Light Spirit Epic Chapter 581: Due to Tianyuan (9)


Chapter 581 Showdown with Yu Tianyuan (9)

At the same time, Romani’s Wilderness (in the mirror world).

“This is the last one.” Merlin finished assembling the mechanical parts in his hand and made the twentieth photon bomb.

“With so much, it should be enough.” Ivan put the bomb into the bag and nodded with satisfaction.

“Even if it’s not enough, we don’t have enough material to do more. Whatever.” Tristan snapped aside.

The half-dragon boy glared at the murloc prince.

“Speaking of which,” Pasiva on the side took the opportunity to ask Archmage Merlin, “Why can Anzi be disintegrated by high heat and high vibration, which cannot be removed by normal methods?”

“This is related to the nature of the dark photon itself.” When asked about this, Merlin immediately explained it with energy: “The dark photon is actually a special kind of intrinsic photon, and each dark photon has 256 pairs of fundamental photons. A dark particle can only be formed by arranging it according to a specific three-dimensional shape. If the structure is slightly different, it will disintegrate into an ordinary intrinsic photon and lose the self-proliferation property of dark son.”

“So… all we’re doing is breaking its molecular structure… no, the photonic structure?”

“Exactly. To disintegrate the structure of the dark son, high heat and high vibration are the most effective. For the purpose of self-proliferation, the dark son’s structure is always loose and disassembled. That is to say, They are fragile, much more fragile than ordinary intrinsic photons.

When it self-proliferates, it temporarily disintegrates its own structure into several base photon chains, each of which is combined with the free photons obtained by [devouring] to form a new dark particle. This is very similar to the process by which organisms disassemble and replicate DNA molecules. “

“It’s like… a creature made of photons.” Ryder, who was busy loading bombs, couldn’t help but muttered.

Merlin was stung by the words.

“No. They’re not creatures, they don’t have self-awareness.” The Archmage would not admit the notion that dark sons are creatures anyway.

“But they have biological-like predation behavior.” Pasiva analyzed, “They can even control infected organisms and let these organisms [eat] to promote the growth of dark particles. In a biological sense, The dark son is already a very biological existence.

—– Yes, they can be said to be a kind of [virus], a virus composed of photons. “

Merlin was silent. Pasiva may be right in their analysis. But Merlin, who is a light spirit, is a living body composed of photons.

An abhorrent thing like Anzi was compared to the light spirit Merlin, which always made Merlin feel vaguely unpleasant in his heart.

In the final analysis, what kind of concept is [life]?

As long as it has self-awareness and can follow its own will to carry out a certain action, it can be called living.

Guangling Merlin may not be too different from those dark sons. Merlin is just smarter and less harmful to the world.

Thinking of this, Merlin felt very uneasy. Even he himself can’t fully understand the special existence of the light spirit, let alone Anzi.

They are composed of photons, the real immortal things, but there are endless unknowns and darkness behind them.

Thinking of this sends chills down my spine.

“Everything is ready.” Seeing that the bombs were all loaded, Evan said to everyone, “The battle can start at any time.”

He set his eyes on Ryder, expecting the rabbit to open the exit to the mirror world.

“Wait a second, [change] is coming soon.” Ryder held up the ring in his hand to prepare.

He plans to wait for [Change] to pass before opening the space exit. This way, (according to Merlin), the coordinate offset between the exit and the real world will be smaller.

In this battle where every second counts, and actions strive for accuracy, a small advantage may become the key to saving everyone.

Evan nodded and acquiesced. [Transition] happens every five minutes, and waiting a few more minutes is no big deal.

“Come on!” Ryder watched the changes in the surrounding environment through the light of the lighting magic, and the [change] of the mirror world began.

“Now start opening the space exit!” Ryder raised his hand, ready to circle with the light from the ring.

Pop! A voice interrupted his movement. Something fell hard!

The crowd followed the reputation. It was a werewolf boy who fell to the ground.

Bediveville (Albert) falls to the ground without warning, unconscious.

This moment happened to be the moment when the Holy Spirit White Wolf died.

Albert in Brindisi (Bedivere’s consciousness) is only dazed for a few seconds;

In Romanee Territory, it is the body of Bedivere. The death of the Holy Spirit affected him so much that he temporarily lost consciousness.

Everyone was only interested in checking the situation of Bedivere, but failed to start the operation, and had to postpone the operation again.

At the same time, the territory of the Turks, the ruins of the Fox People Research Institute.

“Uh, it stinks, this place is like a pigsty.” Palamidis walked through the [captive room], covering his nose, while trying to find out the information related to the [neutralizer].

The big cat’s nose is very sensitive, which adds to his pain at the moment. This underground research facility that once housed a large number of polar bears was full of the stench of excrement, and even after all the polar bears were rescued, the stench here still lingered.

“Unbelievable. The foxes treat the white bears as if they were animals. After all, they are fellow orcs, yet they can be so ruthless——“

“It is still in doubt whether the foxes are our [,” interrupted Patriarch Tut. The same doubt appeared in his mind again. Among the seven major clans of orcs mentioned in the database of [Nameless Ruins], there is no trace of foxmen.

“Where did these foxes come from is still a mystery.” Tut took a sharp puff of cigarette, trying to cover up the stench in the air with the smell of smoke. “I just checked the historical data of my clan again and found There is a historical record of actual communication between our tribe and the fox people, the earliest date is only five centuries ago.

In fact, in earlier times, we never had any records of communication with the [Foxmen] race, and no one even knew where the foxes were at that time.

——The Romanes seem to have appeared suddenly in the first century AD. “

“Anything like this is fine,” Palamidis replied absentmindedly. The stench of the captive room made the Leopard Man almost vomit. He could not wait to find the information on the neutralizer and leave this ghost place quickly.

“Huh?” Vivian was also searching carefully. She noticed a slight dissonance on the wall at the end of the corridor, and immediately went over to fiddle with it a few times.

Click. A hidden button was touched.

Rumble, rumble, rumble—shattering dust and stone chips, the walls move.

That’s a secret door.

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