Light Spirit Epic Chapter 481: Awakening to Phantoms (1)


Chapter 481: Awakening to the Illusory Spirit (1)

Late at night, Avalon Pure Land.

Arthur wasn’t tired at all, but his eyes were still dry and unbearable after spending the night by the fire.

He couldn’t bear the dry eyes any longer and blinked.

In the blink of an eye, the landscape around him changed rapidly.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in an endless sea of ​​flowers.

In the light blue flower sea of ​​[Breath of the Sky], there are countless noctilucent insects flying, and under the stars and moon, the streamers are like a fairyland.

Greenville sat in the sea of ​​flowers, wearing only a light blue dress.

The moonlight shone on her body, and the slightly transparent dress revealed the girl’s beautiful body, reflecting a hazy, watery luster under the glow of countless luminous insects.

She smiles at the knight, a sweet smile that makes Arthur mesmerize.

The knight struggled to stay awake. He and Greenville were only resting in the stone room last second, why is there a sea of ​​flowers at this moment? It must be an illusion.

However, the fragrance of flowers that floated into Arthur’s nose, the breeze blowing on him, the touch of luminous insects that occasionally bumped into him when they were flying, all of them were very real.

Is this a dream? Arthur tried to remember. What the **** is going on?

I was clearly watching the night just now. It’s just a blink of an eye, why did it become like this?

Blink? Why am I blinking? Arthur’s mind started to mess up.

(Vigil? Was I vigil just now? For what?)

(What was I doing just now?)

(Where was I just now?)

(Huh? Who am I?)

“Arthur, come here.” The girl in front of her smiled and waved to the knight.

(Oh, yes. My name is Arthur.)

The knight walked over to the girl and looked at her. She has a more wonderful fragrance than the floral fragrance of the sea of ​​​​flowers, an indescribable sweetness.

The girl smiled and put the woven wreath on the knight, “Do you remember the promise we made when we were young?”


“Hurry up and remember. If you don’t hurry up, there will be no time.” The girl smiled wryly.

“Time, time?” The knight was even more confused.

The girl’s fingers tapped lightly on the knight’s forehead.

Arthur suddenly fell from a thousand feet in the air, falling into the abyss of memory.

“Woo, woo, woo woo woo…” The little boy, who was tattered and bruised, cried alone in the forest in the backyard.

His ankle was smashed with an iron rod and became bloody, with bone fragments scattered everywhere. Even with his strong recovery ability, such an injury will take a long time to heal.

It seems impossible to get home before sunset. His older brother Gunther did this just so that the little boy would be scolded by his father.

The anxious little boy could think of no other way but to cry, until——

A girl appears in front of him. She looked at the little boy’s injured ankle and asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you? Do you need treatment?”

He and she actually met for the first time in that form at that time and place. He can’t even remember.

“Woo, woo, woo.” The little boy was still sobbing softly, but under the girl’s healing magic, his smashed foot had basically taken shape.

“Stop crying, crybaby.” The girl smiled, “I’ll give you a spell that can heal your pain. Look at it——“

The girl kissed the boy on the cheek.

Indeed…it doesn’t hurt anymore.

The little boy felt nothing but surprise.

“Mom also often kisses me when I’m hurt and hurts. Look, it doesn’t hurt, right?” the girl laughed.

The little boy was silent, staring blankly at the girl in front of him. He has never been loved, until now.

“I helped you, remember to repay me in the future.” The girl smiled, “In the future, when I am in danger, you will sacrifice your life to protect me. My Prince Charming.”

The little boy remained silent.

“You’re really a taciturn person.” The girl laughed, “at least tell me your name, right?”

“A… Arthur. My name is Arthur.” The little boy said.

The encounter between one person and another is definitely not accidental.

Destiny is always reincarnated, turning countless circles and returning to the original point, so that every soul repeats the same and similar fate.

Karma’s reincarnation is so ever-changing and so the same.

The knight woke up from his contemplation and looked at Greenville in front of him.

No, that’s not Greenville. That is Greenville’s spirituality—the Holy Spirit White Phoenix.

She ran into Arthur’s dream and interfered with his dream. It seemed to warn the knight that some kind of danger was approaching.

Arthur is fully awake, and he draws out the dagger—and shoves it in his thigh!

“Ugh!” Arthur woke up from pain, with Greenwell’s smile still lingering on his retinas.

But this is the truth in front of him.

The stone chamber he was in had been submerged a foot deep by a liquid with a sour smell. Sitting on the ground, Arthur, who was immersed in half, only felt a stinging pain all over his body!

This is an acid, very similar to stomach acid!

This “stone room” is not a stone room at all. It is a stomach bag of some kind of creature, specially designed to lure victims into it. When the victims are hypnotized, they dissolve them with a large amount of acid and absorb them again!

This stone city is not a city at all, it is a Holy Spirit! Arthur and Greenville spent a whole day wandering in the body of this Holy Spirit White City, and they were so stupid that they crashed into the death trap set up by the Holy Spirit. After waiting all night, they fell into the trap gorgeously!

“Greenville…!” Arthur turned his head to check Greenwell’s condition, but it was very difficult for him to move his head. His body was corroded by the acid a The muscles were also slack and weak due to the acid, and they couldn’t exert any strength at all.

Greenville was lying on the stone bed. Due to the height of the stone bed, she was temporarily unaffected by the acid.

But, it’s only a matter of time…!

“Green… wake up!” Arthur tried to shout, but no sound came out.

What to do? ! If this continues, both myself and Greenville will be [digested] by this monster!

That’s right, the King’s Sheath!

The equipment is simply pinned to the knight’s waist, inches from his hand. If you can touch the sheath of the king and activate [Spellbreaker], you may be able to reverse the disadvantage!

Arthur tried to touch the weapon, but his body didn’t move. The body has been dissolved a lot, and the pain caused by the nerve tissue began to fail. In order to shield this excruciating pain, the body naturally rejects the nervous system, leaving the knight in a semi-paralyzed state!

(Damn it! The body just strikes at such a critical moment!?)

“In the future, when I am in danger, you will sacrifice your life to protect me. My Prince Charming.” The little girl’s voice resounded in Arthur’s mind again.


Clap! A sound of electric discharge sounded on Arthur. The arc slid across his right arm, and the light of electric sparks illuminated the dark stone chamber.

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