Light Spirit Epic Chapter 497: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (13)


Chapter 497: The fierce battle in the sky (thirteen)

The Holy Spirit White Knight didn’t give Arthur any time to breathe and think. It rushed up again, and the long sword in his right hand swept across Arthur’s face!

Arthur raised the sheath of the king to activate [Spellbreaker], trying to expel possible illusions first.

I didn’t expect this attack to be the true body of the Holy Spirit!

The moment Arthur launched [Spellbreaker], there was a delay in his action. It was this moment of delay that put him at a disadvantage. The sword of the Holy Spirit had already slashed towards him, and the distance was very close!

Keng! Arthur raised his sword to block at the last minute. The sword sank half an inch into his face, almost slashing his ear in half! But Arthur finally blocked the fatal blow!

The teenager delivered an electric shock to the right arm at the most critical moment, again bypassing the nervous system and directly controlling the movement of the arm. This response speed close to the speed of light saved Arthur’s life!

But this kind of movement is very risky, and the movement cannot be precisely controlled. It is a miracle to be able to block with a sword like just now without piercing his head with a sword – Arthur remembers it too. I have lingering fears and dare not try again!

When the Holy Spirit saw that the sword did not succeed, the entire figure completely disappeared. It used the Mirage Phantom to project its own figure five yards to the left of Arthur, and the figure attacked again!

This one is definitely a phantom. The question is, where did its deity go?

Arthur didn’t dare to rashly activate [Spellbreaker], its flaws were too great.

Only —— can be used

The young man spit out the dragon’s breath and sprayed it directly around himself!

That is a fire dragon breath with low temperature and almost no lethality. But it has the advantage that the flame flows very slowly, consumes very little stamina, and the flame is very bright (most of the energy is converted into light energy).

The flame spreads out in a circle around Arthur, which acts as a good threat. As expected, the Holy Spirit White Knight jumped back only halfway through the attack, deliberately avoiding the flames.

It could have dashed straight through the circle of fire to Arthur. Had it done so, Arthur would have been dead by now.

But that guy is a seasoned fighter, and he’s too cautious to take any risks – especially when he sees such a dazzling flame, he doesn’t dare to attack. But in the next second, it felt that the flame had no heat, and immediately knew that it had been deceived.

Next time, it will no longer be afraid of the flames, and will come directly through the flames and kill Arthur.

Letting opponents know that fire is not lethal is exactly what Arthur wants. It is not the patent of the White Knights of the Holy Spirit to confuse the truth and the false.

Arthur knew his chance was coming, and he finally had the means to take the initiative in this battle. This method can only be used once, and the intimidation (deception) effect will be lost if you use it again.

——Once you start, you must kill with one hit.

Before the Holy Spirit attacked, Arthur condensed the dragon flame into a large fireball in his hand.

The Holy Spirit White Knight saw this huge fireball with extremely high brightness, thinking that Arthur was going to make a big move, and immediately disappeared. His form appeared in another place a few yards away, which should have been an illusion.

Then, the phantom attacked Arthur again, and both swords came out, drawing a huge arc in front!

This is the time!

Arthur threw the fireball to the ground, and the fireball exploded instantly! The low-temperature flame spreads out in a huge spherical shape, constantly expanding, wrapping everything around!

This firestorm has almost no lethality, but it burns brightly and has a strong deterrent effect on the enemy. The moment the flame burned to the Holy Spirit White Knight, it hesitated.

It was this hesitation that killed it. Arthur has already rushed to the front of the white knight with a single stride, raised his knife, and slashed at the invisible white knight!

The phantom of the White Knight stopped a few yards from Arthur, its head fell silently to the ground, and rolled a few times.

The phantom was lifted, and the white knight in front of Arthur had lost his head, and the rest of his body was standing in panic.

“Do you know what happened?” Arthur stabbed the White Knight again to prevent its body from escaping, “You can indeed create phantoms to hide where your body is. Your body can’t be seen, but it’s there. .

The firestorm spreads, the purpose is to find your body. “

A phantom is just a deflected optical image, the entity is not there, and the flames will pass through the phantom.

The body of the white knight will block the flames in front of him, forming an unnatural gap behind the knight’s “transparent”.

Arthur only needs to observe the flow of flames to find the invisible white knight and fight back.

This method is a dangerous gamble and should only be used once.

If Arthur’s true intentions were known, the White Knight would not be fooled again and escaped the firestorm’s influence before being exposed, so that Arthur would have no choice but to escape the fate of defeat;

If they were afraid of the heat of the flames, the white knight would also run away before being burned, so Arthur would miss the best chance to fight back, and he would not escape the fate of defeat.

It is precisely because of the huge contrast between the brightness and heat of this flame that the White Knight hesitated for a moment, unable to detect Arthur’s true intentions, and was finally reversed by Arthur!

Anyway, it was Arthur who won this dangerous gamble with a very small chance of winning!

The Holy White Knight relentlessly slashed at Arthur with his double swords. Arthur raised the dagger in his left hand to block, but his right hand still refused to let go of the Holy Spirit, preferring to block it with his shoulder armor. The sword of the Holy Spirit’s left hand was deeply embedded in Arthur’s shoulder, but all this was meaningless!

As long as Arthur survives this last wave of attacks, he’s already won!

“Die!” The young man dragged the blade vigorously and cut the Holy Spirit White Knight in half!

The Holy Spirit was defeated and instantly turned into white light, dancing around Arthur. These white lights moved consciously, a small part was absorbed by Arthur’s body, and most of them ran into the [King’s Sheath].

“Huh.” Arthur sat down and took a breath. He was in pain all over his body, and the wounds on his lower abdomen, shoulders and back were particularly severe, and he kept bleeding during the strenuous exercise.

The serious injury forced the young man to lie down to recover from the injury, recovering his body with the power of the King’s Sheath.

“Go over.” A voice sounded in Arthur’s mind.


“Go over and go to the square floor tile.”

This seems to be a memory left by the Holy Spirit that prompted Arthur to reach the location of King Other.

Arthur got up suspiciously, slowly moved his severely injured body, and walked to a huge square floor tile in the center of the room.

The floor tiles began to move, lifting upwards, taking Arthur up into the air. A gap was also opened in the ceiling of the santa so that the floor tiles could be moved up.

The light covered Arthur’s body. This light was the light of healing magic. The healing magic flowing from the floor tiles was healing Arthur, and the wounds on Arthur’s body were quickly healed.

“Will you heal me before the final battle with King Oser? That’s very thoughtful.” Arthur sat quietly on the floor tile, letting it send him to a higher altitude.

However, Arthur’s idea was not entirely correct.

The entire white holy tower followed closely and flew upwards. This holy tower is really not an ordinary building, it is also the Holy Spirit!

The White Tower of the Holy Spirit disintegrated instantly, turning into countless white bricks, enclosing Arthur sitting on the floor tiles in a spherical shape! The radius of the sphere is thirty feet long, and it is a large enclosed space inside, made up of countless square white bricks.

Arthur draws his weapon: “Oh, **** it!”

Arthur thought the White Knight of the Holy Spirit was the last guard, but he was completely wrong. The White Tower of the Holy Spirit is the last guard. Arthur has to break through its blockade before it can send Arthur to King Other’s seat!

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