Light Spirit Epic Chapter 585: Due to Tianyuan (13)


Chapter 585: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (thirteen)

The half-dragon boy jumped out of the portal and returned to the real world.

In front of him, less than two hundred feet away, was a giant ape golem as tall as a mountain. The golem is covered in black slime material, which looks very disgusting and terrifying.

It is guarding a black tower. Fox people’s last research institute.

The tower is also firmly covered with dark slime mold. The dark and spiky tower looks like a ghostly clutch, pointing straight to the sky.

Tristan and the others also jumped out of the portal, carrying a large number of photon bombs.

Due to the dark sky, the other party seems to have not found Evan and others. But it’s only a matter of time.

“Come on, there’s no time left!” Ivan commanded.

Tristan grunted in reply, raising his hand and making a sled.

He made the bottom of the sled so smooth that it could slide hundreds of feet without friction.

Boles simultaneously loads a bag of bombs onto the sled.

Bedevier (Albert) has drawn a bow as scheduled.

Ivan also drew his weapon: “Do it!”

Touch! ! Bedivere’s magic bow fires a shock wave that hits the tail of the sled with precision.

Hit by the huge kinetic energy, the sleigh immediately flew out like an arrow from the string, and went straight to the dark tower!

The excess light produced by drawing the bow also attracted the attention of the Giant Ape Golem. It turned its head and found Evan and his party!

“Don’t get in the way!!” Ivan raised his two guns and slammed, Tristan, Lian Yin and Merlin also launched various ice arrows, fireballs and light bullets, and the sky was blasted in front of the golem. Temporarily suppress the golem!

“It’s now! Quickly detonate it!” Evan immediately ordered when the sled was approaching the appropriate position.

“Ugh!” Elaine the bear man closed his eyes and pressed the bomb’s detonator.

Buzz—–a harsh sound came from the detonator.

Boom! ! ! ! ! !

Twenty powerful photon bombs detonate in front of the Dark Tower, causing a stunning explosion! The strong light annihilated all the surrounding scenery, and the storm that set off swept up the sand and dust of the Romanee Wilderness and smashed it heavily on everyone!

Evan was crawling on the ground, enduring the hot wind and sand. The sand hit him like a needle, and it hurts a lot.

This uncomfortable feeling lasted about ten seconds. After the amazing impact, the dark tower was leveled, leaving only the huge mushroom cloud that was constantly expanding and rising in the air!

“So, have you solved it?” Evan got up and took a breath. The surrounding air was still scorching hot, and even Evan dared not imagine how hot it was at the center of the explosion.

“No, it’s not completely solved.” Tristan grabbed Evan and at the same time used magic to build defenses, building wall after wall of ice around him!

“No solution? How could it be——“

Evan swallowed half of what he said.

It really didn’t work out. Totally not resolved!

The giant ape golem crawled out of the explosion mushroom cloud, and although it was blown to pieces, it was still active! Black slime mold dripped from the golem’s body like blood, covered the ground, and kept squirming in disgust.

That thing was too thoroughly eroded by the darkness. Not only is the surface covered with dark slime mold, but even every inner joint, every energy conduit, and every oil tank is flowing with [dark] blood.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah!” The giant ape let out a roar of empty resentment, like a devil crawling out of hell.

“Quickly think of a way, if we are attacked by such a big monster, even our protective shield can’t stand it!” Merlin shouted, and at the same time opened the protective shield together with Lian Yin.

“There’s no other way, come on, Javier, Spark!” Ivan took out two contracted dragon scales and summoned two giant dragons as agreed in advance.

“Little devil, you owe us.” Cui Fenglong Javier sneered and flew into the air. His brother, the Purple Dragon Spark, silently sprinted into the sky.

Cuifenglong took a deep breath, stored a large amount of air in his lungs, and used magic to compress the tens of thousands of tons of atmosphere to an unbelievable level!

Pounds! A low and deep sound pierced the sky, and Javier Javier spit out a powerful high-compression vacuum wave, [Air Chasing Dragon Wave]. Tens of thousands of tons of compressed gas fell like a planet, pressing down on the enemy in front of him!

At the same time, the purple electric dragon Spark, who flew to a thousand feet high, summoned a huge thunderstorm cloud.

He gallops through the clouds at nearly the speed of light, guiding the special eddy currents of thunder and lightning in the thundercloud.

Under the constant circling, accelerating, and circling again, the lightning vortex was amplified by the dragon to an astonishing scale. And Spark stopped at the very center of the eddy current, letting hundreds of millions of electric lights circle around him!

Hiss—— Spark spit out a purple lightning bolt on the ground!

Boom! ! ! As if being guided by the purple electricity, hundreds of millions of golden electric lights in the lightning eddy current fell together in the direction where the purple electricity fell!

This giant thunder with a purple electric “core” and a golden electric “sheath” forms a peculiar beam of light in the sky! This is Spark’s most powerful lightning attack magic, [Sky Spear] (Gae-Hea’ven)

The [Sky Spear], which came first, slashed on top of the [Longbo], which came first. The ultra-high voltage current collides with the ultra-high pressure, and a strange physical phenomenon occurs! The strong electric current is solidified like jelly in the air balloon of the vacuum wave. People can see that the electric current is continuously forked in the air balloon, combined with each other, and finally forms an intricate network structure!

——[The ball of wind and The strongest attack magic of the two dragons is perfectly integrated, turning into a rare and wonderful scene in the world!

This scene only lasted for half a second, and the entire ball of wind and thunder hit the giant ape golem and exploded in front of the golem’s chest!

Boom! ! ! This explosion is by no means inferior to the combined explosion of the previous photon bomb. The thunder light engulfed everything around, and the high pressure pushed everyone to the ground, making it difficult to even breathe!

Rumble Rumble Rumble! Countless thunderbolts are still continuously exploding, spreading on the surface of the enemy in a special way, forming countless arcs to slash towards the golem.

Clap la la la la la! The highly compressed air begins to recover and expand. During the expansion of the wind pressure bomb, countless smaller wind pressure bombs burst out. These wind pressure bombs have already been poured into the various gaps in the golem’s body, and they are constantly destroyed from the inside, adding thousands of bumps to the metal shell of the golem. One bag after another was stung by countless wasps!

Whistle! After the wind pressure and thunder and lightning have passed, it is a strange phenomenon of pressure loss. Lightning plasmons the gas, creating an explosion! After the explosion, the gas consumed caused the air pressure to drop sharply, causing the gas that had swelled to the extreme in the golem’s body to contract to the extreme immediately.

The air outside pressed against the giant ape for a moment, pressing the giant golem into a mass of scrap metal from the outside to the inside!

Boom! The huge golem collapsed to the ground, scattered into thousands of pieces!

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