Light Spirit Epic Chapter 663: Awakening to the Source of Sin (13)


Chapter 663 Awakening to the source of sin (thirteen)

Arthur kicks the headless dark monster away. At the same time, remove the black blood from the sword. Put away the holy sword.

“Okay. This should be cleaned up.”

“King of the Knights. You’ve dropped something.” Patriarch Tut dragged a dragoon from the deck of the ark. This is what Arthur left on the ark when he broke into the wall of the world.

“Thanks.” Arthur landed next to the dragon rider. Looking at the countless scratches on the machinery with regret—the ones they had smashed during the emergency landing.

Right now. The communicator in the Dragon Rider also rang. Among them, the voice of the Duke of Hall came: “Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Can you hear…”

“I can hear. What’s wrong.”

“Thank goodness. First update—Your Majesty. There’s a huge creature heading towards Brindisi. It should be coming from your direction. Our battleship passed by it. .But it’s terrifyingly fast. We can’t catch up. What’s next. Keep track of the monster. Or attack the wall of the world.”

King Arthur frowned. Something that passed by the dragon rider before. Sure enough, it wasn’t Arthur’s hallucination.

Without a doubt. That thing escaped from the wall of the world. whatever it is. Neither are good.

“The battle here is over. Send three cavalry squads to clean up the scene. You should turn around immediately. Go after the monster.” The Knight King ordered. “Whatever it takes. Hold it too.”

The king of knights leaps onto the dragon cavalry. Update “Evan. Constantine. Don’t go back to Brindisi. Go to the fleet in the Arctic Ocean first. Call Ewens.”

The half-tired Evan protested repeatedly: “Why do you want me to go to my father—“

“Go if I tell you to.” Arthur stepped on the accelerator of the dragon rider. The anti-gravity gunship instantly flew into the air.

“I’m going one step ahead.” Arthur drove the dragoon. Spread the Wings of the Holy King. Exploded with a sound. The Dragon Rider instantly surpassed the speed of sound. Whistling to the south.

Same time. London’s Underground City.

“Wow. Dirty.” Kai, who transformed into a giant, moved the rubble. While complaining about how dirty this half-collapsed dungeon is. “There is such an ancient city underground in London. And it’s so completely destroyed. Don’t they know how to protect cultural relics?”

“Complain to your brother Arthur.” Greenville hid behind two giants. Always be on the lookout for spiders and mice that might swarm out of the rubble. “It’s all because of Arthur who made a big fuss here. Turned the whole dungeon upside down. We weren’t buried alive. It was a blessing in disguise.”

“Yeah. It’s not a comfortable way to die in a place like this.” Kay sneered and pushed a boulder away.

“But. What an exquisite building.” Frey, who was also removing rubble, looked at things from a completely different angle. “Such a vast underground space suddenly collapsed. London did not have a large-scale subsidence. It is ingenious to update your Celtic dungeon building technology for the first time.”

“Yes. Our ancestors were all burrowers,” Greenville said wryly.

She set her eyes on a pile of white rubble about twenty yards ahead: “Ah. That’s right there. There should be the ruins of a collapsed tower.”

“Is it the ruins of Morgoth’s research institute?” Kai walked over cautiously. He clenched his fists and said, “Be careful. There might be some killing mechanism left by that witch. Or a man-eating monster.”

Frey glared at her husband. He said angrily: “Idiot. It’s just a pile of rubble. It’s been so long. Who would keep traps.”

The giantess used magic to ignite two lighting fireballs on either side. by light. She walked over recklessly. Dig up the rubble at will.

The collapse of the tower shattered the entire institute. There really is nothing left. Everyone present was very suspicious. I really don’t know what Arthur wants them to dig out of this mess.

“I don’t see anything here. We’re just wasting time.” Kay dug a few times. His huge palms shoveled among a pile of broken stones. All that was dug was stone.

“There must be something.” Greenville recalled that the thirteen containers containing the androids burst at the same time. The flesh and blood of those replicants who failed. Along with the red liquid flowed all over the place.

Even Arthur’s “brothers”. The meat is still the meat. Update a bunch of lifeless things for the first time. They were crushed in the collapsed rubble. Probably already rotten.

Find a pile of rotting meat. What’s the point. Greenville kept muttering in her heart. Arthur would really trouble them.


While everyone was digging aimlessly. The therapist girl with superhuman hearing hears a certain voice.


It’s the sound of a heartbeat. very weak. But it’s really a heartbeat.

“Wait a minute. Besides us. There are others.” The girl immediately became alert. “There is a heartbeat. A heartbeat except the three of us.”

“Oh. She heard it.” Frey exclaimed in surprise. More faster chapters to come. There is also a certain sense of pride. “Your hearing is amazing.”

“Hmm.” Greenville was confused for a while. But she instantly understood from Frey’s expression: “Oh. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Kai smiled. Also with a certain pride.

“But… no. That’s not the heartbeat I was talking about.” Greenville shook her head. “A baby’s heartbeat is one thing. That heartbeat I’m talking about is another. There’s something in the rubble. It’s beating. Yes. It’s there.”

Kay and Frey look at each other. With a puzzled look on his face, he reached out and dug in the direction Greenville pointed out.

At the moment they dug down. A burst of red light appeared.

In a depression of rubble. There is a small pool of red liquid.

Blood red. in a shimmering liquid. there is something.

Greenville walks to the pool of blood. Boldly reach out and grab it.

She caught a piece the size of a palm. Heart-shaped ruby.

Plop. thump. thump.

The ruby ​​rhythmically makes a heartbeat-like sound. It’s not actually beating. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel the pulsing impact.

The pool of red liquid. It is the “Blood of Chaos” preserved in the Morgos Research Institute.

When the institute collapsed. Those liquids kept flowing down. end up here. A small pool of blood is formed.

This heart-shaped ruby. It should also be a “crystal” formed by agglomeration of something.

Greenville holds this crystal clear ruby. Suddenly it felt very familiar.

That’s right. This heartbeat is exactly Arthur’s heartbeat. The frequency with which it pulsates. Rhythm. strength. Exactly the same as Arthur’s heartbeat. Once prostrate on Arthur’s chest. Greenville, who had listened carefully to the boy’s heartbeat. Absolutely not wrong.

—This is Arthur’s [heart].

Why come to this conclusion in my head. Even Greenville was surprised. But intuition told her. That’s what Arthur wanted her to find.

“Found it. That’s it.” The girl carefully picked up the ruby ​​heart. Take it into your arms. “Great. Let’s get out of here.”

“Thank goodness. It’s finally time to say goodbye to this dusty hell.” Kay loosened his muscles. Return the body to its normal size.

“Don’t go yet.” A voice. But they stopped everyone.

Kay turns his head away. The one sitting still was found above a pile of rubble. The figure of the old man.

“Dad,” Kay called in surprise. “Why are you here.”

“Hehehehehe. Such a small thing. You don’t mind.” Ser Arctor gave a sly grin. Pick up the wine bottle. Put the contents of the bottle into your mouth.

“Father.” Frey saluted. “Drinking in a place like this is bad for your health. Please go back.”

“Didn’t I say it. [Don’t leave yet]?” The old man continued to pour alcohol into his mouth. Drunk and smoky. The words that came out of his mouth seemed like drunken nonsense: “You can’t take that gem. I found it first. What a beautiful gem. It should be worth a lot of money to sell it.”

Greenville frowned. Is this old man really crazy or pretending to be stupid.

“Uncle Aktor. It’s just a gem. I’ll trade it with you for something else. I love this ruby. It’s mine.”

The old man continued to lie: “Hehehe. The little girl from the Leon Dickens family. That gem is not what you want. It’s such a good gem. I won’t sell anything in exchange for it.”

“Dad. Stop playing. We still have quests—“

“That’s it.” Aktor stood up suddenly. He was so drunk that he was able to stand up so quickly. It’s amazing. “Let’s make a bet. If one of you can beat me. You can also get the gems. Otherwise. Keep the gems. Just leave.”

“You must be kidding me.” Kai shrugged helplessly.

“Oh. Is that a joke too?” Ser Arctor drew his lightsaber from his waist.

The smiles on everyone’s faces disappeared. The old man is playing for real. He would rather raise his sword against his son. They also don’t want to let Greenville and the others take away the gems.

“Is this gem really that Greenville’s face became more solemn.

“Hehe. If any of you can beat me. I’ll tell you.” Aktor sneered. The smell of alcohol spread all over the body.

“None of you.” Kai drew his spear. “Dad is naughty again. Let me meet him.”

“Kay. That’s your father—“

“I know. But he doesn’t make sense.” Kaychong Frey stuck out his tongue and grimaced.

“Tsk…I don’t care.” The giantess crossed her arms in exasperation. Standing aside sulking.

Greenville also stood beside Frey. Whispered to Kay: “Please be careful with your strikes. You guys are fun to chop. But in the end it’s just going to cause me trouble. I don’t want to be in this **** place full of dust and bacteria. Operate on you who are broken.”

“I know. No need to remind me.” Kaiji rushed forward. He stabbed Ser Arctor in the chest. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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