Light Spirit Epic Chapter 56: Explore in the West (Part 1)


Chapter 56: Searching for the West (Part 1)

The next day at noon.

“Arthur?” Bedivere was a little surprised. His master seldom came to the mechanical warehouse to find him at such a time, unless there was an emergency.

“Sorry, it looks like you don’t have time to eat lunch and change your dirty work clothes. We’ll talk about the details on the way.” Arthur jumped on the cavalry and motioned for Bedivere to follow.

The door to the warehouse opened, and the cavalry roared out.

Arthur said while driving the speeding cavalry: “Two bad news. First, Lancelot is gone. Second, the two idiots who went to the library of the Western Knights Headquarters yesterday to search for information, He was detained by the Knights of the Western Heavens.”

“Tristan and Kay? Are they okay? What does it mean that Lancelot is gone?”

“A lot of questions all at once? We’re rushing to confirm the situation of the duo duo. As for Lancelot, you’d better leave it alone.”

“What ‘leave it alone’!? Isn’t Lancelot our friend?”

“That’s why. It’s inconvenient to speak here now. I’ll tell you when I find the time.” Arthur pointed to the cavalry’s dashboard.

(The navigation computer of the Iron Cavalry is connected to the headquarters of the North Sky Knights, and the dialogue may be eavesdropped)

Bediver turned his head and sat Arthur silently.

A few hours later, Arthur and the others arrived at the headquarters of the Knights of the West, Attenborough.

“What a magnificent fortress,” said the orc boy.

“Because the Knights of the West and the Knights of the North have different goals, their opponents are huge sea monsters hundreds of feet in length.” Arthur said, “The bunker is used to defend against the attack of giant beasts, and their The photon shield is the strongest in all Pantoracken, and they are equipped with a giant photon spear gun, “Dragon Cannon”, with a radius of up to 60 feet, specially designed to penetrate the head of the sea beast.”

“It’s always scary, do they live in a life-and-death struggle with monsters every day? How dangerous is such a life?”

“No, the frequency of giant sea beasts is about once every ten years. The work of the Knights of the West is often to maintain equipment and defend the city, which is actually quite boring.” Arthur parked the iron cavalry in the warehouse, “The last time there was It should have been four years ago when the sea beast came.”

“That’s right, four years without a single battle is almost a waste.” A young knight came to greet him, “Hello, Arthur the Silver Knight. I’m Aoyun Yun of the Knights of Gaia. s.”

“Hello, Earl Yones.” Arthur stepped forward and saluted, “Although it’s a bit abrupt, I want you to explain why you are detaining the silver knight Kai Akto and the ambassador of the Mermaid Kingdom, Cui. Stan?”

“It’s not actually a detention…” Knight Owen said, “I’m happy to explain it to you, but it’s not very convenient here, so…”

“What’s the inconvenience? As far as I know, the two of them just came here to check the materials in the library. Why did they become detained? Do you have any secrets?”

“No, not that, but…”

“Enough, Aoyun. Next, I will explain it myself.” Another middle-aged man walked into the warehouse and said, “Hello, knight of the Northern Heaven Knights. I am the Heaven of the Western Heavenly Knights.” A knight, Ewans.”

“Heaven, Heavenly Knight?!” Bedivere couldn’t help crying.

Arthur saluted again: “It’s really —— to bother the Grand Duke Yones to meet us.”

“You don’t need to say polite words, just come with me. I will tell you everything I have to say, but we need to find a place where there is no one else.”

“Grump——” At this time, Bedivere’s stomach suddenly bulged.

“Yes, I’m sorry…” said the orc boy clutching his stomach.

“Hahahaha!” The head of the Western Heavenly Knights laughed, “Come all the way, you are already hungry? Well, come to my dining room, let’s chat slowly while eating. Aoyun, you By the way, prepare the bathroom and clean clothes. This child is so dirty, don’t even want to enter my dining room without washing it.” The Celestial Knight left after saying that.

Bediver shrugged, “Don’t look at me like that, I was dragged out by Arthur halfway through my midday work.”

An hour later.

“It’s so slow, it’s almost going to start before you all,” Tristan said while sitting at the banquet.

“Gu——” Bedivere only felt hungrier after taking a bath. He sat weakly on the chair, drooling at the food.

“Let’s eat, you don’t need to pay attention to etiquette. Here are all the rough people stationed at the border, etiquette and everything have been left in the civilized world.” The leader of the knights said, he had already picked up a chicken leg and bit it.

“That’s great.” The werewolf boy grabbed a chicken leg and started gobbling it up.

“So,” Arthur asked as he ate, “what did these two idiots do this time? Burn the library down by accident?”

“No!” Kay said, biting on the ham. “It’s because nothing was done! All the information on deep-sea trolls in the library is missing.”

Arthur immediately noticed the strangeness of the matter: “‘Missing’? No, is it missing?”

“It’s not that it’s missing, but it’s because you need the title of the Knights of Gaia or above in the Knights of the Western Heavens to access the information.” The Celestial Knight Youns said, “The encryption of the information is all to avoid unnecessary disturbances.”

Arthur is even more puzzled: “The commotion? Why is there a commotion?”

“You really want to hunt deep-sea trolls, right?” The Duke of Yones looked around and reconfirmed that no one was eavesdropping, and then said, “Don’t look for it, what you are looking for is far away in the sky. , close to the soles of the feet. The deep sea trolls were captured by the Knights of the West twenty years ago and imprisoned in the depths of this Attenborough.”

“What, what?!” Kai almost spit out half of the juice he drank.

“The deep-sea troll is a monster with super regeneration ability. Except for one blow to destroy it so that not even a piece of meat is left, it will regenerate quickly in a short period of time, and it will be resurrected like nothing is wrong.” Taking a sip of whiskey, “The problem is that the monster is as high as a mountain, and there is no such a large-scale destructive attack that it is enough to destroy it in one blow. So the last knight of heaven thought of using the underground of Attenborough. Hollow, lure the monster into it, and seal it up.”

“I really didn’t know that the Knights of the West had a hobby of raising monsters.” Arthur said coldly.

“This is the only way.” The knight Aoyun explained, “It is impossible to eradicate that kind of monster that can’t be killed. If it is allowed to land, it will inevitably cause huge casualties. The only way is to seal it up. Seal it up and the world will be clean.”

“So, what about the way to the troll’s prison?” Arthur asked directly.

“There is a way, but you can’t get in. The dungeon is already filled with the miasma spread by the trolls. If you enter without proper protective equipment, you will be corroded and melted by the miasma. The heavy If the protective clothing goes in, it will be a dead end if you are attacked by trolls.”

“Fantastic. You keep such a terrifying monster in the dungeon of your castle, and make sure no one gets in and comes out alive.” Tristan complained, “What should I do now? Did the demon stretch out an octopus leg and let me chop it off to get its intrinsic photon?”

“Actually, it does so often.” The Celestial Knight turned pale. “This bunker was built five hundred years ago, and there are still many things we don’t know about the structure. At first, we thought that the entrance to the dungeon was firmly sealed, but it seems that the trolls always find some small secret passage, from which tentacles reach out to attack the patrolling knights.”

“How many people died?” Arthur asked coldly.

“No dead.” Gaia knight Owen said, “The knights who were attacked were just wounded. Those secret passages seemed too small for a human body to pass through, and the troll wanted to pull people through the entrance of the secret passage into the dungeon. I ate it, but failed again and again.”

“It’s only a matter of time before the trolls find a better way to eat people,” Arthur said, “and then the first victim will appear.”

“I know, that’s why we’re having a headache,” said the Celestial Knight.

“The only way to be safe is to give up Attenborough,” Arthur said.

“What?! Do you know what you’re talking about?!” Aoyun said angrily, “Ettenberg is the headquarters of the Knights of the Western Heavens! The equipment and resources here…you didn’t say you had to give up. Just give up!!”

“But what else can you do? When someone really dies because of this, things will get bigger, and the council will intervene.” Arthur said, “Maybe even the Duke of Yones’s The title of Heavenly Knight, but also…”

“Boy, what did you say!?” Ao Yun shouted.

“It’s really unsatisfactory.” The Celestial Knight waved his hand to suppress the knight Aoyun, and said, “It was originally a trouble left over from the previous generation, but it has become my responsibility. But there is no way to transfer it. A decision as big as a base is not an easy one to pass. Let me think about it again.”

“Is human life more important or your status is more Duke?” Arthur stood up and said, “What else do you think!! If you hesitate for one more day, your knights will live in the shadow of death. It’s the right thing to do in a day. Immediately evacuate the Knights from Ettenberg! Think about it later!”

The Celestial Knight’s face twitched. But after a while, his face calmed down. “Boy, what’s your name?”

“Arthur. Arthur Kelton,” said the young knight.

“Few people dare to scold me like this in front of me. Never before has anyone scold me like this that I can’t refute. Boy, I’m starting to understand why that alcoholic Leon Dickens has such a crush on you.” The head of the Western Heavenly Knights said, “You are right. Nothing is more important than the safety of my subordinates. Go to **** with the rules! Aoyun——“

“Yes, Captain.” Knight Gaia responded.

“The order goes on, and now let all the Knights prepare to evacuate Eten. We will move the headquarters to Riedelberg starting tomorrow morning, and that’s it.”

“Yes, Master Chief.” Ao Yun walked out.

“But your problem hasn’t been solved yet.” The Celestial Knight continued to eat as if nothing was wrong, looked at Arthur and said, “How are you going to deal with the deep sea trolls?”

“Empty the fort first, then…we’ll do the bait,” Arthur said.

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