Light Spirit Epic Chapter 498: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (14)


Chapter 498: The fierce battle in the sky (fourteen)

At the same time, Rome.

The evil star walks through the castle in Brindisi, dressed in civilian clothes. This is also the first free activity of Xinghuilong since his recovery. He carefully observed the heavily guarded castle, fortified with dozens of layers of marble and steel.

What a great castle. Since it has been the front line of confrontation with the Underdark since ancient times, it is often infested by various pirate ships of the orcs. Its city walls are reinforced to dozens of feet thick and more than 300 feet high. Passing ships swarmed into a hornet’s nest.

The entire castle is made up of countless blocks of marble rocks with heights and widths of more than ten feet. The joints are firmly fixed with steel and button nails. Stones have powerful enchantments that make them stronger than steel.

The evil star does not know much about human society, but the dragon also knows that the ancients were very good at using stones for enchanting. Stones, especially all kinds of volcanic rocks, are capable of attaching extremely large numbers of photons, making them harder than steel.

Metals can attach far fewer photons. In addition to silver, gold, platinum and black gold, there are four kinds of metals that can attach a lot of photons – but these four are rare soft metals, expensive and not easy to be processed into weapons (too soft) Therefore, stone has undoubtedly become the favorite building material of ancient people, and even the material of weapons.

In fact, in the long life of the dragon, he has also encountered humans who attacked him with stone swords. Stone swords are sometimes made heavier than iron swords, and they are not easy to deal with.

The evil star is lost in the memory, and has reached his destination by walking.

Charlotte sat quietly in the medical room, reading a novel and drinking black tea, living her time like a young lady. On the side, there was a leopard girl who was unconscious.

“Well, what’s the situation?” Sha Xing was still a little stunned when he walked in.

“Oh, is that you?” Charlotte put down her teacup, and the delicate carved white porcelain teacup in her hand collided with the cup holder on the table, making a crisp sound.

“My brother and the others have all gone out to fight. I can’t be idle here, so I help guard the prisoners of war.”

“Prisoner of war? This guy?” Sha Xing glanced at the Snow Leopard girl lying on the hospital bed. The leopard man had a thick bandage on his chest, as if he had been stabbed. Her face was pale, and there was cold sweat oozing from her forehead, and the situation was not optimistic.

“This kind of half-dead person also needs you to guard?” The blond boy held his chin and thought for a while, “A strong woman like you should have gone into battle to kill the enemy and show your skills—Ow! It hurts! Why did you kick me?!”

“You really are a stupid dragon who doesn’t understand the world.” Charlotte looked unhappy, and her words became colder, “What’s the matter, has the injury healed?”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Although the evil star is still very weak, how can he show weakness in front of others, “The injury is almost completely healed, and most of the strength has recovered.”

“Oh? But you don’t have scales yet,” Charlotte teased. Xinghuilong was so weak that he almost died because the scales on his body were plucked out.

Now he is only wearing dark blue casual clothes, dressed like a son of a human nobleman. The arms protruding from the short-sleeved shirt and the calves protruding from the knee-length shorts had smooth and fair skin—not like a flying tuatara with dragon scales at all.

“Oh, did you say that?” The evil star raised his right arm in show. Immediately, his right arm was covered with a thin layer of golden scales, which thickened and keratinized in large chunks, and gathered together, turning into something like a gauntlet.

“After I was stripped of the dragon scales, I suddenly mastered the trick to becoming a human.” Sha Xing took off his shirt, “Look, now the whole body has smooth skin, and the armor-like scales are only needed when needed. It’s very convenient to change it only when you don’t believe me, I can let you check it again.”

After speaking, he began to take off his pants.

“No, stop!” Charlotte hurriedly stopped: “Got it, I believe it, you don’t need to take it off and show it to me. You perverted showman.”

Shaxing still looked puzzled: “I was naked all day long when I was a dragon, what’s the problem——“

“There is a problem with being naked if you turn into a human. Please respect yourself!” the girl said with suppressed anger.

“Okay.” The evil star lifted his pants and put on his shirt, “Speaking of which, Charlotte, I’m here to say goodbye.”

“Oh, are you leaving?” The girl didn’t have a particularly big reaction, only a trace of loneliness crossed her face, “After all, it’s a dragon, and it doesn’t fit in with the human world, so it’s better to go back to your group. “

“Well, no.” Sha Xing shrugged, feeling a little disappointed by Charlotte’s indifference, “I plan to go back and persuade other dragons to join the war. Although they are all selfish and arrogant, they will not listen to persuasion. but I think I can persuade some dragons.”

“Well, okay. Good luck,” Charlotte replied, still nonchalantly.

“…Then, Charlotte, before I leave, I have a request.” Sha Xing asked shyly, “Can you date me again?”

The blond girl’s face changed immediately, she put down the book in her hand, stood up and said in an instructive tone: “Don’t be too aggressive, stupid dragon! On the previous date, I saw that you were about to die, so I’m sorry you agreed to it. Yes. You are healed now, and tomorrow is not the end of the world, why do you want me to accompany you to make trouble again?!”

“Only, it’s just to play, isn’t this kind of date okay?” Shaxing muttered.

Charlotte doesn’t care about the evil star’s reason: “I’m human, not for you! Go find a female dragon to be your girlfriend, idiot!”

“Yes, but…” Shaxing said hesitantly, “I don’t know many dragons…”

“Go get to know more!”

“Uh…” Sha Xing was speechless. Of course Charlotte didn’t know Sha Xing’s background, much less knew that Xinghuilong was regarded as the [wild species] of the Dragon Emperor since he was a child. Despised by the dragons.

Being so ruthlessly rejected, Sha Xing felt very uncomfortable. He turned around in despair and was about to leave, but he still didn’t give up and asked: “If I died at that time, you wouldn’t hate me so much.

——If you really hate me so much, why do you want to save me? Why was the key shard taken out of my body? “

“Idiot, I can’t help you if I hate you. This is also for your own good. You should be grateful if you are alive.”

“I’ve never begged you, [let me live]. I just want to live a wonderful life and leave this world with a bang. ——Give me back the key fragments! You take Yes, right?!”

“Don’t be silly. The shards are hidden.” Charlotte’s mouth was tight.

“You took the fragments out of my body and transplanted them to others, which also means that others have to suffer the pain that I should have to bear.” The evil star began to talk nonsense, hoping to get information from the girl’s mouth, “Isn’t it very unfair to that person? You still pretend that it’s [for my own good]? Humans are really hypocritical!”

Charlotte looked disdainful: “You don’t know anything at all.”

The evil star ignored Charlotte, thinking about what to say next, and inadvertently glanced at the Snow Leopard **** the hospital bed. He suddenly thought he had figured out something, and exclaimed: “Oh, my God! Did you transplant fragments into her?!”

“What? Nonsense!” Charlotte was more and more disdainful of Shaxing’s nonsense.

“Isn’t it true? You humans are too weak to withstand the fragments, so you grabbed an orc to transplant the fragments!?

——Oh, look at this poor little girl, she must have been kidnapped by you! The fragments were forcibly transplanted into her body without her consent! How cruel! How inhumane! “

“Shh! You idiot, it’s too loud!” Charlotte hurriedly stopped, “It’s not good for others to hear your nonsense!”

“…I don’t care!” Shaxing became angry like a child and approached the Leopard girl step by step, “I’m going to take this little girl and take out her key fragments! Don’t stop me, You know you can’t stop it.”

“No, she needs to rest!” Charlotte stood in front of the Snow Leopard Girl’s bed, “Don’t come near! I’m going to call the guard!”

“It’s no use calling the guards, you know.” Shaxing still wouldn’t back down. He knew that he had the ability to kill the guards in an entire castle, this was not just to scare Charlotte!

“Ugh… you’re a dead brain!——Don’t touch her! The key fragment has nothing to do with her!” Charlotte had to say.

“…Really?” The dragon crossed his arms across his chest, showing a suspicious look.

“Really!” Charlotte lowered her voice deliberately. “The shards have been combined into a complete key, which was taken by the Archmage. He hid the key in… uh… ..”

“Where is it hidden?” The evil star threatened.

“…hidden in the body of a dragon man golem.” The girl deliberately suppressed her voice to a minimum.

As soon as Charlotte finished speaking, the evil star was stunned for a while.

Then, the dragon showed a childish smile: “Hey hey hey.”

The girl knew she had been deceived and became angry: “You did it on purpose?!”

“Sorry, I’m just curious to know.” Sha Xing grinned, “Originally, if you agreed to date me, this would be the end of the matter. But since you are so heartless, I’ll leave it alone and be satisfied first. Let’s talk about my own curiosity.”

Dragons are indeed selfish creatures.

“Hey, everyone outside! Does anyone want to know where the keys to the Wall of the World are hidden?——” Shaxing shouted loudly.

Charlotte hurriedly covered the evil star’s mouth: “Shut up! Are you crazy?!”

“I’m not crazy, this is a small revenge.” Sha Xing grabbed the girl’s hand with his left hand and removed her hand from his lips, “Hey, come and listen—– -“

Charlotte had to stretch out her other hand to cover the dragon’s mouth: “Everything you do will put the world in danger!”

Shaxing grabbed the girl’s hand again with his right hand and removed her hand from his lips, “I don’t care! The destruction of this world has nothing to do with me!! There is nothing worth lingering on. Let the world go to hell!”

He said it sincerely.

“Hey, guys——“

Charlotte was sweating profusely, her hands were caught by the evil star, and there was no way to stop the stupid dragon’s mouth.

No, there is one more.

The girl didn’t think much and leaned and pressed her mouth against the boy’s mouth.

Shaxing’s mouth was indeed gagged. Not only did he not scream, but he was honest.

The girl kissed the dragon for less than a second, then hurriedly shook off the dragon’s hands, and said shyly and angrily, “I take back what I said earlier. You are not a stupid dragon, you are cunning and selfish, I don’t want to see you again. .”

“Alright, let’s just say goodbye. I said I would leave Rome, and that’s the truth. So…bye, Charlotte.” Shaxing forced a smile and turned to leave. go.

During the quarrel between the two, the snow leopard girl Diana regained consciousness. She overheard the conversation between Shaxing and Charlotte, in particular, heard what Charlotte said, where the key to the Wall of the World is.

When Chaos was controlled by Morgoth with [Blood of Chaos], he stabbed his sister Deanna. There is still a very small amount of intrinsic photons remaining on his dagger, a photon hybrid of [Blood of Chaos] and Morgoth’s own photons.

The amount of this photon is very small, and currently it cannot control Deanna’s actions. But it can, like a spy, receive what the Snow Leopard Girl has seen and heard, convert it into information, and then pass it on to Morgos.

The secret of the key fell into the hands of the witch Mogos without knowing it.

——This is an unexpected turn of events that no one can predict.

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