death is not terrible?! Death is the most terrible!! When you die, there is nothing left!”

Arthur pointedly pointed out: “Don’t you have nothing now? Is there any real difference between you being dead and not dying? Is your life now truly alive?”

The boy didn’t answer, just continued to curl up, trembling slightly.

“Tomorrow’s hunting, the iron cavalry we brought out will record our actions throughout the process.” Arthur said without emotion, “If you make a fool of yourself, everyone in the Knights will see it. If you don’t want to be laughed at, it’s fine. Do it.”

“Why are you forcing me like this…” Evan whispered. There was a slight anger in his voice.

“Why? Because I just can’t stand your complaining attitude. I won’t stop until you correct it.”

“It’s up to you.” The anger subsided, and Evan’s voice was filled with another emotion: tiredness.

Arthur turned to leave, but he suddenly asked thoughtfully:

“The seagull, why didn’t you kill it? If the output of the shotgun was adjusted to normal, the seagull would have been roasted long ago. But you just hit it with the minimum output, just to scare it. .Why?”

“You should ask, why did I kill him? I’m just practicing marksmanship, there’s no need to kill, right?” The boy answered as a matter of course.

“You think everyone does this?” Arthur shrugged. “The world is full of bullies. They don’t need a reason to hurt the weak. They can hurt people simply with malice. You have the power to kill. The power of the dead seagull, but you didn’t hurt it. You didn’t do it because you once looked at the world from the point of view of the weak. You can’t bear to hurt the weak. This is your kindness to the weak. And kindness , is what makes you truly powerful.”

“I… don’t understand…” Evan’s voice was full of confusion, “How can something that is invisible and intangible make people powerful… “

“One day, you will understand.” After Arthur left a deep sentence, he disappeared in the night.

Deeper night. The iron cavalry drew a silver light in the night sky and came to Stormwind Island.

The red fire dragon evil star stretched out a small hand and pointed to the direction of two o’clock: “There, I can feel it.”

The knight landed on the shore of the island, and two dragons had already poked their heads out of the woods.

“I thought who was so daring to come to Stormwind Island in the middle of the night to disturb us. Isn’t this the red fire dragon evil star?” Javier, the green wind dragon, laughed when he saw the little red dragon: “Ahahaha, What’s the matter with you? How did you become this kind of virtue? Was it defeated by human beings and shrunk to be domesticated like this?”

“About this, you will find the answer soon.” Shaxing replied calmly, not caring about Javier’s humiliation at all, “Now, my master has something to tell you.”

“It’s all shrunk down like that, but the tone is as big as ever?” Purple Dragon Spark also joined the sarcastic ranks, “What do you want to say, little ones?”

“I suddenly thought of a very good game, and I rushed over overnight.” The knight Arthur opened his mouth to speak, but a coup (trick) was brewing in his heart, “Do you want to bet?”

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