Light Spirit Epic Chapter 500: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (16)


Chapter 500: The Fierce Battle Against the Celestial Pole (Sixteen)

Swish swish swish! Five stone bricks attacked from five directions at the same time, pointing directly at Arthur’s back, waist, head and legs!

Seeing that Arthur couldn’t dodge, he rolled up into a ball, activated the Griffon Shield, and completely wrapped himself with the huge shield!

Clap clap clap clap! The five stone bricks hit the shield almost simultaneously, causing Arthur to spin. Arthur retracted his shield and immediately spread his wings to control his posture. Unexpectedly, the stone bricks that had just bounced collided with each other, and one of them, after a complicated collision with each other, actually folded back and hit Arthur!

Touch! This attack hit Arthur’s right chest firmly, and Arthur spat out a mouthful of blood! He hasn’t recovered his breath yet, and his body has been slammed into the wall by the impact!

As before, the spikes turned out from the wall, waiting for Arthur to slam into it!

Arthur had to quickly use the dragon flame to squeeze a flame ball and threw it against the wall. The impact of the fireball’s explosion slowed Arthur’s momentum and saved Arthur’s life! But at the same time he turned to face the wall, there were two stone bricks smashing from behind!

Arthur didn’t have time to turn around to dodge, so he had to take a risk and slash a sword with his backhand!

Pop! A stone brick slammed into the Sword of the Holy King and flew out diagonally, digging away a piece of meat from Arthur’s arm; the other one hit the lower left of Arthur’s waist, just in the position of his left kidney!

It hurts! Super painful! ! Arthur just felt dizzy and dizzy!

In addition to being an organ that filters metabolic waste from the blood, the kidneys are also glands responsible for producing various hormones.

When it is hit hard, it spasms violently, producing large amounts of prostaglandins—a potent pain-producing hormone. This kind of pain is hundreds of times that of ordinary flesh injuries!

Dizzy from the pain, Arthur, who was about to lose consciousness, held on to his own mind. He couldn’t hesitate, the wall of nails in front of him did not disappear at all, and the violent impact just now pushed Arthur above the wall of nails again!

It’s too late to use the fireball. Arthur raised the sword of the king and the scabbard of the king at the same time, and used them to stab the wall!

The fulcrum formed by the two weapons allowed Arthur to avoid most of the impact, but his lower body had a huge amount of kinetic energy, and he involuntarily slammed into the nailed wall!

Smack! With no other way, Arthur had to straighten his feet to support his lower body. His feet inevitably hit the nails!

Fortunately, the nail wall is made up of skull-sized cubes of stone bricks, with certain gaps between the cubes. Arthur collided with both feet, only destroying the left foot; the iron boot of the right foot was stuck between the gaps of the stone bricks, and the nails were not penetrated! ——But Arthur’s right toe still suffered a lot, and it hurt so much!

Swish swish swish! Five stone bricks also came after Arthur. Arthur faced the nailed wall and his back to the floating stone bricks. It was too late to avoid it. If he wanted to block it, he would be hit by the huge kinetic energy of the five stone bricks and pressed on the nailed wall!

Arthur can only kick the nails with his feet and use the reaction force of the wall to make a big turn over, turning over a hundred and eighty degrees, and turning his back to the wall!

Clap clap clap clap! Five stone bricks have been smashed into Arthur’s original position, which is the original nail wall!

Clap! ——Some of the nailed walls cracked during the impact of the stone bricks!

Sure enough, the wall will still crack when it is attacked intensively. The ability of stone bricks to absorb shocks has a recovery limit, and it is impossible to absorb an infinite number of shocks in an infinitely short period of time.

The Holy Spirit White Pagoda did not release a large number of stone bricks, precisely to reduce the number of wall collisions in a short period of time!

Three? No, maybe two. The two stone bricks hit the wall at the same point just now, causing the wall to be destroyed.

Arthur had a flash of inspiration and seemed to have thought of a way to crack it.

At the same time, the [Silver Shadow] spacecraft.

Bediver, who closed his eyes tightly in order not to be so embarrassed, fell asleep again in a daze.

When he wakes up, he sees Ryder opening his pod and staring at Bedivere’s body.

The werewolf boy who opened his eyes just happened to meet the eyes of the rabbit.

“Ouch!” Ryder was startled and immediately hid.

Bedivere crawled out of the pod and found himself wearing only one pair of shorts and scabs all over his body. He understood what Ryder was looking at just now.

Ryder wasn’t much better either. No, his condition should be more serious.

But Bedivere was hurt for Ryder. Ryder must have felt bad when he saw his friend covered in wounds.

The werewolf boy crawled out of the survival capsule in confusion. Although the organic gel had been emptied, he was still sticky and uncomfortable.

“How long until the battle begins?” Bedivere asked. He did not console Ryder, lest it be self-defeating.

“We’re almost there, less than half an hour left.” Ryder whispered.

“Just right, I’m going to take a bath——“

“No! Vivian asked me to tell you before she left. It’s best not to wash off the organic gel on her body, it can prevent the wound from splitting. Also, it’s best not to get water on the wound in the short term.”

Bediver is embarrassed, the werewolf boy who loves cleanliness (?) can’t stand the feeling of being sticky.

The rabbit handed over a towel: “It’s good to dry it.”

Bedevier had to compromise: “Okay. Thank you.”

“No… I should say thank you.” Ryder turned his face away, avoiding Brady’s gaze.

The werewolf boy kept silent, rubbed a dry towel on his body, trying to absorb the moisture from his hair as soon as possible, and then leave here.

“Why? People like me have betrayed you time and time again, so why are you still willing to sacrifice your life to save me?”

This is the last question Bedivere wants to answer. Answering it is useless, it will only add to Ryder’s guilt.

“…you can’t just die.” Bedivere avoided the other party’s question with ambiguous words.

“Others will die. They even think I’m dead.” Ryder looked a little excited, “Are you trying to be a hero by rushing out to save me in this situation? You will die too!”

“I won’t die.” The werewolf boy replied in a low voice, with a certain brilliance in his eyes, “I will protect everyone around me and will not let more people die.”

He looked at the rabbit boy: “You are not helpless. You still have a good side.”

Stupid Bedivere has misinterpreted Ryder’s question. But the werewolf boy’s answer unexpectedly contained deep meaning, which made the rabbit stunned.

(A person like me, where is it?)

(Don’t look down on me like that, please!)

(I’m just a small, ugly, selfish, mean, ignorant, clumsy…)

(Just a villain.)

Buzz, buzz, buzz. A rapid alarm sound interrupted their thoughts. Bedivere had just dried his head and frowned, “Has it started?!”

“Hurry up and put it on!” Ryder picked up his mood and threw Brady’s clothes and armor over. “It’s time for a decisive battle.”

The werewolf boy only spent three minutes getting dressed and armored.

Vivienne modified the frame of the armor to have elastic expansion joints between the frames, making it more personal and convenient to wear—the arm armor and leg armor can be put directly on the body.

(But, it’s still sticky. The **** organogel…)

The two hurriedly prepared themselves and ran into the control room of the spacecraft, where the other crew members were already looked through the glass window and saw a string of strings floating high in the air. island. These islands are linked one by one with huge chains to form a spectacular floating island group.

“Wow, what is this all about? An island floating in the air? Is this science?!” Bedivere couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Since we can even have a spaceship floating in the sky, why can’t we have an island floating in the sky?” Vivian said disapprovingly. In order to save Ryder, Bedivere smashed a lot of holes in Vivian’s spaceship, and she is still angry.

“Okay.” Her husband Palamidis hugged Vivian in comfort, looking at the last island on the floating island group.

There is a huge black shadow there, which looks like a mountain at first glance, but on closer inspection, its shape is different from that of a mountain. It stood strangely, like a black ghost in this hidden world.

“Is that the one?” Kaos asked in a low voice.

The thousand-foot-tall, huge mountain-like [Destroyer Demon Dragon-Nidhogu] was sleeping quietly on the last floating island in the Avalon Pure Land.

At its feet, there are tens of thousands of mixed armies composed of undead warriors, beasts, and red-robed warlock golems.

Morgoth arrived more than ten hours earlier than Vivienne and her group, and deployed heavy troops to guard it. Before she can successfully activate the Nidhogg Golem, the mighty army will do everything in its power to delay Vivian and his party.

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