Light Spirit Epic Chapter 67: Deception in Midnight (middle)


Chapter 67 Deception in Midnight (Part 2)

“Me, me?” Being suddenly summoned, the surprise on the young Evan’s face has not completely subsided, replaced by a burst of unease and doubt: “Why me?”

“Didn’t you boast that you shot down seagulls two nautical miles away with your rifle? So I thought, if I took you with me, it would be useful to go out hunting.” Arthur lied without changing his face.

“However, if the goal is seagulls, it’s fine, but if the goal is beasts…”

“The first two hits are aimed at the eyes, the third hits the leg, and the last hits the throat or between the eyebrows.” Arthur gestured as if he had really hunted, “That’s how we hunt. Dealing with lions , both tigers and bears.”

“But… did it go so well?” Evan, who had never had any hunting experience, was splendidly deceived by Arthur’s rhetoric.

“If you fail, it’s just melee combat. We’ll take care of it, it’s fine.” Kay also joined the ranks of the liars, and even though he kept covering it up, there was still a wicked smile on his face.

“Okay, okay…I’ll pack my luggage, and I’ll go with you tomorrow.” But Ivan didn’t see the flaw in the other’s face at all. He was invited by the knights to hunt, and he was still a bit confused. Flattered, “The shotgun hasn’t been used for a long time, it will take some time to recalibrate.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ll be ready. You just need to bring yourself.” Arthur continued to cheat.

“However, an unaccustomed shotgun will…”

“It doesn’t matter, you can even use the dragon cannon. What is a shotgun that you’re not used to? You’ll get used to it immediately after you touch it.”

Arthur hurriedly bumped Kai with his elbow, fearing that Kai’s rambling words would reveal flaws: “Then, see you tomorrow, kid.”

“Okay. (whispering) See you tomorrow.” Evan looked at all this, but didn’t understand the real intentions of the knights. He thought the knights were just teasing him, and he might forget about hunting tomorrow.

He watched Arthur and Kay leave the lighthouse.

“Huhuhu, Arthur is a big liar.” Kai sneered as soon as he walked away, “What hunting, you didn’t tell him you were going to hunt dragons, so you lied to him and wanted to kill that kid? “

“He won’t be in danger. If you tell him it’s a dragon hunt, he’ll be shaking all night, and he’ll literally be taken to death tomorrow.”

“What a lie. Forget it, it’s a waste to tell you that no one can change your decision.” Kai shrugged indifferently, “I just hope you really have a reasonable strategy. You are not afraid of death, it does not mean Others are not as afraid of death as you are. The human heart is much more fragile than you think.”

“I’ll pay attention,” Arthur replied thoughtfully.

Late at night.

Evan raised his shotgun and aimed at a seagull, slamming it. The light-bomb arced in the dark night, slamming the gull’s head before completely debilitating. The seagull was startled, and the flight movements were messed up, and plunged into the water in a very ridiculous posture.

“Hehehe.” The boy smiled to himself. Only at this time can he show a relaxed smile.

“It’s true, the seagull was a mile away from here just now.” A voice said behind the boy.

“Wow!” Ivan was startled, turned his head, it turned out to be Arthur, “What, Lord Knight? Don’t scare me.”

“Don’t always be [Lord Knight], [Lord Knight] will call me,” Arthur showed annoyance, “Just call me Arthur.”

“How is this possible. How can a humble person like me call the Knight-sama by his name…”

“Well, I won’t take you on the hunt tomorrow, boy,” Arthur threatened.

“But… well, Arthur… big——“

Before Evan could finish the word “adult”, he received a heavy blow from Arthur on the head

“The boy with no long memory.” Arthur retracted his fist and said coldly.

“Ugh… Arthur… Arthur, why are you looking for me so late?” Evan asked, covering his head.

“I only invited you to go hunting before, and completely forgot to ask another thing—about the breath of the sky.”

“Oh, do you mean that kind of flower?” Evan thought of this, his eyes floated: “Yes, it was there, right by the lake on a nearby island.”

“Is it far?”

“It’s about five nautical miles from here.” Evan replied without hesitation.

“Left and right? You’ve never been there?” Arthur questioned.

“Why did I go there?” The boy asked strangely, “I have been working in the lighthouse since I came to the Knights of the West, and I have hardly ever left. That island is only something I see occasionally.”

Arthur found the inconsistent part of Evan’s words, and frowned immediately: “See? Do you know what you are talking about? ——You see from here on an island five nautical miles away. The flower by the lake?! You just saw it and said it was the kind of flower we were looking for?”

Evan panicked: “That…isn’t it the same as what you described? The white petals, the petals near the core are blue, and the core is yellow on the outside and green on the inside… and What? Jagged leaves and thorny stems?”

“We didn’t mention the serrated leaves and burr stems. But this kid is right, what he saw was really the breath of the sky.” The red dragon and evil star flew down from the top of the lighthouse.

“What are you eavesdropping on, rude fellow.” Arthur gave the little red dragon a white look.

“No, I just heard the gunshots and came over to have a look. I just heard you guys talking.” Xiao Honglong justified it.

“Oh, it’s really [just].” Arthur doubted.

When the evil star was exposed, he couldn’t help but get annoyed: “Well… well, I really care about it, so I followed. Is this okay?”

“Do you care about…me?” Evan felt flattered at one time.

The red dragon squinted his eyes into two slits and looked at Evan: “You have a small amount of strange intrinsic photons in your body. You may have some kind of photonic bloodline. If it’s not from your knight dad, then It can only be from your **** mother. In short, your mother should be a descendant of photonic creatures. With such good eyesight, the only possibility is the elves.”

“The elf? You mean the one with the pointy ears, the elf?” the young Evan asked suspiciously.

“Elves are just legends.” Arthur waved his hands in disapproval.

“More than 10,000 years ago, when even I was a kid, elves did exist.” The evil star sneered at Arthur’s stupidity, “The elves found the door to other dimensions, and they They have completely disappeared from the human world. They are the originators of time and space magic, and it is not surprising that they can do this. It is said that the elves live in a different dimension [the hometown of elves]—the pure land of Elaison, a physical eternal An ideal habitat that does not age, has endless energy, mountains of food, and is as warm as spring all year round. It is the perfect time and space created by distorting the laws of the world. If there is a paradise in the world, it must be that place.”

“Oh, you know very well. Do dragons actually care about such an immortal paradise?” Arthur asked tentatively.

“Me? No, I’m not rare.” Shaxing wagged his tail, “It’s just that there may be something I’ve been looking for, so I’ve been looking for it.”

Arthur stared at the evil star with a cold look like looking at a scum: “Do you… want to attack the treasure of the Elf Township?”

“Treasure?” Sha Xing was stunned for a moment.

Then, the little red dragon became furious as if offended: “Idiot! You don’t understand anything, so it’s no use telling you!”

There seemed to be a burst of sadness in the words, and the evil star flew away in displeasure.

“I always feel…I heard something incredible?” Evan muttered in a low voice as he watched the departing evil star.

“Don’t worry about him, that guy likes to talk nonsense.” Arthur let out a sneer-like groan, “But then again, your kid’s eyesight seems to be true. Is it elf blood? Hmm… …”

“How is this possible, how can a humble person like me have the noble blood of elves…”

“Can’t you show more confidence?” Arthur shook his head, “The ability is real, it’s enough to be useful in battle. If the knights don’t agree with you, then It’s just that simple to come up with some real facts to force them to agree.”

“Arthur said it was simple enough,” Evan said with a sullen face, “it’s another matter to do it. For a guy like me, who has no power, do you want to fight the enemy? Thinking about it all It’s scary.”

“Is it scary? The shooter just shoots down the enemy from a distance. It’s better to leave the melee to someone else. Is it scary to shoot at a target that can’t fight back from a distance? I don’t understand.” Arthur Say.

“If you fail, you will cause trouble for your comrades. Then they will complain and hate you. Such things——“

“Not only the enemy, are you even afraid of your comrades?” Arthur is Even his own friends are afraid, what should you do? ! “

“Sorry… I’m sorry!” Evan shrank subconsciously.

Arthur looked at Evan suspiciously: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” said the young man Evan.

“And said ‘nothing’? What’s up with that reflexive retraction? Are you used to being beaten? Do other people beat you a lot?!”

“No… No, it’s just… Sometimes I say something wrong, Owen will…” Evan said more and more quietly, and the next words could only be heard by himself. Get the volume said.

Arthur sighed, “That’s why you’ve always been looked down upon by your father, bullied by your brother, and treated as an idiot by the knights. Am I right?”


“How long do you want to live like this? For a lifetime?” Arthur asked.

“Probably…probably.” The boy answered hesitantly.

“Do you feel satisfied living such a ‘safe’ life?” Arthur leaned over and asked.

“I don’t know.” The boy replied.

“Answer me! Are you satisfied?!” the knight asked again.

“…Enough!!” The boy pushed Arthur away, crouched down and squatted on the ground, his voice changed: “Please leave me alone!!”

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