Light Spirit Epic Chapter 634: Attack on Youyu (4)


Chapter 634 Attack on the Netherland

Seeing that the other party was so surprised, the murloc prince smiled and said nothing.

This [armor] is the crystal dragon scale of the hoarfrost dragon Xianvia. ♀ Inheriting Xianvia’s soul spar, Tristan has already been able to use this ability to summon the scale armor of the hoarfrost dragon and cover his body. Its defensive capabilities are also great.

“This is also my first time using it. It goes against my aesthetics.” Tristan pulled out his lightsaber and added the Frozen Consort to the sword, “but time is running out, so I won’t be picky– I’ll kill you right now and go help Brady!” He dashed towards Raymond, slashing with his lightsaber.

Keng! Klang-kang-kang! Tristan swung several swords, but none of them hit. The turret floating in the air deploys a photon shield, blocking the onslaught of the murloc prince one by one!

“What?!” I didn’t expect a floating turret to have such a function!

“That’s what it looks like!” Raymond grinned and stretched out his hand to command: “Let me have some more fun!” While blocking the attack, several light bullets had been shot towards Tristan’s face. Zero-distance shooting is almost inevitable, and the murloc prince has to turn his face and use the slightest movement to avoid damage!

Touch! bump! The light bullet hit Tristan’s forehead, left cheek, and ear, collided with the crystal dragon and bounced off! Although it only caused minor scratches, it was as if he had slapped Tristan a few times in the face, causing the murloc prince to see gold stars in his eyes!

Tristan hurriedly swings out a sword, backing away a few yards at the same time, before moving further away.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t the defense of your dragon armor amazing?” Raymond began to ridicule with all his might: “Only relying on the defense of the dragon armor, do you think you are invincible? Your body is completely similar to that of dragons. No, it’s just too soft on the inside. Even if it doesn’t do you much damage from the outside, the impact can still damage you on the inside.

—You can’t beat me. If you want to hate, hate yourself for not having a pair of dragon bones! “The battery surrounded Tristan again, and blasted the murloc prince! Tristan was engulfed again by the hail of light bullets!

“Ouch!” At the same time, Palamides clutched his left shoulder in pain.

There is a large hole in the left shoulder of the big cat that seems to be corroded by sulfuric acid, and gradually expands with a slow momentum.

“Hehe, are you an emerald knight?” Jack swung his lightsaber, the sword in his hand changed from white to pale green, “It can only be said that you picked the wrong opponent. I am proficient in [Holy], and I am the best at killing Succubus and the Green Knight. You’re dead!” “You don’t serve a succubus yourself!” Palamides grinned angrily.

“His Majesty Morgan is completely different. His Majesty is a unique existence, the goddess of nemesis who brought annihilation to this world!” “Nonsense!” The Leopard warrior reluctantly attacked again, and the meteor gun in his hand stabbed out , intends to pierce the opponent’s chest.

The tactical intelligence engineer who is proficient in mind and eye surgery easily dodged sideways, and even the high-voltage ionized gas from the gun of the ancient Nir brushed gently from the knight’s chest, without hurting Jack in the slightest.

“How can you mortals understand the greatness of [Quiet]. Only death is the only truth in the world, and the bliss of all living beings. And Silence, the death of the entire universe, comes to the world equally, The real redemption!—Ah! How lucky we are to witness the annihilation in our lifetime!” Palamidis continued to draw a gun, pressing step by step: “If you want to die so much, just die by yourself. Come on, don’t get anyone involved!!” Jack did a backflip to avoid the attack, and the lightsaber in his hand slashed towards the Leopard Man’s throat at the same time: “The one who fears the end, the one who resists death, the one who denies destruction, what you do Everything is utterly stupid!” The white gleaming blade was only half an inch from Palamides’ throat, and it was about to cut the cat’s throat!

Keng! Palamidis raised his left arm at the critical moment, the photon claws on his arm popped out, and four claw-shaped light blades blocked the fatal blow!

The light blades collided, and both of them were subjected to a huge reaction force, and they bounced in opposite directions!

“I’m not going to die. I’m going to live!” Palamidis tore a piece of cloth from his shirt to wrap the wound on his left shoulder. The effect of the [divine] disappears, and the wound is no longer enlarged. “I will live, witness the changes of this world with Vivienne and the children.

——This world will definitely become better! “The leopard man held his spear high, and the lightning from the spear head kept gathering. The meteor spear after charging became extremely deadly!

“You who only know destruction, destroy yourself, don’t involve my beloved ones!” The meteor gun with powerful lightning and storm roared out, stirring up a plasma vortex, like a real meteor The same shot at Tactical Intelligencer Jack. The high-pressure ionized gas carries a high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees, enough to set people on fire! The high-speed rotating storm is like a meat grinder composed of hundreds of millions of invisible blades, and it is enough to smash meat and bones if you rub it lightly!

Jack sneered disapprovingly, and the lightsaber in his hand suddenly turned black.

The Meteor Gun roared, but the black blade was gently raised, and the tip of the sword was pointed on the head of Gengunier’s gun.

The power of the oncoming meteor gun suddenly disappeared, and the energy field focused on it suddenly disappeared!

Eternal Nir, who lost his power, was gone, and was simply picked up by the black blade! The spear drew countless gorgeous arcs in the air, landed, and stabbed upside down on the floor!

“Wh, what? What the **** did you do?!” Palamidis couldn’t help but be horrified. This wonderful move that can block the energy field, the big cat has never seen it before.

“It’s your biggest miscalculation to throw the spear out.” Jack fiddled with the black blade in his hand, “This is my original [Jioning Energy Enchantment], which can absorb all the energy of the energy field. Let your martial arts be yours.

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No matter how powerful the device is, it will never hurt me! Even the strongest weapon is lost, what can you use to compete with me? “Palamidis grinned and flashed his photon claws: “You’ll regret it. See how long you can keep your mouth shut! “”It’s you who will regret it! “Jack also charged forward with his sword, and the two fought.

Palamidis slashes his left paw, slashing his opponent’s throat! Jack rolled away, and was already under the big cat’s stride! His sword turned ruddy white and stabbed the leopard man with a fatal blow!

Click! The attack was blocked by the big cat’s photon claw block on his right arm. The four claw-shaped light blades fit perfectly with the opponent’s blade!

Palamidis showed a smug smile: “See where you’re going!” At the same time, the photon claw in his left hand has swept towards Jack’s head.

Jack also sneered, “Don’t run away!” The lightsaber in his hand turned from white to black immediately, and the black light blade passed directly through the photon claw of Palamidis’ right hand, and pulled it up fiercely!

“Ouch!” The Leopard Man was swept away by the attack and landed far on the ground.

No. It should be that he used all his strength and jumped backwards to avoid this fatal slash!

The leopard man crawled up, covering the wound on his chest, his whole body stained red with blood. The blow extended from the lower left of his lower abdomen all the way to his right shoulder, and the wound was deep and wide, and it almost cut the Leopard Man in two.

“Oh, good reaction speed. Do you jump and dodge the moment you sense danger?” The blade in Jack’s hand turned from black to green again, “Sorry, the enchantment is not well controlled. Next time I will be there The moment it hits you, the [Holy] is activated, and you die happily!” The big cat struggled to get up, and the wound on his chest began to heal slowly. The attack just now was slashed by the black blade instead of the holy white blade, which is a great fortune in misfortune. It can be seen that the opponent was in a hurry just now, and it was too late to change the enchantment. I’m afraid I won’t be so lucky next time.

The biggest problem is that the black blade can penetrate the photon claws of Palamidis – [Zion Enchantment] can not only cancel the energy field, but also invalidate the enchantment on the photon weapon . Once the barrier is broken, the light blade of the weapon cannot form, and as a result it is simply penetrated.

Palamidis’ photon claws alone cannot block the opponent’s energy-defying lightsaber. Use the ** to hit hard, and the opponent’s holy lightsaber can instantly kill the leopard.

No matter what I do, I can’t decipher the opponent’s attack, and Palamidis is completely confused!

Just as Big Cat was depressed, Vivian’s voice and smile suddenly appeared in his mind.

There she is, lying still.

Time goes by minute by minute. If you don’t solve the enemy in front of you and give her first aid, she will really die.

The leopard warriors are lying on the ground, launching beastization!

It is worth sacrificing your life for your beloved wife.

The giant black cheetah rips through the ground, ready to sprint at high speed.

“To become so big is to increase the target.” Jack smiled disdainfully, the lightsaber in his hand had been attached to [Holy], and the deadly white light blade swayed in front of the giant leopard. Run through your head, come on!” “Roar!!” The giant leopard rushed forward desperately, not caring about the danger of being pierced by the divine blade of light.

Jack stabbed his lightsaber against the oncoming force, thinking he was safe and his opponent was about to slam his head into the sword’s tip!

Whoosh! ! The shape of the big cat disappeared in an instant, followed by a sonic boom: the special boom produced by the speed of Palamides surpassing the sound barrier!

“What?!” Seeing the abnormality, Jack immediately slashed his sword and used his divine threat to protect himself.

Keng! But it slammed into the photon claws of Palamides! The big cat also swung the photon claws indiscriminately during the high-speed movement, blocking the opponent’s holy light blade with frantic attacks!

Kng-kang-kang-kang! ! Jack only swung a sword, but there were hundreds of consecutive echoes! Palamidis moved hundreds of times almost at that instant, attacking from all angles, trying to bypass the opponent’s lightsaber and attack Jack’s body!

But Jack isn’t easy to deal with either. He is proficient in the art of mind and eye, even if the speed is not as fast as the opponent, he can at least protect himself, swing his sword at the moment when the opponent really attacks, and use the holy light blade to deter Palamidis!

The [Holy] is so dangerous to Palamy, the green knight, that he must carefully bypass the white blade of light. Desperately moving at a high speed, the speed should have greatly surpassed the opponent, but was hindered by this terrifying holy light blade. In contrast, due to the constant supersonic movement, Palamidis’s wounds were quickly torn, and his internal organs were constantly damaged. This kind of situation seemed to be unable to last for long!

Looking at the blood flying all over the sky, Jack grinned proudly. Palamidis was already seriously injured and couldn’t keep moving at high speed for long. In less than ten seconds, the big cat will die due to internal injuries!

Kng-kang-kang-kang! The symphony of the blades continued, but the frequency of the sound had gradually decreased, and the storm-like onslaught of Palamidis was gradually becoming exhausted!

Jack sinisterly calculates with less than five seconds left, the last five seconds of the Panther Man’s life!

Kng, bang, bang, bang! ! The last wave of counter-attacks was extremely ferocious, but Jack devoted himself to the defense, so that the big cat could only run around, leaving slight scratches on the knight, but could not really bypass the holy lightsaber and hurt Jack’s vitals !

Keng! ! Palamidis flew up and hit with all his strength, pressing it heavily on Jack’s blade!

But he was still blocked by Jack’s amazing arm strength, turning the tide!

Palamidis couldn’t hold on anymore, he spat out a mouthful of blood, the wound on his chest was completely torn open, and the whole person flew out under the reaction force of the blade collision!

Jack pursued the victory and stabbed Palamidis in the heart! !

Kaz! The lightsaber perfectly pierced the Leopard Man’s heart, and it’s all over! !

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