Light Spirit Epic Chapter 57: Explore in the West (middle)


Chapter 57: Searching for the West (Part 2)


“I’ve already taken a shower…” Bedivere said reluctantly.

“Can’t you wash it again?” Arthur dragged the orc boy into the bathhouse, “Everyone is waiting, let me in quickly, why are you shy!”

Bediver frowned and walked into the bathhouse.

“Hey, Brady! Here!” the murloc boy shouted, “It’s great, it’s like the four of us have reserved a bathhouse for this size.”

“Not good at all, the public bath of the Knights is very dirty.” Bedivere reluctantly dipped into the bath. But the clear hot water made him feel right away that it wasn’t too bad.

“What a clean freak. No wonder he always wipes the bathtub in the dormitory so clean.” Arthur also sat in the bathtub, “Then, let’s get down to business.”

“Arthur,” Kay interjected, “if you find it inconvenient, stop there for me to pick up.”

“It’s okay.” Arthur waved, “Then, about Lancelot.”

“Wait. It’s okay to say it here?” Bedivere interrupted.

“The bathhouse and the dining room are two places in the Order where there will never be any bugs. Don’t worry,” Kay explained.

“Okay, do you want me to continue?” Arthur said angrily.

“Sorry. Go ahead.” “Who the **** is Lancelot?”

(Arthur ignores the words of the two goblins and begins to say) “You know, I and Lancelot have been fostered in Sir Arctor’s house since childhood. I have my own special reasons, but Lan Sloter… because of his father. Lancelot du Lac, his father, Sir Lac, was actually the most powerful sword in all of Pantoracken, no, probably in all of Europe at the time He is a great swordsman who bears the name of a swordsman. But his name has been completely erased from the main story of history, and only appears in the secret archives of black history.”

“Black, black history?!” Bedivere said, “But why?”

“Because of the Sword Saint Lark, he committed a heinous crime. He committed treason. He was the culprit who destroyed the royal city of Pantoracken, the Holy Camilo, in the flames of war ten years ago! ‘ Arthur said, clenching his fists tightly.

“Arthur!” Kay interrupted.

“I know.” Arthur said, “It doesn’t matter, let me go on.—It was only later that it was found out that Sir Lark, the swordsman, was actually Roman. He was sent to Pantora by Rome from the beginning. Ken’s spy. Although Eastern Rome is now much less powerful than the former Roman Empire, they have never given up the idea of ​​capturing Pantoracken for a moment.”

“So Lancelot…?!”

“I don’t know.” Arthur said sadly, “Ser Lack was dead, and the only remaining son, Lancelot, hid his identity and was fostered with me in the house of Sir Arctor. I thought he I will forget the past and live my life in peace. But… Now I can’t be sure of anything anymore. The Grand Duke of Lyon Digens told me that Lancelot actually has a sister who lives in France. And the pro-Rome France , it is possible to use his sister’s affairs to blackmail Lancelot and let him go to Rome.”

“How can you do this! Use family affection to blackmail people, despicable guy…!” Bedivere said angrily.

“But there’s nothing I can do. Lancelot looks cold, but he is a gentle person at heart. Being threatened like this, he probably went straight to Rome regardless of anything. Fortunately, there is not much information in the Knights. Lancelot just ran away and has not been considered a betrayal of the Order.”

“I just wanted to tell you,” Arthur said solemnly, “don’t let Lancelot’s friendship cloud your judgment. The next time we meet, he’s probably already our enemy. If you turn your back to him, he may give you a sword from Lancelot is not such a person.” The orc boy frowned deeply, unhappy, “I don’t want to treat our friend like this. Ya Se, didn’t you grow up with him, don’t you know what kind of person he is? Then why do you say such things that you don’t trust your friends?”

“For Lancelot, it’s better to choose real relatives than childhood playmates like us. If I were in his position, I would choose the same.” Arthur Say.

“What a painful choice.” Bedivere whispered, “That… Tristan? Can you stop poking at the bottom of my foot while we’re talking?” He turned to the murloc boy beside him. Say.

“Huh? It’s boring to hear you guys talk about things I don’t understand, but I didn’t poke you.” The murloc boy said, “Stupid Kai?”

“Who would do the little things that kids do!” Kai said angrily, “I’ve been taking a bath! Arthur… no, Arthur is even more impossible… …that is to say…”

“Everything quieted down. I counted three and everyone jumped out of the water,” Arthur said.

“Three.” Everyone was on guard.

“Two.” Bedivere shuddered, something touching his feet.

“One.” Before the count was finished, Arthur had already leaped out of the water and dashed to the pile of clothes to pick up his lightsaber.

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