Light Spirit Epic Chapter 633: Attack on Youyu (3)


Chapter 633 Attack on the Netherland

Deanna looked at King Arthur’s golden eyes that could see everything, and knew that nothing could be hidden from the discerning king. ♀

She sighed again: “I don’t know much. Well…As far as I know, there are actually two kinds of [people] in this world, [note the dead] and [reincarnated] .

The former is doomed. After they die, their bodies will decay, their consciousness will disappear, and they will never be able to live again. Most of the people in the world are the dead, and they only have one life.

The latter is different. They have their own [souls] and can break free from the **** of **** and reincarnate into another body.

Of course, it is impossible to control which place to be reincarnated, in what era, in what form, and whether or not the memory of the previous life will be retained after reincarnation. I am afraid that everything is decided only by [God]. If God is so interested, he can even turn your soul back into the original dead body and bring you back to life again.

The endless cycle of life and death in the endless torrent of time is the destiny of the [Reincarnator]. ” Arthur mused as he listened. He has seen quite a few reincarnators.

Hall is a reincarnator, reincarnated from his own body back to his own body, directly resurrected.

Albert is probably also a reincarnator, reincarnated from Hall’s son Wallace to the current tiger-man boy El. The snow leopard girl in front of Arthur belongs to Albert——”Although it’s a bit strange to say this, I’m glad I was reincarnated in the same era.” Deanna’s words interrupted King Arthur’s speech. Meditation, “Being able to see that child grow up, I have no regrets.

—Don’t tell that kid about today, okay? I don’t want him to be cranky. “”certainly. “Arthur replied in a low voice, even if you want to say such absurd things, you can’t say it,” I will trust you once, and think carefully about the peace talks. I only hope that the patriarch of the Glick tribe is not as stupid as Roble, willing to let go of racial prejudice and turn the fight into jade. ♀ Are you satisfied with this? “Seeing that the matter was settled, the Snow Leopard girl breathed a sigh of relief:” Thank you, His Majesty King Arthur. As long as you try hard, I believe that peace will surely come. May that child live happily in a peaceful world. “”Yes…hope so. “The King of Knights murmured absently. As he got to know Albert better, Arthur lost the reason to be hostile to El. If everything could be resolved peacefully, then it would be best.

However, what is the unease that vaguely emanates from my heart?

Outside the royal suite, a Roman general warned the guards with dead fish eyes, ordering the Roman soldiers to remain silent.

General Sirnas waited here for more than ten minutes. The general heard the conversation between the Snow Leopard Girl and the King of Knights.

Having the opportunity to negotiate should be a good thing. But Sirnas, who was a soldier, has the completely opposite idea to Arthur: Humans must never stop the war with the orcs.

One trade off the other. Humans and orcs, one or the other must die before the world can have real peace.

And now, with the power of King Arthur, is a great time to destroy the orcs.

Talking with the orcs to give them a chance to recuperate will pose a greater threat to the future of mankind.

Therefore, the orcs must die. These beasts must be ethnically purged one by one. This is the view of Cernas, and even most of the Roman soldiers. Their views were exactly the same as Roble’s, just the opposite.

This is the idea of ​​”maturity” derived by adults – in the long years, benevolence has been wiped out, and only coldness is left.

The general disappeared in the darkness of the corridor, watching the snow leopard girl happily leave. The leopard girl who tried to prompt King Arthur to negotiate with the orcs has now been regarded as a thorn in the side of the Roman general.

In order to stop the peace talks, Sernas will do anything to get rid of Deanna.

At the same time, the North Pole, inside the Wall of the World. ♀

“Vivian!!” Palamidis screamed, rushing to pick up his fallen wife.

The woman had a horrific stab wound in the abdomen, which had been pierced from behind with a knife.

“Who?! Hurry up and show up!” the big cat roared.

“Hmph, it’s too late.” A savage laughter passed, and three knights in black armor took off the disguise of stealth magic and appeared in front of everyone.

Bediver looked at the three, shocked and furious at the same time: “Jack?! Ser Berridge? Viscount Raymond? Why are you here?—Did you betray the Knights of the North Sky? Regiment?” These three are the members of the Rangers of the Northern Heaven Knights that Arthur once stayed with. Although Arthur and them had little overlap in tasks, they were considered to have worked together in the same team, and Bedivere, who had been accompanying him as Arthur’s servant, of course knew these people.

“No, little Brady, your statement is completely wrong.” Jack, who took the lead, sneered, “We didn’t betray the Knights of the North, because we didn’t belong to the Knights from the beginning.

We are [Twilight Cultists]—the believers who serve Queen Morgan and act to bring [Silence] to the world.

It is Her Majesty’s order to infiltrate the Knights, in order to monitor the [first

It must be the wrong way of my crossing 5200

Class Singularity]—Arthur D. Pantoracken. “Bediver gritted his teeth, clenching his weapon and ready to shoot,” you bastards! ! I thought you were Arthur’s friends! “”There are no permanent friends in this world, little Brady. “Jack smiled funny and shrugged at the same time:” We changed our identities and used the most powerful hypnotism to brainwash the entire North Heaven Knights, but we still couldn’t hide the old fox from Leon Dickens, who was sent to the so-called so-called by him. In the squad. [;]

And your master Arthur, I am afraid he has also noticed something, always deliberately keeps his distance from us. What a bunch of witty old foxes. “Bediver frowned. It was the first time he had heard of such a thing.

“Oh? Don’t you know?” Jack sneered, “Your master won’t even tell you about this?” “Stop talking nonsense!” What has Vivian ever done? Poisoned? Get the antidote! Don’t force me to search your bodies!” “Hmph, it’s useless. I said earlier, that woman is dead.” Jack grinned, showing the lightsaber in his hand. The original pale green blade of the lightsaber instantly turned white, exuding [sacred] brilliance.

“God, divine enchantment?” The werewolf boy gasped.

“That’s right, [Holy].” Jack waved the lightsaber in his hand, “The enchantment specially designed to hunt succubus is highly poisonous to the succubus. The blow just now went through perfectly. After the woman’s heart, the photons with [sacred] have flowed into the female succubus’ body, preventing her wound from regenerating. It won’t be long before her heart fails completely!” “Stop farting!” Pala Midis rushed up excitedly, slashing with a photon claw.

Touch! Boom! Two loud bangs sounded almost simultaneously. The former is the sound of the collision between the photon claw and the lightsaber, and the latter is the sound of the elevator rising to the top, where the mechanism is locked.

The crowd has been led to a huge platform, which is endlessly empty in the dark.

About five hundred yards away, there was a small room with light that seemed to be the end of the trip.

This destination seems very close, but it is very far away. Bedivere knew that the adversary in front of them would not let it go easily.

Jack’s other two companions have already rushed out, attacking the left shoulder and right lower abdomen of the leopard warrior while Palamidis confronted Jack!

Clang! ! Bedivere and Tristan rushed out at the same time, parrying the two fatal attacks at the same time.

The werewolf boy shouted as he took the attack, “Fall off! Tristan, you go deal with Raymond, and I’ll deal with Berridge! Jack will leave it to you, Palamidis!” Of course !” The big cat stared at Jack’s cynical face with scorching hateful eyes, and almost wanted to tear the enemy apart with his eyes!

He pushed hard and knocked Jack out. The weapon in his hand had been replaced by the Meteor Gun, Gengnir, and he stabbed with all his strength!

Bedivere’s arms went wild, too, desperately knocking Berridge away. He has been in the Rangers, and he knows the abilities of these opponents——Sir [Infiltrator] Berridge, who is proficient in stealth magic, is the most difficult one of the three opponents to deal with!

“Hehe, a wise choice.” Bo Ruiqi sneered and cast a stealth magic on herself. With the cover of darkness, his form disappeared without a trace!

“It’s useless. I can smell you.” The werewolf boy concentrated his mind and used his already extremely sensitive sense of smell to the extreme, relying on his sense of smell to identify the opponent’s movements.

Brush! A sword wind swept across Bedivere’s right shoulder, and the flesh blossomed immediately!

“What?!” The werewolf boy covered his wound in surprise.

“It’s useless – I’ll give you this sentence as it is.” Ser Borage’s sneer echoed in the air, “How can you tell where I am by smell? Just stay away from you. , attack with this special stealth photon whip, and it will slowly kill you!” Not only did he cast stealth magic on himself, but even the weapon in his hand was enchanted with stealth, coming and going silently!

Bediver frowned deeply. The opponent is more difficult to deal with than imagined. This is not at all the Sir Berridge that Brady knew — did Berridge just hide his power when he was in the Rangers?

At the same time, Tristan was also fighting Viscount Raymond from thirty yards away.

Three hundred light cannons floated in the air and danced around Tristan.

“ You’re out of luck to play against me.” Raymond sneered, “No one can escape this [rain of death]. Prepare to die!” Tens of thousands of bright bullets came from all directions, attacking Tristan without a blind spot. The rain of light bullets engulfed the murloc prince in an instant!

Boom! What followed was a deafening explosion!

“It’s weak. Is this dead?” Raymond snorted disdainfully as he looked at the smoke.

The smoke cleared quickly, and Raymond thought he could see Tristan’s torn corpse, but what he saw was a complete murloc prince.

His body is covered in armor made of solid ice, and he remains unscathed even in a shower of light bullets.

Tristan waved his hand down the ice wall: “You’re really weak. You can’t even scratch me with this attack!” “What?! That’s ——!” Raymond De stared at the countless diamond-like scales on Tristan’s body and was stunned.

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