Light Spirit Epic Chapter 501: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (17)


Chapter 501: The Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (Seventeen)

At the same time, Arthur and the White Tower of the Holy Spirit continue to fight to the death.

Three stone bricks shot at Arthur’s forehead from three directions: front, back, and left! The knight rolled his body into a ball and let the stone bricks fly over his head.

He has a plan to fight back, but he doesn’t have the ability to carry it out, which makes him very distressed.

The White Tower of the Holy Spirit can control the walls in this spherical space and change the attack trajectory of the floating stone bricks by moving the angle of the stone bricks on the wall.

Arthur wanted a similar effect, directing the stone bricks that were shot towards him so that they hit the same spot on the wall, causing damage to the wall.

Stone bricks fly. Arthur raised his griffon shield to block, trying to use the shield to change the trajectory of the stone bricks. But he failed: the plankton brick is not an ideal collider, it’s not even a sphere. The angle of the bounce back is extremely difficult to control.

Touch! Another stone brick came flying. Arthur slashed at it with his sword. The stone brick deflected at a certain angle and flew past Arthur’s left leg, causing Arthur to suffer a little.

Slashing with a sword is more difficult to control. It’s a risky thing to do, and the deviated track could still hurt Arthur.

If only there was a way to guide the direction of movement of the stone bricks.

“Use me.” A voice echoed in Arthur’s head.


“Use me!”

The Sheath of Kings emits an unusual amount of heat. Arthur has a weird feeling that this sheath has more abilities, besides activating [Spellbreaker] and summoning the Griffin Shield, I’m afraid there is something else——

Two more stone bricks came to Arthur.

“Use me! Immediately!”

Arthur didn’t have time to hesitate. He raised the King’s Sheath in an attempt to activate its third ability. He didn’t even know what this ability was, so he could only keep thinking in his mind, “To activate the ability other than [Spellbreaker] and [Griffin Shield]”.

The next moment, Arthur found himself “moving”.

His body did not move, but his [image] moved a few yards away from him.

This is the ability of the Holy Spirit White Knight in the previous battle——[Mirage Phantom].

Most of the White Knight’s power is absorbed by the King’s Sheath, allowing Arthur to use this ability as well.

Although the timing and duration of activation are different (deteriorated) than the original ability of the White Knight, it is better than nothing at all!

Arthur has one more tactic available.

Whoosh! Two stone bricks flew past Arthur’s forehead, and Arthur remembered that his body had only become transparent, and it was still in its original position. The attack accuracy of the stone brick itself is not very good, which saved Arthur’s life.

The vision lasted for only a second before returning to Arthur’s original position. Before more stone bricks came, Arthur activated [Mirage Phantom] again, projecting his own image on the wall dozens of yards away.

The floating stone bricks immediately chased the image and flew away, not at all doubting that it was fake. In other words, the White Tower of the Holy Spirit has no real thinking ability. It relies on chasing images to make attacks, and all attacks are completed automatically. Even the nail wall turned over, trying to stab Arthur’s phantom next to the wall.

Clap clap clap! The stone bricks penetrated Arthur’s phantom and hit the nailed wall, causing no small amount of damage.

Slap. There are a few cracks in the nail wall.

That’s it! Arthur had already raised the Sword of the Holy King, enlarged a thirty-foot blade, and swept across it!

Hit the wall, and the stone brick that was about to bounce back was swept back by the blade and hit the wall again!

Slap! The wall was knocked out with more cracks!

Arthur knew that wasn’t enough. He had already squeezed out a dragon fireball and threw it at the wall.

The fireball did not hit the wall, but instead exploded on the stone bricks that had just bounced. The fireball exploded, and the powerful impact pushed the floating stone brick back again!

Clap! The wall cracked a big chunk!

Then, everything started going crazy.

Dozens of floating stone bricks fluttered in this gravity-free space. Arthur couldn’t take care of so much. As soon as his phantom disappeared, he launched another phantom again, while maintaining the huge light of the holy sword in his hand. Blade, sweep sweep sweep! Sweep the floating stone bricks flying everywhere and move quickly!

Stone bricks began to collide against the surfaces of the sphere, and the orbits were altered by the frescoes, flying toward Arthur’s vision.

Dozens of floating stone bricks hit the wall at the same time, smashing the wall to pieces and breaking out more floating stone bricks!

How could Arthur miss this great opportunity, his flame ball is already ready to go. The fireball blew up on the pile of stone bricks, making these ten bricks fly around like marbles!

Arthur knew it wasn’t flying around. If he flies around, he will be killed by stray bullets himself. Because the inner wall of the White Tower of the Holy Spirit can control the trajectory of the stone bricks, Arthur can induce the stone bricks in the direction he wants.

At the same time that the group of stone bricks flew out, Arthur’s phantom also disappeared. Timing is critical! Before the floating stone bricks hit the wall, Arthur activated the Mirage Phantom again, and induced the stone bricks to the other wall!

Then, the furious rain of stone bricks smashes the walls, releasing more floating stone bricks! Arthur’s fireball followed and exploded on these stone bricks, causing them to fly away, causing secondary damage and continuing to create more stone bricks!

This cycle has been repeated four or five times, and there are already thousands of floating stone bricks flying in this vast, gravity-free space. The inner wall of the sphere was also horribly damaged, and it was close to collapse at any time!

Arthur wasn’t much better, he was in a frenzied flurry of thousands of floating stone bricks that could hit him at any moment. There is no time to hesitate!

His hands are not idle for a keep making fireballs, keep throwing them! The sound of explosions began to sound, dyeing everything around them red. He frantically accelerated the self-destruction of the Holy Spirit White Tower while carefully avoiding stray bullets.

Fortunately, Baita always wanted to control the trajectory, so that the stone bricks flew towards the phantom created by Arthur, which greatly reduced the chance of Arthur being hit!

Then, the moment of the end came.

Even the White Pagoda itself could no longer control the chaos. Tens of thousands of stone bricks were flying around in the gravity-free space, smashing at the knights one after another! This heavy and intensive attack was impossible to avoid, so Arthur had no choice but to use the Griffon Shield to wrap his body, hoping to survive this final time!

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap! ! Tens of millions of stone bricks fell like raindrops, bursting with furious noises on the shield.

Be patient, be patient!

Arthur didn’t know how long the Griffon Shield would actually last, so he could only pray.

Touch! ! ! ! ! The explosion from the outside was more intense.

Swish Swish Swish! Thousands of winds began to roll around the shield.

The Griffin Shield is finally gone. Arthur came back to his senses and saw the entire sphere cracked into dozens of petals, and all the floating stone bricks flew away from the crack!

A human-sized glowing cube appears in the center of the sphere, which appears to be the core of the Holy Spirit.

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