Light Spirit Epic Chapter 571: Fighting in the Dark Abyss (14)


Chapter 571: Fierce Fight in the Dark Abyss (14)

“This is ——“

What they saw was a village full of dead silence. There was no one in the whole village, not even the animals that were supposed to be kept in the animal shed.

Tristan watched all this suspiciously, and finally settled on a shriveled hide on the ground.


Exactly, the fur on the clothes.

But it is completely different from ordinary animal skins. Its texture is more dry, and it seems that it has been dehydrated at the moment of peeling. In fact, it lay flat on the ground like a piece of paper, dull and flat.

At first glance, I can’t feel anything special about this leather.

But Evan walked to a village house and pushed open the door recklessly.

Everyone thought that there would be enemies rushing out of the house, and they quickly took precautions. What they waited for was another dead silence.

The house smelled rancid, but the source of the stench was not the corpse, but the food that had been sitting on the table for days.

There are also two dry skins next to the table. The human nature composed of these dry skins is lying beside the table in a very strange posture, exuding a strange atmosphere.

It’s as if someone was suddenly attacked by something in the middle of a meal. Before they had time to resist, they were drained and died, turning into these two dry skins.

The murloc prince was horrified by the sudden thought in his mind.

In order to suppress this inexplicable fear, he dared to smile and said: “Foxes are really perverted, and they actually play this kind of twisted game. Haha, what is this? Put two animal skins on the table. Do you play a role?”

Evan had a gloomy face: “They are not animal skins. They have lived.”

This sentence made Tristan’s fears come true.

“These…are the corpses of fox people?” Bedivere (Albert) sighed in disbelief as he looked at the flat, shriveled fur.

“Weak life response detected. This way!” Boles slammed into a room.

It was a bedroom. Two beds were placed side by side, and on one of them lay a shriveled corpse, not much different from the fur that had been seen before, but a little plumper.

Just after everyone broke into the room, the “fur” moved slightly.

seems to want to say something.

Merlin walked to the bed and performed a magic trick on the fur, “Don’t be afraid, I’m using healing to prolong your life. What do you want to say?”

That thing made a very faint sound, but the sound was amplified by Merlin’s magic to the extent that everyone could hear it clearly: “Monster…”

“Monster?” Ivan asked, “What monster, what does it look like?!”

“The monster…wears the skin of Patriarch Leonard….is that kind of slime inside…it makes everyone… .absorbed!”

Tristan gasped.

Evan hurriedly asked: “What is it! How can I kill it? Say it!”

“…It’s all…our fault…” That thing’s voice is getting quieter, and it seems that even Merlin’s magic can no longer make it The pitifully small voice was amplified again, “I didn’t listen to that woman at first…it’s good…”

After speaking, the fur was completely dry and dead.

Merlin carefully inspected the fox man’s corpse. “The cells in the whole body are liquefied and then sucked out, not even the bones are left. This kind of death is too unbearable, even for a race full of evil like the fox people. in terms of.”

The murloc prince frowned, but this kind of death was terrifying. He was afraid that such a thing would happen to him one day.

“So, all the people in this village are dead? They were attacked by the [monster] he said and died?”

“Probably.” Evan observed the surrounding terrain with his eagle eye technique, “Furthermore, the monster has also gone to the northwest. It is estimated that it is the same destination as ours.”

“Could it be the owner of the huge footprint just now?” Bedivere was about to ask, but as soon as he said it, he realized how stupid he was: [Bigfoot] passed by five minutes ago, and this village is in good condition. It was attacked a few days ago.

“It’s not the time to guess, let’s go.” Evan walked out of the bedroom. “The foxes were killed by the monsters they had researched. It’s self-inflicted. This is just right, saving us from sneaking all the way. Tristan, the front The road is a mountain, and your sled is useless, what better way to travel?”

“Oh, don’t ask me. Mage Merlin? You are very powerful, so you must have a way, right?” The murloc prince looked at the young mage expectantly. As soon as he asked this question, everyone in the room stared at Merlin.

“Oh, it’s here again!” The Archmage covered his face.

“Don’t worry, no matter what magic weapon you come up with, we won’t say it.” Tristan said with a smile.

Ten minutes later, Mage Merlin attached a box full of photon mirrors to the bottom of the giant sled, and after starting the sled the whole sleigh floated.

With the previously used thrusters installed, this ice cube is no longer a sled, it is already a very good anti-gravity ship.

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect that we could transform a piece of ice into such a high-tech thing.” Tristan looked at the ice-made spaceship, his eyes lit up, “Mage, you put those two small boxes Can you send it to me? They are the best props of the time.”

“No, O-Parts (super-civilization heritage) cannot be given to people of this era, otherwise it will disrupt the fate of this era.” Merlin said.

“So it’s called O-Parts? If you don’t give it away, at least tell me where to dig it out.”

Merlin sneered. This thing was made by himself, and it is impossible to excavate any ancient ruins.

“Okay,” Evan jumped on the spaceship, “It’s been delayed long enough, let’s go quickly. Rabbit, keep your space-time ring ready at any time. Once we find danger, we’ll dive into the mirror world.”

“Is it necessary to hide the head and tail like this?” Tristan jumped into the boat, and the boat shook slightly.

“Of course.” Yvonne Labediver came aboard. “We might have been wrong in the first place. Wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Ryder also jumped onto the boat, his jumping movements were too similar to a rabbit.

“I always thought that Romani’s territory was heavily guarded, and there were enemy ambushes everywhere. But the truth may be the complete opposite.” Ivan pulled Lian Yin onto the boat. It was all dead under the attack. It is not the enemy army that roams this wilderness, but the wild dark creatures.”

Thinking about being attacked by a dark worm before, that’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t a planned attack, but it was like the rhythm of the beasts’ usual hunting.

“So, according to you, could it be——” Persiva climbed into the spaceship, the armor on his body and the ice cubes of the spaceship rubbed against each other making a harsh sound.

“——Yes, this place has become a dead area where dark creatures are rampant, and all we encountered before were the dark sub-infected creatures leaking out of this area.” Evan replied solemnly road.

Things are worse than expected. If nothing is done, the spread of the dark son will become more and more serious, and eventually the earth will become the second pure land of Elysian.

And their goals of action gradually became clear. The head of the dark child creature must be lurking in the territory of the Romani tribe. It is like Ayalis, the queen of dragons in the Pure Land of Elyson, directing the actions of the army of darkness.

—— Find the leader and destroy it. This is the message Elaine, the white bear boy, has been trying to tell everyone.

The polar bear is now clumsily climbing onto the ship. As soon as he got up, the whole ship sank an inch.

“Uh, Elaine, you need to lose weight.” Constantine then climbed into the spaceship.

“Hug, I’m sorry.” The white bear scratched his head with an embarrassed look on his face.

“Are you all on board?” Merlin fiddled with the control panel of the thruster, “Then, sit back and hold on, let’s go.”

“Wait,” said Evan hurriedly, “don’t be too fast–wow ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Whistle! The spaceship had already sped out like an arrow from the string, and the screams of everyone fell on the spot.

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