Light Spirit Epic Chapter 488: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (5)


Chapter 488: The Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (5)

A month ago, since the fox people started using [killer whale golems] to attack human fleets, the mermaids have increased the defense of the seabed. Their siren troop was deployed along the Mediterranean coast and had been able to effectively suppress the attack of the killer whale golem.

However, ten days ago, some more powerful enemy appeared in the sea. It appeared in an instant, and disappeared in an instant, killing the sea monsters and causing heavy losses to the sea monsters of the mermaids.

In order to fight against this [unknown enemy in the sea], the troop sent by the mermaids is this [Ice Crystal] large submarine.

However, the sonar detection technology of the mermaids is exactly the same as that of human beings, and there is no room for improvement. Their sonar capabilities are limited, and they are always unable to capture this [unknown enemy] lurking in the deep sea.

Ivan, who can use the eagle eye technique to “see” movement within five kilometers, is now the last hope for mermaids.

“No way.” Tristan sighed, “Five nautical miles forward. Keep alert in the meantime. If you can’t find anything on this patrol, go back.”

Submarines can’t venture deep into the Underdark to search, God knows how many killer whale golems will be waiting for them.

“Speaking of which,” Evan started chatting while searching in order to ease the tension, “I haven’t seen Bedivere and Arthur for a long time. I wonder if they are okay.”

“Arthur’s sister, Vivian, came the day before yesterday and took Brady’s armor away. It seems that Brady will join them.” Tristan had no choice but to reply, “I hope everyone else is safe.”

(I hope Bedivere doesn’t do anything dangerous.)

“Um… It’s really not easy to stop this war.” Evan muttered to himself.

He has fought the Hungarians several times on the Germanic front. The scene was very bloody, with humans and orcs both dying a lot. The soldiers on the field were almost all untrained civilians, but the two sides pushed these civilians out to fight first. I really don’t know what they were thinking.

Germanic currently has 6 million militiamen, mainly poor people drawn from the slums of the German Empire, the Roman Kingdom, and the Pantoracken Kingdom.

The purpose of putting them on the field first is very clear…to let the scum of society die first.

What puzzled Ivan the most was that these poor people were willing to go to the battlefield in order to have a full meal in the army. They held the most primitive iron swords, and the orcs smashed each other to death with these dull irons.

The same is true of the orcs. They are all old and weak soldiers sent out. The weapons in their hands are all kinds of sticks, branches, farm implements, and even bare hands.

Ivan is a Gaia knight at any rate, and his position allows him to watch two groups of militias slaughter each other from a distance on the city walls. He could not hold back the impulse in his heart several times, and wanted to go to the battlefield to help in the battle, at least to let friendly militiamen die less. But his older brother Ao Yun Youns stopped him.

Knights must be disciplined, especially in battle. Their superior field commander did not allow the main force to attack, and Evan could not resist.

However, even if he can play, what can he do?

The orcs on the other side are just civilians, and most of them are even juvenile soldiers. If Ivan wants to go out and slaughter these orcs, can he do it?

“You know, the Hungarians seem to gather the old people and children who [do not contribute] to the clan, [too weak], and throw them into the deep pit to feed the beasts, and fatten the beasts to make rations.” Ao Yun persuaded at the time, “Now, they are just sending these people who were supposed to be the fodder for monsters to return to the battlefield. You are only facing pieces of dead meat, and their fates are all dead. It doesn’t take too much I care.”

(Even if you say so.)

(Looking at the battlefield full of corpses from a distance is still unbearable.)

“What exactly are we fighting for?” Yu Shiwen muttered.

In the dark ocean, a shadow moved momentarily. This change immediately caught Ivan’s attention, and he immediately recovered from his memory: “There is something approaching at three o’clock! It is half a mile away, and the elevation angle is twenty degrees… The speed is very fast, be careful!”

“Evasive action, full left rudder, full speed ahead!” Tristan called immediately.

“Hurry up! Two hundred yards away!” Evan urged. That black shadow is coming at an astonishingly fast pace, and if it goes on like this, it will be bumped into!

The crew on the ship worked nervously and orderly.

In the engine room, the mermaids injected more photons into the ship’s engine. The photons instantly turned into huge kinetic energy under the catalysis of the magic spell pattern, and the original water inside the engine was ejected at high speed to propel the submarine to sail.

“Sixty yards!” Evan could already see the shape of the thing clearly. It was a killer whale golem, but it was a little different from a normal killer whale golem.

As the water drains from the engine compartment, more water is forced into the engine compartment. The photons are converted into kinetic energy, and the water is jetted out again at high speed, driving the submarine to sail. This cycle goes on again and again, generating continuous propulsion!

“Twenty yards!” The thing was covered with a black, slimy-like disgusting substance. It’s this black slime that reduces the friction between the golem and the water, allowing it to move so fast!


Everyone can clearly hear the sound of the water being rolled up by the golem as it brushed past the submarine Crystal] was swayed by the current, but its shell was so strong that it seemed to be fine.

“Honestly,” Tristan asked eagerly, “is it faster or [ice crystal] faster?”

“…about the same.” Evan replied while calculating.

The thing moved half a nautical mile in half a minute, and the [Ice Crystal] sailed at full speed at sixty knots (one knot equals one nautical mile per hour), which is really comparable in speed.

[Ice Crystal] uses a vacuum membrane to reduce friction in water, and that thing also uses black mucus to reduce friction in water, no one has a particularly big advantage.

There are more than one black killer whale golems behind the submarine moving at full speed!

Five black killer whale golems are chasing the [Ice Crystal]!

“That kind of monster, the foxes actually built as many as five?!” Evan couldn’t help but marvel.

The mermaids have worked hard just to make this [Ice Crystal]. Unexpectedly, the golems made by the foxes already have the same performance, but are smaller and lighter!

In the end, modern warfare is a competition of technology. Whoever has the stronger technology will win.

Now it seems that the human allies with rich resources have lost to the fox people in technology!

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