Light Spirit Epic Chapter 664: Awakening to the Source of Sin (14)


Chapter 664 Awakening to the Source of Sin (14)

Same time. Just as Arthur was riding a dragon ride. Speeding back to Brindisi from the North Pole. Something caught up to him.

One train.

More precisely. It was a black dragon.

More precisely. It was in the form of a mere [Dragon]. Dressed in black dragon armor. Inside is a strange creature of black sticky gum.

Arthur wasn’t particularly surprised to see the grotesque creature. After all, he had seen too many strange dark creatures.

What really surprised the King of Knights was. He was flying at thirty times the speed of supersonic speed. But the monster actually caught up. That thing actually caught up with the speed of the King of Knights. This god-like speed. Update as soon as possible

“Kill kill kill Arthur.” The voice of that thing echoed in the mind of the King of Knights. Full of slavery and cruelty. A very disgusting sound.

They have clearly broken the sound barrier. Leaving the “voice” far behind. Even if the other person is talking. Arthur is absolutely impossible to hear. Now this “voice” echoed in Arthur’s mind. Just some kind of telepathy.

“Long live the Queen of Morgan Morgan.” The unpleasant sound continued to stimulate the nerves of the King of Knights. The King of Knights really wanted to cut it right away.

Arthur steadied the direction of the dragon rider with one hand. The other hand has drawn the sword. Always ready to fight. Driving a gunboat. Battle in high-speed flight. First update This is not the first time for King of Knights. But it is the “fastest”. The most dangerous one.

Dragons flying at supersonic speeds carry enormous momentum. A little mistake is enough to make Arthur fall to the ground.

But Arthur couldn’t slow down. He has to hurry. Slow down in order to deal with this crumbly enemy. Wouldn’t it just hit the opponent’s arms?

Arthur hit the gas hard. Not just not slowing down. Instead, it accelerated. But opponents are still in hot pursuit. Its body is covered with a black mucus-like substance. Can repel air. Reduce wind resistance to almost zero.

Arthur relies on the propulsion of the King’s Wings to accelerate. to reach supersonic speed. But his dragon cavalry is still affected by wind resistance. There is always a peak in speed. More faster chapters to come. Thirty times supersonic speed is already the limit of the limit.

The opponent can fly unaffected by wind resistance. The speed increase is almost endless. This dark child monster doesn’t even have internal organs. It does not suffer from accelerated damage inside.

From a physical point of view. This kind of monster is the ultimate in the real high-speed world. As the replicant Uther said. Surrender to the dark will always gain different degrees of great power.

——But it is also the most disdainful power of the King of Knights. Power gained by cheating. Not worth mentioning at all.

The King of Knights understands. With his current equipment, he can’t outperform his opponent in speed. This black dragon may not be able to shake off. That being the case. Just kill it.

The king of knights who had this idea immediately drove the dragon knight to get close to the opponent. The first time to update the sword of the holy king in his hand has changed into a thirty-foot light blade. The giant blade drew a crescent-like golden arc. Slash at the opponent.

Whoosh. The black dragon turned coquettishly. Dodged the slash of the King of Knights. even at this speed. It’s still incredibly agile. A monster that is not affected by wind resistance. To be able to be so fast and flexible.

Arthur, who slashed the air with his sword, shook his body. almost out of balance. He wasn’t used to fighting at high speed. It is inevitable to fail in this situation.

Seeing that the King of Knights revealed his flaws. The black dragon flew over. Circled around Arthur’s Dragoon. At the same time, it **** its wings and shoots dozens of dark darts.

Darts of black slime rained down toward the King of Knights. Form a wonderful scene in this high-speed world. Arthur’s dragoon was flipping out of control. Haven’t been able to stabilize yet. He had no choice but to raise the sheath of the king.

The Gryphon Shield snaps open. Wrap Arthur’s body. Bounce off all the dark darts that were spilled.

However. Gryphon shield’s defensive range is not large enough. Two dark darts hit the body of the Dragon Knight. Made two muffled beeps.

It’s not over yet. That thing is not very lethal. But it wasn’t shot to kill at all.

They turn into two black bugs immediately after hitting the dragoon. One flew towards the back of the King of Knights. The other turned out the drill. Constantly drill through the metal casing of the Dragon Knight. The first time to update the mechanism that attempts to destroy the dragon rider.

“Oh. Damn it.” Arthur turned his sword out. Cut down the black bugs that pounced behind you.

But. Another bug had already penetrated the mech. Climb in more than a foot deep. He is eating the various electronic circuits of the dragon rider.

“Damn.” The King of Knights hurriedly thrust his sword into the hole. The golden light pierces the worm. Kill it instantly.

However. The damage caused by bugs gnawing on wires is irreparable. The Dragon Rider’s engine began to run erratically. There were bursts of blue smoke.

Lost the extra propulsion of the Dragoon and the streamlined wind resistance structure. Arthur alone has to fly long distances at supersonic speeds. It will probably be exhausting. therefore. Arthur couldn’t give up the dragoon. He’d rather risk the engine starting to break down. An anti-gravity gunship that could explode at any time. Also keep going.

Of course. This also means that he has to fight his opponents at this extreme disadvantage.

The monster circled around Arthur again. Seizing the opportunity, the King of Knights once again rained dark darts. Dai Yue had thirty dark darts to catch up with the speed of the dragon rider. In front of Arthur formed a fire encirclement network.

Arthur pulls out the King’s sheath. At the same time as the dark darts gathered. Activate [Spellbreaker]. A golden light flashed. The dark darts buried in the golden light were purified. Spilled as droplets of harmless sticky substance.

That being said. First update At high speed, these slime darts are still as sharp as blades. They hit the metal armor on the front end of the Dragoon. A continuous clanging sound is emitted.

Several dark darts were fired at the King of Knights in the face. Arthur had to turn his head to dodge. Two of the dark darts shot from his face. rubbed by the ear. Two not-so-deep openings were left.

Arthur, who was beaten continuously, became more and more suffocated. If you don’t want to find a way to get rid of this black dragon. Even if the Dragon Rider can hold on. Arthur’s ** may not be able to last.

“Haha. Got into a hard fight.” The Holy Spirit Crown on Arthur’s head sarcastically said. “Can you help?”

“Don’t call on the Holy Spirit,” Arthur refused. “There are only four Holy Spirits left to use today. More chapters coming sooner. I want to keep them for later use.”

“Really. Well. But. Even without the power of the Holy Spirit. You can probably beat this guy.”

The king of knights was angry: “Oh. Don’t be rude. Tell me quickly.”

“The special ability you use with the Sword of Kings (sheath). Their source of power is the sword. Right. I never understood. Why you can only use one ability at a time.”

“Why. Because. For a certain period of time. The photon output of the Sword of Kings is still limited—“

The King’s Sword (sheath) can draw magic (photons) from infinite parallel worlds. But there is an efficiency [bottleneck] in its operation. It is like a water pipe: the water of the sea can be drawn endlessly by the water pipe. But use this hose to pump out an entire pool of water in one instant. Of course not.

However. Don’t wait for Arthur to explain all this. The Holy Spirit Crown rushed to say, “That’s why I said it. You just don’t understand. You have two weapons that can output photons.”

Said by the Crown of the Holy Spirit. Arthur suddenly understood.

The black dragon hovers next to Arthur again. Raised its black wings and fired more than a hundred dark darts.

Arthur took the time to put the King’s Sword in the King’s Sheath. Then raise the scabbard of the king with the sword. Activate [Spellbreaker].

Glittering. Purifies the Dark Dart. But the dark darts with great kinetic energy are still coming. The threat remains undiminished.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh. The dark dart slid away just before hitting it. The golden light receded. The dark dart did not hit the dragon rider. Or Arthur’s body. They were guarded by the griffon shield raised by the King of Knights. The white wings of the giant shield tightly protected the front of the dragon rider. Do a leak-proof defense.

—That’s right. When the sword of the holy king is put into the scabbard of the king. The source of power becomes two.

Get extra power. The King’s Sheath can activate two abilities at the same time. Thus. Arthur can use tactics will be much richer.

Arthur can’t help but scolded himself for being stupid: it’s really just a very simple truth. Why did I only understand it now. .

Just defended against an opponent’s attack. The King of Knights immediately fought back. He drove the dragon cavalry and slammed into the black dragon. It seems to have the same meaning.

But the Black Dragon’s agility is much higher than Arthur’s Dragoon. It fluttered and evaded. He didn’t take the King of Knights seriously at all.

But. Just then. Arthur. Together with his dragon cavalry. Suddenly changed into two lights and shadows. Arthur activates [Mirage Mirage] twice in a row. Not only projecting its own image. It also split the image into two. Two images from different directions. The black dragon is surrounded by different angles. Let the black dragon have no way to escape.

The black dragon is attacked by the doppelganger Arthur. Spread your wings now. Hundreds of dark darts are thrown simultaneously in the direction of both images It uses a siege attack. Intended to contain Arthur’s offensive.

However. The Dark Dart penetrated both images while touching them. They are all projections of Arthur. Both images are incorporeal.

The real Arthur strikes from the bottom of the black dragon. The moment when the two images disappeared. Arthur was within a yard of the black dragon’s belly. His holy king’s sword was unsheathed in an instant. A ten-foot golden blade. Vertically divide the black dragon into two.

The black dragon is cut in half. Weakly fell to the left and right. Left behind by Arthur’s Dragoon.

Win the fight. Arthur retracted his holy sword and looked back.

No. That thing isn’t dead yet. The black dragon split in two by the holy sword is just a mass of dark slime mold. Just a dark creature in the form of a dragon. It was chopped up. Divided into two black dragons that were half smaller. Keep chasing Arthur.

“It’s really endless.” There was a trace of anxiety on the face of the King of Knights. The more annoying the enemy. The more I like to entangle Arthur. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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