Light Spirit Epic Chapter 572: Due to Tianyuan (1)


Chapter 572 Showdown with Yu Tianyuan (1)

At the same time (?), Avalon Pure Land.

It was noon when Arthur got up from the bed.

He got angry, quickly changed his clothes, and ran out of the room angrily: “Why didn’t you wake me up?!”

“Wake you up?” King Oser was eating his lunch slowly, and after thinking for a while, he understood Arthur’s words, “Oh, you were seriously injured yesterday, and I was going to let you rest well.”

“Very well, you can continue to procrastinate.” Arthur snorted disdainfully, and sat down to eat his lunch, “No matter how much you delay, you can’t escape your death, you only gain half a day’s life. “

“I should have said this to you.” King Oser replied, not to be outdone, “You don’t even have your own Holy Spirit, why do you fight me who is completely Holy Spirit? No matter how you look at it. It’s undeniable.”

“We’ll see.” Arthur swallowed his bread and bacon in a few mouthfuls, “Let’s go.”

King Other smiled disdainfully and followed Arthur out of the house.

The two face off across a vast wasteland, and their battle is about to break out.

“Finally, let me ask you, was the dream yesterday really not your fault?”

“No. I’m not going to lie. The round table system stimulates your hidden memories and has nothing to do with me.”

“Did the system say I died five years ago?  … nonsense!” The knight insisted that the system was lying.

King Other shrugged, “Believe it or not, that’s your freedom.”

At this moment, the Holy Spirit White Wolf walked towards the two of them. It squatted at Arthur’s feet and looked ready to go.

“Hey, are you going to use someone else’s Holy Spirit to fight?” King Oser laughed.

“Yes. Can’t you?” Arthur must have been amused.

Bedivere’s Holy White Wolf was really useful, and Arthur won his first duel thanks to the White Wolf Sword it transformed into. Since Arthur has no better substitute, of course, it is time to trouble the Holy White Wolf again.

“You’d better not do that.” King Orser serious The core of the little wolf, which could be destroyed in the heat of battle.”

Arthur frowned: “What would happen if it was destroyed…?”

“This little guy will die. It doesn’t have an immortal body like the other perfections. Once it is defeated, it will be broken up into a group of photons, which can never be reassembled.”

“…it’s dead, what about Beddy? What will happen to Beddy?”

“It won’t be very good, at least it won’t die.” King Oser waved his hand, “but a part of the child’s [soul] may be missing, perhaps some memory or some kind of emotion. “

Arthur was silent.

Losing feelings? !

How is this so similar to Arthur’s [symptoms]? !

Once lost all feelings, only the angry Arthur, what happened? !

“Do you want to fight?” King Oser’s call brought Arthur back to reality from his contemplation.

“Beddie?” Arthur turned his head to look at the Holy Spirit White Wolf, “I know this is going to be a fierce battle, and maybe you will die. But, I need your strength.—– -Can I count on you?”

“Ugh?” Holy Ghost White Wolf also turned his head to look at Arthur, as if he didn’t understand.

(You are always a tough guy.)

(Who told me to have a master like you?)

Arthur smiled at the white wolf, and the wolf grinned, as if smiling.

The next second, the white wolf began to gigantic, turned into a giant wolf thirty feet tall, and entered a state of battle.

“Good boy.” Arthur also took a leap, jumping on the back of the white wolf, “Let’s make a scene!”

As soon as the words fell, the white wolf grabbed a claws and attacked the defenseless King Oser.

King Oser dodged the White Wolf’s sneak attack with a backflip, laughing: “You all like to play this!”

“Anyway, you can dodge!” Before King Other landed, Arthur had already raised the sword of the Holy King, unfolded a thirty-foot blade of light and slashed straight down!

King Orser sneered, “Indeed.”

He instantly changed shape, showing the attitude of his Holy Spirit Steel Dragon in front of Arthur and the others.

The 30-foot Holy Spirit White Wolf meets the 100-foot Holy Spirit Steel Dragon, and the fierce battle between monsters begins!

The steel dragon of the Holy Spirit roared, spit out a strong photon flame from its mouth, and a beam of white light swept towards the white wolf.

The white wolf swung its tail and swept away, and the black mist raised was exactly the space shield that was used before, but its effect was stronger and more powerful. The black mist spread, covering a large area, engulfing the beams!

All of this was within the expectations of the steel dragon, and he roared: “Hi!”

The photon flames spewed out immediately dispersed into thousands of tiny beams, drawing an incredible arc, bypassing the black mist, and shooting towards the Holy Spirit White Wolf from behind!

This photon flame is King Oser’s [Light Magic]. Even if it is sprayed out at high speed in the form of a beam, the dragon can still control the shape of the flame to a certain extent.

It’s too easy to bypass the white wolf’s space shield and attack it from behind.

The white wolf was ready for a long time. He suddenly rushed forward and rushed into the space shield he created. The flames turned into a net and came after them, but they were completely absorbed in the black mist.

Before the black fog had completely dissipated, the white wolf had already leaped high and flew towards the steel giant!

The giant dragon raised its head to fire flames, but unexpectedly, the white wolf slashed out several claws first.

The wolf claws shook the air and fired hundreds of vacuum blades, hitting every weak point of the dragon’s body armor!

The dragon had to take the defensive, raising its claws to protect its body. He couldn’t breathe out the flames, so he gave White Wolf an excellent opportunity to get close. The wolf came to the front of the giant dragon, with both claws out, grabbing the dragon’s throat!

The giant dragon didn’t show weakness, and struck out with two palms, grabbing the claws of the white wolf. The two giant beasts competed like this!

The 100-foot tall steel dragon of the Holy Spirit is far superior in strength and physique to the 30-foot tall white wolf of the Holy Spirit The white wolf to take such melee combat is undoubtedly an act of suicide.

The power of the wolf was suppressed in a very short time, and the dragon crushed the white wolf to the ground in a victorious attitude, while opening its **** mouth.

Amazing energy gathers, gathers, gathers in the throat of the steel dragon! The highly compressed photons are sprayed at the white wolf with a powerful force, intending to smash the wolf’s head with one blow!

At this moment of death, the Holy Spirit White Wolf looked up at his opponent and opened his mouth.

He intends to resist the opponent’s breath with a breath attack?


The Holy White Wolf does not use breath. Even if it can be used, its power will definitely not be comparable to that of King Oser’s steel dragon.

He opened his mouth, not to use a stunt, but ——

In order to let Arthur, who was hiding in the mouth of the white wolf, rush out, attack the opponent!

The knight leaped out from the tip of the white wolf’s tongue, and the sword of the holy king in his hand had already surpassed the critical point in the scabbard of the king.

The giant dragon shot out flames without hesitation, and the huge white beam pressed against the boy in mid-air, as well as the Holy Spirit White Wolf behind the boy!

Arthur and White Wolf are about to be swallowed by the beam——

Zheng! ——The sword of the holy king, unsheathed!

[Double King Blade], activate!

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