Light Spirit Epic Chapter 528: Melee on the Frontline (12)


Chapter 528 The melee on the front line (twelve)

“What?! What do you want to do?” Evan was shocked.

He immediately understood Tristan’s thoughts, and the more he understood, the more he could not agree: “No! This is too risky! I still can’t control the voltage of the lightning enchantment well!”

A moderate amount of electric shock can numb the wound and relieve the pain. But if it is not controlled properly, Tristan’s heart will be paralyzed by the electric shock, and he will die instantly.

“Look,” Tristan shot several ice arrows, temporarily blocking the enemy attacking from the other side, “We will die if we continue like this. There is a chance to be rescued, don’t you want to gamble once?”

“Is it a bet again?”

“This time, I’m on the same side as you, betting we’ll succeed,” Tristan pleaded, “Go ahead, comrade in arms.”

Ivan was silent, he condensed a lightning ball in his hand, and used [Lightning Enchantment] to make a small amount of gas in the air flow with electricity, and then wrapped it in the enchantment. (This is very close to using magic)

He tried to minimize the power of the lightning ball. He didn’t know what to do, and only hoped that this blow would not electrocute or stun Tristan: “I’m going to do it, grit my teeth.”

Smack! The electric ball exploded on Tristan’s broken arm. The murloc boy only felt a numbness in his arm.

While paralyzed, he also felt a burst of relief. The excruciating pain that made him sweat out for a while subsided.

“Hold me tight, I’m running.” Tristan made an ice skateboard and the two stepped on it.

“Is this again? But——“

“Wow ah ah ah ah!” Ivan said only half of his words, he was immediately dashed out by Tristan’s ice skateboard and dashed through the enemy group!

“Crouch down! Lower your weight! You don’t want to hit anything, especially at this speed!” Tristan continues to use kinetic magic to speed up the skateboard, and the skateboard takes two teenagers in a frenzy. Speeding out, they can only use the inertia of their bodies to make the skateboard change direction very slightly to avoid the countless enemy troops oncoming!

“Go there! There are fewer enemies there!” Ivan shouted. The two leaned to the left at the same time, their arms almost touched the ground, and the ice skateboard drew a huge arc and deflected to the left! It quickly left the enemy’s battle formation and came to a relatively open area!

“Ugh!” Tristan also slowed the skateboard down, the paralyzing effect was over, and the wound on his arm started to hurt again. He had to stop the skateboard before he could control it.

“We escaped. But?——” Ivan sat on the ground with one buttocks, watching hundreds of enemies in the battle formation in the distance, they still did not stop the offensive against the castle.

“This is the final blow. It’s up to the Romans,” Tristan said.

Bump bump bump bump bump! ! Countless icicles exploded in the enemy formation, forming a passage of ice.

Like Bray, the murloc prince created hundreds of ice formations on the path the ice skates had just passed. These delayed bursts of magic are only now blowing up, causing heavy casualties in the enemy line!

There are less than 400 enemies left, and allies…about 300. After the two used up all their energy, the battle situation was still at an irreversible disadvantage. The two teenagers were disappointed.

“Well, at least, we did everything we could.” Evan sighed.

“Yes, even if I die here—-” The blood loss made Tristan weaker and weaker, and his thoughts gradually became negative, “At least, I can die with you.”

Evan was silent, too tired to use any strength. The foes from afar were still besieging, and the situation was so desperate that Tristan might be right.

Boom! ! ! ! ! A strong thunder flashed down from the sky.

Spark appears in front of the two. He spit out the breath of thunder and lightning, and the thunderbolts exploded in the enemy’s formation, blasting the flesh and blood of the enemy into the sky!

“S, Spark?” Evan whispered, “Why are you here?”

“Brother (Javier) has been nagging, and you have my dragon scales on your body, and the thoughts passed over keep saying that you are about to die. It is too noisy, so I will come to see I read it.”

Yes. Ivan accidentally lost Javier’s contract dragon scale in the battle, but Spark’s dragon scale was kept in another pocket, it was still there, and during the battle, he kept sending signals to Spark for help.

Spark never admitted that Evan was his contractor. However, at the critical moment when Ivan’s life was in danger, Zidian Long rushed over to save people.

“Thank you, Spark. I owe you a favor.” Evan clenched the dragon scales tightly and said to Zidian Dragon with telepathy.

Spark doesn’t respond, just concentrates on the fight. He slashed and waved his claws, the dragon tail swept everywhere, and his mouth kept spitting out thunder and lightning dragon breath, annihilating the attacking enemy troops one by one. The Zidian Dragon took a step back, carrying a strong purple current of tens of thousands of volts all over his body, then spread his wings and slammed into it. Lightning strikes instantly knocked hundreds of enemy troops away! These enemies did not die directly, but after they fell, they were besieged by soldiers and chopped into meat sauce with random knives!

Dragons are natural “large-area slayers”, and nothing is more adept at taking out large-area kills than them.

Especially a dragon like the Purple Lightning Dragon Spark, which is fast and has a large damage range—it is a big killer on the battlefield, and a single dragon is enough to turn the tide of the war.

After the dark clouds and thunderstorms, the battlefield that killed the sky and the dark gradually revealed the light of the stars and the moon.

The war ended with the fall of the last orc.

The ground is littered with the corpses of humans and orcs, glowing pale in the moonlight.

In the crumbling castle, with broken walls and broken tiles, there are wounded and disabled soldiers, whether they are humans or orcs, they all scream for help.

“If it’s not my business, I’ll go.” Spark ignored all this, jumped into the portal and ran back to his dragon’s lair.

“Are you alright?” Javier then discovered the two on the battlefield. He turned into a fist-sized dragon regardless of his blood-covered body, and landed on Evan’s shoulder, “Why don’t you call me? You lost the dragon scales in battle?”

“Sorry. I’ll definitely find it back, even if I rummaged through this battlefield.” Evan muttered in a low voice, but his mind was not on the dragon scales.

He crouched down the dying Tristan and walked to the castle hoping to quickly rescue the seriously injured murloc prince.

“I’ve seen many battlefields, but never one like this.” Javier watched as Roman soldiers searched the battlefield for the remaining orcs.

The soldiers did not show any kindness to the enemy, instead they killed those who were still alive.

The tiger people had long since recovered from the effects of the anesthetic, and they exclaimed, begging the Roman soldiers not to kill them. But they did so in exchange for a bullet through the head.

Although Evan watched the human coalition win, he didn’t feel happy at all. It was like several other battlefields he had seen in the past few weeks, and the feeling of suffocation was indescribable.

At the same time, Stormwind Island.

Javier the Emerald Wind Dragon came to the island through the portal. He saw Spark lying in the grass and threw a small bottle full of luminous insects: “Take it, this is the reward.”

“Humph,” Spark took the bottle and sniffed it. Instead of opening it immediately, he asked, “Why do you want to help those little devils for that?”

“Am I helping them?” Javier smiled mysteriously and opened the return portal to leave, “I just can’t see, I just want to make fun of them.”

“Oh, of course you are.” Spark responded indifferently.

Javier had already jumped into the portal and returned to Evan.

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