Light Spirit Epic Chapter 586: Due to Tianyuan (14)


Chapter 586: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (fourteen)

“Fight, win?” Evan swallowed.

“We won.” After exhausting their strength, the two dragons that turned back to the size of fists landed on Evan’s shoulders. Spark said proudly: “With us here, this little thing is too easy——

——? “

When Zidian Long saw something crawling out of the pile of scrap iron, he almost choked to death on his own words.

A dragon appears.

A train? Is it really a train?

That is… a “dragon” whose body is composed of dark slime mold, but is covered with golden scales.

Darkons could have engulfed all photons. But the dragon scales contain ultra-high-purity intrinsic photons, and their density is so high that even dark sons cannot swallow them.

As a result, this “unbreakable” dragon scale was used by the dark child creature, and it was draped on the body like an armor, becoming the [Dark Nemesis] in front of everyone.

Are dark sons really unintelligent? This question flashed through Merlin’s mind for a moment.

Javier sighed softly: “My God. That’s the scale of the Star Dragon. Where did they find it?”

Bedevier (Albert) on the side knows. That golden scale is exactly the dragon scale of Xinghui Longshaxing.

When Shaxing, the unlucky ghost, was captured by the foxes and stripped of the dragon scales on his body, Bedivere and Albert were also taken into the same research institute.

As for how the two later escaped from the institute with Shaxing… that’s another story.

Hiss! ! ——The dark golden dragon roared, flying in mid-air like a real dragon, ready to attack everyone at any time.

And it’s not the only enemy.

Tens of thousands, millions, tens of millions of dark child creatures crawled out of the wreckage of the golem, all with their teeth and claws, ready to flock to Ivan and his party!

“Rabbit, are you okay?” Evan asked.

“It’s not over yet!” Ryder looked at the ring in his hand. The ring was still charging, and the sapphire on it changed from blue to red, “Wait, uh, a minute! Just a minute!”

“Did you hear?” Evan drew his weapon and shot wildly, “Hold on for one more minute!”

Needless to say, Evan said, everyone has already attacked with all their strength.

Tristan used all kinds of ice magic to bombard indiscriminately, blowing up the enemies at medium distances one by one;

Merlin and Lian Yin opened their powerful magic shields to resist the onslaught from the air and from both sides;

The dragon man golem Boles wields the four high-vibration blades on his hands and feet, slicing all enemies who dare to approach into pieces;

Bediver drew his bow on alert and shot an arrow at the right time, and the powerful shock wave sent the hordes of enemies flying;

Yaglowe and Pasiva wielded lightsabers on both sides, while raising their guns for fire support.

There are fifty seconds left before the Lord of Time Ring can be activated again.

At the same time, inside [the bond].

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Some disgusting little black monsters kept pounced on the big cat, and they were all slashed and killed by the big cat with an amazing reaction speed.

“Come on, this way!” urged Palamidis.

“Don’t rush! You’re not the one who took the old man with you!” Vivian said angrily. She curled up the Earl of Conville in a large tuft of hair while waving nine lightsabers on alert. Being overweight prevented her from walking very fast, but she couldn’t leave the old man and run away, which annoyed the woman.

“I know!” Palamides dodged left to avoid the rubble falling from his head, “but run as fast as you can! This place is about to collapse! I don’t want to be buried alive in such an obscure place. !”

They don’t even know where they are!

Squeak Squeak! More little black monsters pounce on Leopard warriors.

These little black creatures sound and move very similar to monkeys, but look and contour like foxmen. They were covered with black sticky substances, as if they had just crawled out of sewage, very disgusting. Palamidis subconsciously didn’t touch the black goo, and only used the photon claws to sweep away the attacking enemies one by one.

“Watch out! Behind you!” Vivian yelled. Dozens of little black monsters jumped from the ceiling, and they were about to pounce on Palamidis!

With a flash of purple light, Vivian used her hair to control the lightsaber to draw out, slicing the falling monsters into pieces!

“Oh!” Palamidis didn’t dodge completely, and was drenched in the black blood of the monsters. The thick black substance made the big cat shiver: “Thank you, this is the best sewer. Shower.”

“Tsk, there’s no end to this.” Vivian looked up at the accelerating building above, “Palami, hold on to me. It’s time to use teleportation.”

“What?! In a place like this…” Before Palamides could protest, Vivian curled the cat’s tail with her hair.

In the modern mainstream teleportation techniques, the practitioners generally use magic to make themselves particles, and move near the speed of light in the particle flow.

If you travel long distances, the particles will become scattered in the middle of the transmission, and automatically avoid obstacles encountered in the middle. The only danger is the moment when the transmission starts and ends;

Teleportation over short distances is more risky. After being particleized, the operator must keep the particle-dense form to move. If this relatively dense mass of particles hits anything——

The magician is like hitting a concrete wall at a speed close to the speed of light The result can be imagined.

Teleporting in this collapsing institute is obviously not a wise move. But Vivienne had no choice. If she escaped without teleportation, she would definitely be buried alive!

She combines the hilts of nine lightsabers to form a single spear.

The photon mirrors of the nine lightsabers work together in super power, and a large number of photons are concentrated on the spear!

Vivian made a decisive decision, stabbed a shot at the ceiling!

It consumes not only the photons of the lightsaber itself, but also Vivian’s inherent photons as a succubus. The superposition of these two forces has expanded to an incredible extent, which is comparable to the amount of photons produced when Arthur launched the third miracle!

Whoosh! ! A giant light penetrated the sky, poking a big hole in the ceiling of the institute!

Starlight poured in from outside the fist-sized hole, which Vivian was sure would lead to the ground.

She hugged Palamidis tightly and activated the teleportation magic. The three turned into particles, rushed out like a ray of light, drilled through the fist-sized escape vent, and flew straight to the sky!

Pop sand! After Palamidis recovered, he found that their group had escaped from the ground. Vivian immediately performed a light fall technique, and led everyone to slowly fall from the sky!

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