Light Spirit Epic Chapter 568: Fighting in the Dark Abyss (11)


Chapter 568: Fierce Fight in the Dark Abyss (11)

The golem twitched slightly and immediately started playing the file:

“Orcs, or genetically modified bio-soldiers, were originally bred to limit the riots of new humans.”

The unexpected answer surprised both Palamides and Tut, but they didn’t have time to be stunned, and the golem continued to speak.

“However, the crew was ultimately unable to escape the fate of [Soul Decay]. Realizing that they could not avoid death, the issue of controlling the new humans became irrelevant. The development of the orcs was terminated for a time, until the emergence of [Boundless Darkness] , only to be put on the agenda again.”

“The final resolution decided to freeze three million dragons, werewolves, tigers, leopards, elephants, rabbits, and bears, and put them in the isolation of the Great Firewall. Indoor.

In the event of an environmental crisis of [Darkness] leakage in the future, these genetic soldiers will be unsealed along with the [Great Firewall] and placed on both sides of the wall to be responsible for the protection of the wall.

Once the environmental crisis is resolved, or it is confirmed to be a false alarm, the leaders of the various units of the genetic soldiers will be summoned to merge the [Activation Key] to lift the blockade of the [Great Firewall]. “

The golem is still talking, but Tut’s face is already ashen: “It’s a little bit different from my guess, but… it’s true!”

Palamidis also looked embarrassed: “We are not made by humans. What caused us such hardships, from the beginning, were the gods, our creators——“

The orcs turned out to be just tools made by the gods. The original mission of the orcs was to [suppress the rioting new human beings], but it was later changed to [protect the wall of the world].

Now, let alone forgetting the original mission, the orcs are stupid enough to go against their mission and want to open the walls of the world.

This race that has forgotten Ben because of hunger and poverty, blames everything on human beings, intends to exterminate human beings, and **** everything that human beings have. Did the ancient gods who created the orcs ever expected all this?

“It’s weird.” Vivian asked after listening to the record carefully, “Where are the foxes? Don’t the orcs have seven clans? Where did the fox people go? What is that dragon race?”

Palamides and Tut looked at each other: The fox-man was indeed not mentioned in the records just now.

“Search: Foxren.”

“The search is complete, and 0 results were found.”

“Search: Romani.”

“The search is complete, and 0 results were found.”

“Tsk! Stupid Golem!” Palamidis frowned deeper.

“Don’t blame it, the search results have nothing to do with it.” Vivian pondered calmly, “Our understanding may be wrong. Well, it was wrong from the beginning.”

“What do you mean, Lady Goddess?” Tut also showed a puzzled expression.

“Maybe, I mean maybe——” Vivian cast her eyes into the dark distance, “The foxes were never [Gene Soldiers] made by the gods.

They are completely different creatures, but they have mixed in as [orcs], pretending to be one of yours.

——Perhaps, they were just [something] in fox fur. “

This startling argument makes big cats and elephants dumbfounded again.

“That’s right.” Vivian thought for a second, and seemed to have found a new breakthrough: “Restart the search. Keywords: orcs, countermeasures for rebellion, virus, biochemical weapons.”

Palamidis gasped for breath. Before he could relax, the golem had already answered: “The search is complete, it took one second, and 1 result was found, and now it starts playing:

In order to prevent the genetic soldiers (orcs) from repeating the same mistakes of the new human rebellion, self-destruction factors have been embedded in their genes.

The activation of this factor satisfies any of the following conditions:

One, when they attack any of the pioneers;

Second, when the number of ethnic groups in each of their clans is greater than six million;

Three, when they are infected by [Darkness] or a token of [Darkness].

In the first case, the individuals that meet the conditions are removed;

In the second case, the elderly and sick individuals are preferentially selected for removal;

In the third case, it depends on the degree of individual infection and the degree of recovery. “

“Sure enough.” Vivian sighed.

“Sure enough? What do you mean?” Palamidis had a bad premonition.

Vivian ignored the Leopard and asked again: “Search again: genetic soldiers, self-destruction factors, signs, traits, treatments.”

“1 record found:

Once the self-destruction factor is activated, the cells of the organism will self-reverse, and cysts and rashes will appear on the skin of the organism. Without reasonable countermeasures, the organism will die from internal failure after one hundred and twenty hours.

In the event of a system misjudgment and self-destruction is required, the system administrator should be contacted to inject [mitigator] into the misjudged individual to neutralize the destruction factor. “

“Great, the children are saved.” Vivienne looked at her husband beaming.

“Uh, I still don’t understand what’s going on?” Palamidis was confused and begged for an explanation.

“If my guess is correct, this [Self-Destruction Factor] is the source of the [Scarlet Plague].” Vivian explained impatiently, “The symptoms have been confirmed, and they match exactly.”

“I, I still don’t understand.” The big cat was even more confused, “Why are the leopard people suddenly entangled with this [self-destruction factor]? They didn’t do anything wrong?”

“No. They did a very [wrong] thing: did not immediately evacuate from the [Blood of Chaos] contaminated area.” Vivian replied,

“[Blood of Chaos] was originally a by-product of Anzi, a substance obtained by Mogos after removing the dangerous ingredients in Anzi. If the orcs were exposed to this substance for a long time, they would be identified by the system as [infected]. ]. Then, the [Self-Destruction Factor] will trigger.”

The leopard warrior shrugged: “I have been in contact for a long time, and I should have been infected. Why am I fine? What about Kaos and Bagus?”

“You didn’t listen carefully.” Vivian frowned: “Didn’t you just say, [the third case will be removed depending on the degree of infection and recovery of the individual].

In other words, the system will first eliminate the most seriously infected people, as well as the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled…”

“Safir and Seglade are not sick.” Palamidis’ face darkened instantly.

(And I are no longer alive.)

Vivienne glanced at the big cat again: “You have to admit that the children are very weak because of the previous toss, and they have not fully recovered yet.”

“Okay…how about Kaos and Bagus? These two guys are deeply infected——“

“However, Kaos has mutated to resist the blood of Chaos. Bagus is still frozen in the survival capsule, and it is unclear whether he is being targeted by the Destruction Factor.”

“…Okay.” Palamidis was still fussing, and seemed to be still haunted by Vivian’s claim that the children were sick.

“The Greek side is probably in the same situation. Although they resisted the Chaos army of Morgos, the particles of [Blood of Chaos] polluted the entire city. After staying in the city for a long time, the sick orcs’ body The self-destruction factor is activated.”

Palamides recalled the situation in Greece at the time: “They had the strong men to fix the houses and the weaker men to help with the corpses, which exacerbated the infection.”

The big cat stomped: “Sure enough, the children should not be left in Greece!”

Vivian didn’t answer. The result is the same with or without staying in Greece. In the battle to stop Nidhogu, the children are still at great risk of infection. Unless they are placed away from these dangers in the first place.

However, it doesn’t help to say that now.

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