Light Spirit Epic Chapter 487: Fighting at the Celestial Pole (4)


Chapter 487: Fierce Battle in the Celestial Pole (4)

The Holy Gecko thought he had solved the target, so he relaxed and climbed down the wall while putting away his sniper rifle.

The human-tall gecko lifted his invisibility and approached Arthur. According to the gunmen’s habit, it was going to put another shot in the head of the knight, so that the knight would surely die.

Just as it triumphantly raises its gun to shoot.

——The light blade of the Sword of the Holy King pierced its head.

“Ugh…” Lying in a pool of blood, the dying Arthur slowly got up and whispered, “Finally caught you.”

This guy can be invisible and climb walls, so he can’t catch him.

——If you can’t catch it, let it come to your door!

The Holy Ghost Gecko looked terrified and puzzled.

It turned out that when Arthur was hit by a bullet in the head, he activated a life-saving ability.

Arthur converted the photons in his body into electricity, stimulated his arm, and made his left arm move in an instant.

Directly using electricity to drive the body without going through nerves is a very risky behavior. But doing so has a very fast response time, almost close to the speed of light.

Originally, even if you can move your arm to block, you don’t know when and where to block.

But Arthur can guess. The Holy Gecko saw that Arthur was seriously injured and fell to the ground, and the final blow to end Arthur must have been a headshot.

All he had to do was move his arms to cover his head while the gunshots rang out.

The result is what it is now.

The bullet didn’t go through Arthur’s head. An arm powered by electricity instantly blocks a headshot blow at an invisible speed. The bullet embedded in Arthur’s arm bone, and the blood spewed out, which looked very similar to Arthur’s headshot.

The knight who blocked the fatal blow continued to lie on the ground and play dead, waiting for the Holy Gecko to approach triumphantly.

At the moment when it thought it was successful and defenseless, it raised its sword and pierced its head.

Looking at Arthur’s blood-stained left arm, the Holy Spirit Gecko figured it all out, but it was too late.

Arthur angrily twisted it hard, and the light blade of the Holy King’s Sword exploded in the Holy Spirit’s head.

The Holy Spirit Gecko, who lost its head, still wanted to run, so Arthur swept out a sword and chopped off the Holy Spirit’s legs. Before this damned lizard fell to the ground, Arthur had frantically drawn dozens of swords and chopped the Holy Gecko into hundreds of pieces!

The chopped Holy Gecko instantly turned into a white light, circled around the knight’s body, and was finally absorbed by Arthur’s body.

Arthur finally breathed a sigh of relief. But it wasn’t over yet, he wasn’t completely out of danger.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Arthur was already busy pulling the bullet out of his body with his hands.

Unless the warhead is pulled out, the injury to the body cannot be recovered, and it can only continue to bleed to death.

The knight cursed incessantly. The process of removing the bullet was painful, painful, very painful.

At the same time as the bullet was pulled out, the wound began to heal.

It took him more than ten minutes to remove the bullets from his body, and he even had to use a knife to dig the bullets out of his body, making himself bloody.


By the time the knight dug out the last bullet, he was too tired to move, so he had to lie down on the escalator and let the ladder take him up. He himself lost consciousness halfway through.

The unconscious boy was taken to the top of the tower by the escalator, and a figure approached.

This figure did not kill Arthur, but cast a healing magic on the boy. The figure looked at Arthur, who gradually recovered his breath, turned and left, stood on a stone brick that could rise at the top of the tower, and rode the stone brick to a higher altitude.

His destination is a white room floating at an altitude of 600,000 feet.

It’s six in the morning. somewhere in the Mediterranean.

The [Ice Crystal] submarine dives in the deep sea.

It’s shape and size are like a beautiful ice blue whale, and its whole body is crystal clear.

Its blue crystal shell reflects the light in the sea, making it almost one with the sea. If it is standing still, it is difficult to perceive its presence from any angle.

It is the ultimate embodiment of the mermaid’s shipbuilding technology. The hull is made of a large number of blue crystals. It is light and hard, and theoretically indestructible.

Contrary to human submarine technology, the [Ice Crystal] does not rely on changing displacement to dive.

The merfolk use creation magic to create extra virtual mass in the blue crystal of the ship, and the heavier hull sinks. When you want to float, you can release the virtual mass.

Doing so can make the response time of the submarine’s ups and downs extremely fast, allowing the boat to sink hundreds of feet deep in an instant, or to the surface in the next second.

The hull of the ship is even more engraved with the incantations of vacuum magic, making the crystal ship look like a finely crafted work of art — but it’s not just for aesthetics of. The vacuum magic spell can create a very thin vacuum protective film in the water, minimizing the resistance of the submarine and the water.

As a result, the [Ice Crystal] can travel at a maximum speed of 60 knots, and is surprisingly quiet: its propulsion is not achieved by a photon explosion engine, but directly consumes photons to generate kinetic energy.

In the control room of the submarine, a murloc boy sat quietly. He was wearing a pure white captain’s suit, leaning back on his captain’s seat, his eyes constantly scanning the dashboard. Dozens of mermaids by the side perform their respective duties and control the sailing of this crystal monster.

“How is it, can you find it?” Tristan asked in a low voice In such a deep sea that requires quiet navigation, it is common sense for the crew to speak in a low voice to avoid revealing the location of the submarine.

Although the sound insulation equipment of the ship is very advanced, it is not a problem to speak loudly, but they have lived on the submarine for a long time and naturally developed the habit of speaking in a low voice.

Tristan has only been the acting captain on this submarine for two weeks. He has been infected by the quiet atmosphere here. He has changed his active and chatty temperament, and has become taciturn and only selective when he speaks. The point is.

“No, there’s no sign at all. That thing is moving too fast.” The answer to Tristan was another teenager, with short dark gray hair and gray-green eyes carefully studying the deep sea. everything.

It was only a few days ago that Ivan Ewens was invited to help in the search on this submarine. Having spent some time in the German Army, he was not yet accustomed to life at sea (he was originally a landlubber).

This wobbly feeling made him uncomfortable all the time, making him constantly struggling on the borderline of seasickness – even if the merfolk told him that the submarine was already the most stable of all boats. .

Despite all reluctance, Ivan was invited–because the submarine’s sonar system was not enough to detect [an enemy] lurking in the seabed, the merfolk had to ask for a man who could use an eagle The knight of ophthalmology helps.

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