Light Spirit Epic Chapter 575: Due to Tianyuan (4)


Chapter 575: Duel against Yu Tianyuan (4)

Argus ignores Palamidis, taking the advice as a joke: “You can do it. Unlike your children, my countrymen have neither a freezer to prolong their lives nor to eat them. Good days. It’s good for them to keep starving, and what else do they want to evacuate——“

Black Panther is silent. It’s no use going on, Argus won’t change his mind. Even if he could convince Argus, he could not convince the hundreds of thousands of leopard people in Athens.

These leopards may have been doomed in the first place. They are poor and foolish, and they deserve to die.

“Okay,” Palamides sighed, “I’ll give you the neutralizer, just take it back with you. After that, we have nothing to do with each other, how many leopards have died in Athens and I don’t have any. relationship.”

Maybe these leopards deserve to die. It was these leopards that nearly destroyed Palamidis. Why do you still treat them so well? You have to give Yaobai to them, and you have to worry about their future safety.

Maybe they deserved to die.

Palamides kept repeating the same words in his mind, trying to convince himself.

But he couldn’t let it go. Those hundreds of thousands of lives were about to die because of Argus’ ignorance and arrogance, but Palamides couldn’t do anything.

Whoosh! With a gust of wind, Vivian has used teleportation to come to the deck of [Skidplatney’s Ark].

“It’s all done,” Vivian said to the crowd.

“It’s done?” Palamidis looked in disbelief, “Didn’t you say the physical examination takes twelve hours? So fast?”

“Yes, the physical examination was supposed to take 12 hours. Until I found a permission loophole in their system…”

“You hacked their system?!”

“Um…” Although it is a great thing to hack the system of the gods, Vivienne doesn’t seem very excited, “Palamy, shall we take a step and talk?”

“Of course.” Big Cat couldn’t understand his wife’s mysterious behavior, but he knew there was something wrong with it.

“Come on.” Argus gave the Palamidis and his wife a white look, “I’m still waiting for your [neutralizer].”

Black Panther ignored each other and walked into the Silver Shadow with his wife. Seeing no outsiders, he asked, “What’s going on?”

“Palami, I got administrator rights, and I also got the neutralizer. But, there is a problem.”

Vivian took out a silver tube filled with white solution from her arms, the tube was about three inches long.

“This is the Neutralizer. One dose is just enough to revive an Orc affected by a self-destructive factor.”

“Okay, good. Let’s give it to the kids,” urged Palamidis.

“…that’s exactly what I was trying to say.” Vivian’s expression became uneasy, “…that’s the only neutralizer. The only one.”

The big cat was stunned: “…What do you mean? [The only]? For such a large ruin, only this neutralizer is preserved!?”

“The warehouses that store medicines have a history of hundreds of millions of years. No matter how superb the storage methods of the gods are, it is very difficult to store medicines for so long.” The woman sighed, “It’s really the only thing left. It’s broken, and everything else is rotten.”

Palamidis was anxious: “What about the formula? There will always be a new formula for such an important drug!?”

“The formula of the neutralizer is badly damaged and cannot be read.” Vivian’s face was sullen, “It appears to have been deliberately deleted.”

“Damn it!” Palamidis’ face became even more ugly, “We’ve come this far, why can’t things go smoothly!”

The woman grabbed her husband’s hand: “Palamy, I’m asking you this question now, I hope you can answer me seriously:

The two children, Zephyr and Seglade, which one do you plan to save? “

Once these words were spoken, the time of the Leopard Warrior seemed to stop.

There is only one antidote. Can only be used by one of the two children.

To save one means to give up the other.

It’s another choice, and another child must be given up. This cruel fate keeps reincarnating, and it always comes back to find the Palamidis family!

“No…don’t force me! I—-” The big cat took a step back in fear.

“I won’t force you to choose right away, but you still have to choose.” Vivienne also had a painful expression on her face, “This is also… a helpless thing.”

Reality doesn’t have the best of both worlds. In order to save one person, sometimes the other must be sacrificed.

When this painful choice falls on the father of two children, what should he do?

An hour later, the medical room of the [Silver Shadow].

Palamidis stood in front of the two pods, looking lovingly at the two sons frozen in the pods.

They are sleeping peacefully, and their time seems to stop forever at the moment they fall asleep, never to wake up.

There is a way to revive one of them. This is the hardest decision in the world.

Palamides looked carefully at the faces of the two children. The two blue-haired kittens looked equally emaciated and pitiful.

Are you going to save Zephyr or Seglade?

No. Before then there were even more puzzling questions.

——Which one is Syfer and which one is Seglade?

Tears clouded Palamidis’ eyes, and it became increasingly difficult for him to tell the difference between the twins.

If he saves one of them, he wakes up to find his brother is not saved because of Will he be angry?

Will you be saddened to blame the father Palamidis for the rest of your life?

And Palamidis, he didn’t even know which son he was saving.

Such a father is a failure.

The family that finally got together is about to be separated again.

What should I do?

“What are you doing?” Argus’ voice broke Palamidis’ musings.

Black Panther wiped his face quickly, turned around and responded, “No, nothing.”

“Where’s the [neutralizer]?” Argus asked, spreading his palm, “Didn’t you say you wanted to give it to me?”

“That…sorry, no more.” Palamidis lied without hesitation.

Argus’ eyes widened: “No more?! Are you kidding me!?”

“…Really gone. The warehouse of the ruins cannot keep the medicine for hundreds of millions of years without decay. All medicines are rotten. And the medicine method has been maliciously deleted.”

“You must be lying, you damned liar…” Argus scolded, but he looked at Palamides’ face, from the incomparably serious look of Black Panther. It can be seen that this is [true].

——At least part of it is true.

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