Light Spirit Epic Chapter 576: Due to Tianyuan (5)


Chapter 576: Duel against Yu Tianyuan (5)

“So, everything we’ve done is in vain, right!?” Argus laughed in despair, “Hahahahaha, what a **** mess! It’s **** awesome!”

“I’m sorry.” Palamidis endured the taunting of the other party, but he was worried about other things.

“I’m going back. Messing around with you guys here won’t help the epidemic! It’s better for me to go back and watch my people die!”

Palamides clenched his fists.

“Before I leave, let me ask you one last question.” Argus looked at the Black Panther coldly: “You really didn’t hide anything from me?”

“…No, no. Of course not,” Palamides said falteringly.

(Not even a lie.)

“Goodbye then.” Argus turned to leave.

“Okay, you’re good to go——” Before Palamidis finished speaking, there was a sharp pain in his chest.

He looked down, only to see that a long spear had penetrated his right chest and came out from behind.

“You….! Uh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” The strong electric current flowed through the whole body of the black panther, he was instantly paralyzed, and his consciousness began to drift away.

“…Sorry.” Argus took out his lightning spear and fumbled for a while in the arms of the fallen Palamides, and finally found what he wanted.

“Only one neutralizer? No wonder you are in such pain.” Argus said in a low voice, “But, the agreement is the agreement, and I will take this neutralizer.”

“No…want!” said the seriously injured Palamidis with difficulty. He grabbed Argus’ left leg and prevented him from leaving: “It was used to save the child. their ——“

“You can’t save both at the same time anyway.” Argus said coldly, “Then don’t save anyone, let you both die together.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Argus had already raised his spear and chopped off the head of the black panther.

Palamides’ skull rolled for a long distance, and his gradually blurred vision could only stare desperately at the distant figure of Argus.

rustling rustle—what’s the sound.

The sound of liquid nitrogen leaking.

Just now, Argus’ lightning spear not only pierced through Palamidis’ chest, but also pierced one of the survival capsules behind Black Panther.

Liquid nitrogen poured out of the shattered pod, and the interior of the pod began to thaw.

No way! Palamidis’s gradually blurred consciousness was temporarily awake.

If it goes on like this, Zephyr (or Seglade?) will thaw.

The Zephyr, released from cryogenic hibernation, will soon die under the Crimson Plague!

With only one head left, Palamidis still wants to do something.

For the sake of the child, no matter how much it costs. He prayed for a miracle to happen!

Then, as if he really heard his prayer, a miracle happened.

Palamides’ headless body moved.

He discovered that he was still able to control the headless body and do things he couldn’t otherwise accomplish!

He got up and staggered to his son’s freezer.

(Dad will protect you.)

(This time, definitely protect…)

(whatever happens——)

Ignoring the frostbite from liquid nitrogen, he plugged the hole with his own body.

The body froze quickly and was covered in hoarfrost. Soon, from the outside to the inside, even the blood coagulated.

However, the hole was plugged. He confirmed that his child was temporarily safe. His consciousness also completely disappeared, and he fell into the endless darkness.

“No!!!!!!” The last thing Palamidis heard was the desperate scream of his wife Vivienne.

At the same time, the Romani territory, the great wasteland north of the Nangarpathian Mountains.

“Stop!” Evan yelled.

Swish! The airship roared and slowed with a sway until it came to a stop.

“That thing was parked two kilometers northwest.” Evan stared at the distance, “If you get closer, you will be discovered. We have to find a place to hide.”

“What’s ahead? Town?” Tristan jumped from the ship. Everyone also got off the boat.

“There should be a town called Cluj-Napoca ahead.” Ivan looked at the map, “Yes, from the scale, the location of the giant monster roughly overlaps that town. It should be the monster’s place. The old nest.”

“Darkness…very close!” Elaine the white bear also said, covering her head.

(found it?)

(found it. Then what?)

“Um…” Evan covered his eyes wearily.

“You spent more than ten hours of eagle eye surgery yesterday and today, and you are about to reach your limit.” Tristan patted the half-dragon boy on the arm, “Enough, let’s rest for a while.”

“This matter should be resolved as soon as possible.” Evan said, “You can’t give the dark child creatures time to grow, and they must be cleaned up before these things become uncontrollable. Otherwise, the tragedy of Elaison’s Pure Land will only repeat itself. “

Tristan disagreed: “Calm yourself. It’s too hard for this team to deal with the dark creatures now. Don’t forget that our mission is just reconnaissance.”

“The situation has changed, we can only bite the bullet.” Evan said.

“No, this is too impractical.” Even Merlin said, “If you don’t have enough equipment to deal with the dark child creature, you will be killed. After getting close, I will mark this place with magic to facilitate teleportation. I’ll talk about it later.”

That sounds like the right thing to do.

Although it is correct, Evan always feels that something is wrong.

Of this group, only Evan had seen the destruction of Elaison’s Pure Land with his own eyes, and he knew the true horror of darkness. Let it go, even if it is a day, things will have unpredictable variables.

Some things are not done now, and I am afraid that there will be no chance to do them in the future.

Even if it’s a blow, at least do something to make [Darkness] suffer.

The half-dragon boy looked at everyone present.

“Everyone, I know this sounds stupid, but I still have to say it.” The half-dragon boy swallowed,

“It is very dangerous to let the dark child be left Since we are all here, at least we have to do something to leave, at least find a way to severely damage [darkness] and prevent it from growing.

This must have some meaning, and it must be able to pave the way for us to win this war in the future. “

Tristan kept shaking his head: “It’s too dangerous. This kind of thing should be left to——“

“We can’t rely on Arthur for everything.” Evan already knew what Tristan wanted to say, “Indeed, Arthur is very strong, strong enough to turn the tide. But Arthur is only a person after all, and a person’s strength is always limited. .

We can’t keep Arthur doing this hard work, we have to figure it out ourselves. The world cannot be saved by Arthur alone.

I really can’t agree with the practice of passing all the hard, tiring and dangerous work to others while watching the play in the safety zone.

Hmm…I can’t tell, but——

Please stay with me for a while, please. “

As if feeling the sincerity in Banlong’s words, the expressions of everyone compromised a lot.

The danger they face is enormous, and if they go any further, they may lose their lives at any time.

However, everyone in this team came here voluntarily. They’ve already made up their minds to die, so what’s the big deal if they go a little further?

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