Light Spirit Epic Chapter 580: Due to Tianyuan (9)


Chapter 580: The duel against Yu Tianyuan (nine)

Unprecedented anger took over the boy’s heart.

“How dare you——“

The unprecedented anger almost ignited the surrounding air.

“Dare to kill Brady!——“

Although the Holy Spirit White Wolf is only an avatar of Bedivere, the Werewolf teenager is only a very small part of his spirituality.

“I can’t spare you!!” Arthur roared through gritted teeth.

But for Arthur, that was his irreplaceable friend.

“What Brady lost, I want you to lose ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more than it!”

“Hmph.” Seeing Arthur’s awakening, King Oser only responded with a sneer, “Are you finally serious?”


Following the boy’s roar, an astonishing crimson light enveloped Arthur.

The spiritual lines on his body, as thin as hair, have now expanded to the thickness of a thumb.

The swirling spiritual pattern covering the boy’s whole body began to emit blood-like red photons.

The red photons rapidly aggregated in the air, took shape, and turned into the body of a phantom.

[Phantom Crimson Dragon—Anglo Moore], reappears in the world.

He is the God of Chaos Destruction, who exists to destroy all tangible things in the world.

And now, he has only one goal:

——Slay the Holy Spirit Iron Dragon.

——Kill Other! !

At the same time, Brindisi in Rome.

“The battle situation on the German side is already in a hurry, can’t we do something?” asked the Gaia knight Cador.

Grand Duke Hall held his chin and replied while thinking: “The Roman emperor refused to send troops to support him. Brindisi has also suffered a devastating blow before. He plans to defend his territory first. “

“However, if this continues, Europe’s defenses will collapse, which is not good for Rome, right!?—–“

“Obviously he didn’t think so. Who knows how many Hungarian troops there are? Maybe the army that attacked the Germans was just making noises, but the actual attack came from Brindisi?”


“Ugh!” Albert in the cell (consciousness is Bedivere) suddenly went dark and fell to the ground.

“Hey, kid, what’s the matter with you?!” Hall hurriedly moved to the fence of the cell to check the situation of the tiger boy in the cell.

“Ugh…it hurts, I feel like I was hit on the head by something.” Albert (Bediveville) got up and said.

Touch Long! ! An explosion sounded not far from the castle, and the vibration came, shaking off a lot of dust on the ceiling.

“Well, there’s still a war outside, meow?” Albert (Bedville) asked curiously.

“Just some small-scale encounters, no problem.” Celestial Knight Hall replied indifferently.

His eyes fell on a small crack in Albert’s cell.

Time is the end of the twilight. The last rays of the sun, which was about to descend on the horizon, shot through the crack in the cell wall, just right on Albert’s neck.

That small crack was originally opened during the last war and was discovered by Albert. At that time, the tiger man boy was busy blocking the crack with the clothes on his body, thinking that everything was seamless.

The explosion just now shook the cloth that blocked the crack. Therefore, the afterglow of the setting sun is transmitted through the crack.

Sunshine gives the tiger man youth strength. Hall and others originally planned to keep Albert in the small dark room, so that the tiger man would not touch the sun again.

Now, all this is meaningless.

To make matters worse, now Bedivere’s consciousness is controlling Albert’s body, and he doesn’t know about Sunlight.

I don’t know if I’m going to plug that **** hole right away.

The worst is yet to come.

“Grand Duke Hall, you are slacking off here again!” The Roman general Cernas came just at this moment, “Hurry up and command the battle! Another wave of Hungarians is coming!”

Hall hurriedly turned around and used his tall back to block Cernas’ sight.

“Well, I’ll go right away. Let’s go together, Your Excellency General Sirnas.”

“…?” Cernas suddenly noticed that Hall’s over-submissive attitude was subtly unnatural, and knew that something was wrong. He turned his gaze to Albert in the cell.

Hall also subconsciously moved his body to block Cernas’ sight.

“The Grand Duke?” The general said in a threatening tone, “Please don’t hinder me from checking the prisoners in the prison, thank you!”

“Oh, oh, of course…” Hall had no choice but to move away, letting Cernas take a look.

“…Hmm.” Cernas moved closer to the cell and stared at Albert with his gloomy eyes.

“What, what’s wrong?” Albert (Bediveville) took a few steps back subconsciously, his back just blocking the hole in the wall.

“Hmm…” Sernas looked at the tiger-man boy from head to toe, and found nothing unusual.

“Is it my illusion?” He turned around suspiciously and wanted to leave.

“Alas. Don’t be scary meow.” Albert (Bediveville) sighed and sat down against the wall.

At this time, the last rays of the sunset also used their last strength to shoot through the hole in the wall. It crossed the head of the tiger boy, then passed through the iron fence of the cell, and finally landed on the left arm of Duke Hall.

Cernas just turned around at this moment: “Speaking of which, Grand Duke Hall——“

He saw the little blip on Hall’s and his expression suddenly became solemn.

Hall noticed that there was something wrong with Sirnas’ expression, and quickly checked what was on his arm.

The sun completely set at this time, and the brilliance of the setting sun completely disappeared.

Grand Duke Hall didn’t find any problems and thought he had gotten away with it: “What’s the matter, General Cernas?”

“…No, no, nothing.” The Roman general put away the solemnity on his face and made a poker face, “Let’s hurry up and go to the battle meeting room.”

However, the killing intent towards Albert rekindled in his heart.

“Seidles, can you do the things that you told you before?” As he walked, he used the communicator to instruct his subordinates.

Hall followed, but couldn’t understand the murderous intent hidden in Selnas’ words.

“Do you want to kill that kid again? Understood, I will prepare poison in his meal.” A cold man’s voice came from the other end of the walkie-talkie.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you.” Cernas replied without emotion.

——Albert, who has received sunlight, is too dangerous. He must die.

——Hall is defending the tiger boy, who can’t be trusted.

These are the two conclusions General Cernas came to.

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