Light Spirit Epic Chapter 527: Melee on the Frontline (11)


Chapter 527 The melee on the front line (11)

“Forget it!” Evan gave up the competition first, “Even if you won. I don’t have time to play with you, so let’s clear the siege first.” He pulled out a pistol, and the bayonet at the front of the pistol was his dragon Wu—Infinite vacuum blade.

He sprinted toward the densest area of ​​the enemy, using his lightning sword to clear the way, while slamming out countless light bullets. The bayonet on his gun stabbed the light bullet, and the enchantment of the infinite vacuum blade immediately interfered with the photons in the light bullet, bursting out hundreds of vacuum waves!

These vacuum waves exploded in the enemy’s lineup, and the extremely sharp air knives cut the maddened tigers into pieces!

However, the golems are not at all afraid of the vacuum blade’s attack. Their hard metal armor is strong enough to deflect vacuum blades. The golems targeted Evan one after another and slammed into the half-dragon boy frantically! Ivan fired an extremely slow light bullet, and his right hand subconsciously swung the lightning sword and slashed it.

Interferenced by the lightning enchantment, the light projectile did not become a vacuum blade, but a thirty-foot-wide arc that swept out! It hit several wolf golems, and the golems were shaken by the electric shock when the machine was stopped, and they were malfunctioning! Evan swept out more arcs, and these arcs hit the fuel tanks of the golems, causing bursts of explosions and blowing up everything around them!

At the same time, Tristan also charged towards the enemy line. He saw that Ivan gave up the competition first, so he used magic recklessly. He opened the way with his icy lightsaber, while compressing a powerful [Dark Blue Orb] with his left hand. He threw the terrifying sphere of negentropy and slashed at the [Dark Blue Sphere] with his sword.

The frozen sphere flew into the air, condensed with the rain in the air, and turned into a huge ice sphere with a radius of tens of feet, and it was still expanding! It flew up a little distance, expanded into a 30-foot puck, and then smashed to the ground! Tristan had already climbed into the air on his ice skateboard, slashed with his sword, and smashed the ice ball into dozens of large and sharp pieces!

The huge group of icicles that fell from the sky burst into the enemy line, and hundreds of enemy troops were hit!

They were either shredded by the sharp edges of the ice cubes, or crushed to a pulp by the massive mass of the ice cubes, and even the golems were not spared, because the cockpit was on the back of the neck of the Warg Golem and was smashed by the ice. There are countless golems with pillars piercing the cockpit, and countless golems that are directly squashed by larger icicles!


“Whoosh!!!” Tristan rode the ice skateboard and dashed left and right among the enemy forces. Ice swords and ice arrows fluttered everywhere, and wherever they passed were the tracks of the frozen enemy troops.

Despite this, there are still more than 600 orcs in the elite army. The two of them tried their best to kill unhappily, and their physical strength was almost bottomed out!

I’m afraid this battle cannot be won. At the same time that Tristan had this thought in his mind, he was accidentally caught by the claws of a mad tiger man. Four bloodstains appeared on his left arm, and blood spattered from there immediately. Stimulated by the smell of blood, the orcs were even more excited, and the offensive was even more fierce! Tristan suddenly felt like he was walking through a maze full of death traps, and he wanted to get away from it immediately!

He controlled the skateboard to leap up, drawing an arc in the air. Before he landed, dozens of maddened tiger men were already waiting for him with sharp claws on the ground! But Tristan had already earned enough time to activate the big magic while he was in the air. He grabbed the [Dark Blue Sphere] with his left hand and threw it on the ground. All enemies within ten feet freeze into popsicles! The moment Tristan landed, he mercilessly crushed the orcs on the ground.

But fatigue made him make a fatal mistake: he failed to control the balance of the skateboard, and at the same time he landed, he also slipped!

Clap! It was the sound of the murloc prince’s broken arm. His broken humerus pierced straight out of the biceps, causing his broken arm to bend back at a bizarre angle!

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tristan shouted to get up, he seemed to think shouting would relieve the pain. When he got up, dozens of enemies had already surrounded him!

He wants to use magic to get away, but here comes the problem. Whether it’s the ice enchantment in his hand, the ice skateboard, or the [Dark Blue Ball], all of them are high-level magic that requires concentration to use. Seriously injured, Tristan tried his best to endure the pain without falling unconscious, not to mention using magic to escape the siege!

He never dreamed that he would fall into such a desperate situation because of a small mistake. In the next second, the enemy was already surrounded, planning to tear this mighty murloc prince into pieces!

“Pounds!!!” A huge thunderbolt exploded beside Tristan! The electric shock made the murloc sore and numb, but it also relieved the pain in his arm.

The next second he came back to his senses, Evan had already sprinted into battle with Tristan on his back!

“What are you doing?”

“Saving you, you idiot!” Evan scolded viciously, but he himself was out of breath. At the critical moment just now, he threw the electric sword in his hand to the ground where Tristan was. A large pool of **** water on the ground melted under the stimulation of lightning, and the electric heat reaction dissolved the surrounding ice and snow together. The charged water (blood) splashed out, stunning all the besieging enemy troops. But after all, it was an emergency measure to save people, and Tristan would also be attacked. Ivan deliberately lowered the voltage of the lightning enchantment to avoid killing friendly troops.

But Evan no longer has a sword in his hand, so he can only carry the seriously injured Tristan in one hand and shoot with a gun in the other hand, retreating as he fights! The situation is extremely bad!

“Javier?! The situation is a little bad, come and help!” Evan called quickly.

He looks at Javier, who is still fighting the enemy in the distance. Cuifenglong didn’t hear it at all. Ivan was shocked, only to realize that the dragon scales in his pocket had already been accidentally lost during the melee. Without the contracted dragon scales, his spiritual connection with Javier was completely cut off, and he could no longer communicate with the dragon through telepathy.

Just when the two needed help most, their own arrogance pushed them into the abyss of despair!

Ivan stepped back while raising his gun to fire, and Tristan also used his intact right hand to fire a Frostbolt. But this can’t suppress the siege of the enemy, and it is only a matter of time before they are surrounded and killed by the enemy.

“Humph.” Evan sneered a few times.

“What are you laughing at?” Tristan asked in a low voice. At this critical moment of life and death, he regarded the other party’s sneer as a sarcasm all the time, “If you really don’t want to, just leave me quickly and run away by yourself.”

“No.” Evan answered briefly, still raising his gun to shoot.

“We’re idiots. To get into such a dead end for a silly bet. You’re right. I’ve always been a powerless little brat. If it weren’t for the power of equipment and weapons , there’s no way to get to this Oh, you finally realized this fact?” Tristan spit out the frost dragon breath, forcing the rushing enemy back. But the distraction caused by the pain greatly reduced the power of his dragon’s breath. The supposedly powerful dragon’s breath could only temporarily freeze the enemy for a while.

“I also apologize to you. I’m not much better than you, and I can’t fight without these talents.

——No, I’m afraid I’m worse than you. He was obviously just a young boy, but after gaining Xianweier’s knowledge and power, he was actually floating. I’m sorry for saying a lot of things to you. “

“Well, I get it.” Evan shot several bullets, and the guns landed precisely on the head of the rushing mad tiger man. The light bullet pierced through the enemy’s eyes and shot directly to the head, preventing the deadly charge.

“Look, we don’t necessarily need to be friends. I don’t have the luxury of expecting you to be my friend,” Evan said, “—but we are comrades in arms. Companions who can rely on each other on the battlefield. Is this possible?”

“I have absolutely no objection.” Tristan smiled.

The murloc prince put down his arrogance. He knew that at this critical juncture, he and Evan could only survive by relying on each other.

He had a flash of inspiration and said to Evan: “Can you do the electric shock you just made with your bare hands again? Do it again with my arm.”

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