Light Spirit Epic Chapter 567: Fighting in the Dark Abyss (10)


Chapter 567: Fierce Fight in the Dark Abyss (10)

At the same time (?), the Turkic Marsh, [unnamed ruins].

After working all night, the woman breathed a sigh of relief. Her work is finally done, and only the final debugging remains.

“Pazi! Zizizizizi!” The little golem’s body jumped a few times with electric sparks, twitched twice at the same time, and immediately calmed down.

It opened its hollow metal mouth, and from that mouth issued a cold inorganic word: “The system restart is complete. Waiting for the input command.”

“It can talk?” Palamidisto leaned in curiously with his bandaged arm.

“I rewrote the core of its language so it can understand our commands.” Vivian put down the torch in her hand and tucked the tools into her hair.

Palamides looks at his wife with a strange look.

(Can you hide something in your hair?)

“What’s the matter? There’s just a subspace entrance hidden there.” Vivian waved her hand in disapproval, and tapped the golem at the same time: “Search question: How do these servers access data?”

The golem turned his head and focused his attention on the tens of millions of servers in the center of the ruins: “Confirmation: [Pioneer] Seventh Fleet’s database. Access method retrieval… through I can Read directly.”

“You can!?” Palamidis almost jumped, “Then, hurry up!”

Vivian put down the little golem, and the golem slowly walked towards the server cluster with two pitifully small legs, and immediately after approaching, two sets of extremely long metal tentacles protruded from the wires in the head.

Patriarch Tut was sitting on a server, smoking a cigarette slowly. He saw those tentacles reaching towards his crotch, so he moved away from the server with a displeased face, and sat down on the ground next to him.

The little golem connected the tentacles to several small holes on the server and began to read the server’s information.

“Search. Found 600 trillion text records, 30 trillion audio records, and 10 trillion video records. Which one do you want to see?”

“My God. This is indeed a treasure trove of information.” Vivian looked surprised, “Why didn’t I find it sooner!”

“Yes, the problem is that we won’t be able to read these records in a hundred lifetimes.” Palamidis looked gloomy.

“Not necessarily.” Vivian turned to the golem and said, “Data retrieval: keyword [Crimson Plague].”

“Retrieving data…….The retrieval is completed, it takes one second, and the matching records are found: 0.”

The big cat became more and more unhappy: “I knew things would not go so well.”

“…Leave that alone.” Tut hurriedly asked: “Data retrieval: keyword [Wall of the World].”

“Retrieving data…….The retrieval is completed, it took six seconds, and the matching records were found: 162,253,768,120.”

Tutan can’t help but hide his face. This time, there is too much data to count.

Vivian shook her head, “Strengthen the search in the previous search results. Keywords: Orcs, GMOs, Slaves, Prisoners, Forced Service, Wishers.”

The golem made a noise while it was running: “Data retrieval. ……The retrieval is completed, it took three seconds, and the matching records were found: 512,160.”

“It’s still too much. Think again.” Tut hit his head with a cigarette stick, “Strengthen the search in the previous search result. Keywords: mission, mission, honor.”

The golem made another noise, and seemed to be impatient: “Retrieving data……. The search is complete. It took one second to find matching records: 16,820 records.”

“…Keywords, dark son.” Palamidis suddenly interjected.

Clap la la la la!

The golem skipped a burst of electric sparks, and it took a while to answer: “…The search is completed, it took one second, and the matching records were found: 12.”

Pop! It seems that it was forcibly invaded by some kind of program, and the little golem made a strange noise. Just when everyone was shocked, thinking that the golem was about to break, it fell back, and a ray of light radiated from its empty eyes.

“Yes, it’s going to explode?!” Palamidis hurriedly protected his wife in front of him and kept stepping back. Tut also took a few steps back cautiously.

However, the golem was not destroyed. Instead, the light from its eyes gradually gathered in the air, forming a holographic image.

A woman’s gesture appeared in mid-air.

Since it is a holographic image composed of monochromatic light, it has long been impossible to verify the color of the details on this woman. Everyone can only see that this is a woman in a white research suit, and…

She has a lot in common with Vivienne! All in all, she’s a pretty standard beauty.

“enshun’sqendo, s**a…” The woman began to speak an ancient language that no one could understand.

“Order: translate.” Vivian said quickly.

The golem was still functioning, and upon hearing Vivian’s order, immediately began to translate the words of the woman in the hologram:

“[It] is our sin. It seems to be stopped by some force, but only temporarily. In order to completely eliminate it from this space and time, we designed the [Physics Holy Sword]; To restore the world damaged in the process of undoing, we developed the [Spiritual Holy Grail].”

“What is she talking about?” Palamy couldn’t help but leaned into his wife’s ear and asked.

“Probably talking about Anzi.” Vivian covered the big cat’s mouth, “Don’t be noisy, listen to her first and then talk about Because of its great power, the true power of the holy sword is It has been sealed and can only be opened when the Holy Grail exists at the same time. And the Holy Grail……..”

Pop, pop, pop, pop. The golem jumped again, and the holographic image was interrupted by the noise and disappeared.

“No?! Are you kidding me!?”

“Order: Restart the video recording just now!” Vivian hurriedly said.

“Retrieve. . . . cannot be restarted. Record does not exist,” replied the golem.

“Damn it.” Tut waved his pipe.

“I’m afraid it’s an encrypted record. It is automatically played when triggered by certain conditions. After playing it once, it will be automatically destroyed.” Vivian frowned, “Damn, that data is completely destroyed, and I will never check it again. Not anymore.”

“Ignore that for now. What about the remaining eleven records?” Tut asked anxiously.

Vivian walked over and helped the golem up: “Order: Print a list of records.”

“Execute the printing protocol.” The golem shoots light from its eyes again, forming a holographic image: “Printing completed.”

Eleven folders appear as holograms with file names clearly marked in English.

One of the files immediately caught the eye of the Elephant Patriarch: “Golem, play file No. 7, [the orc army is put into use].”

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