Light Spirit Epic Chapter 480: Fighting in Heaven (12)


Chapter 480: Battle in Heaven (Twelve)

At the same time, the [Silver Shadow] spacecraft, the operating room.

“Lie down, don’t move.” Vivian let Kaos lie on the operating table and began to examine the Leopard Man’s body with instruments.

The robotic arm with a beam of light scanned back and forth on the Leopard Man’s bare upper body, and blue light swept across, and the robotic arm swept gusts of cool wind over him, making Kaos very uncomfortable.

“Tell me the truth.” In order not to be so embarrassed, Kaos deliberately asked: “What do you succubus want to do? Morgos is so eager to take [Yemengard], and even to get [ Nidhogg], are you going to fight something?”

Vivian didn’t want to explain more about Anzi, she simply replied: “She is going to fight against our third sister, Morgan Le Fay.

Morgan has a mighty army of… necromancers with which she will soon overwhelm the world. It seems that Mogos made this decision because time was running out. “

“Just because of the battle of your three sisters, the world has fallen into such a huge disaster——“

“It’s no use telling me.” Vivian carefully observed the dashboard, looking for any traces of [Blood of Chaos] in Chaos, “Morgan hates everything in the world and wants to destroy the whole world. ; Morgoth treats the whole world as her plaything and wants to control everything and make herself a god. Both of them are dangerous lunatics, and I can’t stop them by my power alone.”

“…and me.” Kaos whispered.

“What did you say?”

Chaos was in a cold sweat: “No, it’s nothing.——You succubus are really powerful, you can make so many powerful artifacts.”

“Well done… This statement is also not true. [Lord of Chaos] – Demian D. The reason why the earl of Cornwell is a genius is not his knowledge. The great-great-great-grandfather is called The reason for his genius is that he can read the historical information in the object and re-engraved the original appearance of the artifact from a fragment of an ancient artifact.”

“Reading the memory of an object? Is that possible?”

“Why is it impossible? Objects contain a lot of photons, and photons carry a lot of information.” Vivian chuckled disdainfully, “For ordinary people, even if they can read the memory in the object, they will be used by them. Those tens of millions of trillions of massive information are confusing. Great-great-great-grandfather is called [the Lord of Chaos], precisely because he is good at dealing with [chaos], and can find out what he wants from the tens of millions of trillions of noise. knowledge.

——But he’s definitely not a genius scientist. He doesn’t even know science, and recreates the artifact based on the knowledge he gets. Before he completes an artifact, he doesn’t even know the purpose of the artifact.

——That’s why he created the unforgivable thing [Nidhogu]. “

“That’s why you try to remedy the mistakes of your ancestors, hum.” Kaos snorted.

Vivian’s eyes flashed fiercely: “If Morgos is willing to leave [Nidhogu] alone, I don’t need to take action at all, and that golem will sleep until the end of time. I My sister’s ambitions are too big and she has gone too far. It’s time to teach her a lesson.”

Kaos hurriedly said: “If you find her, don’t shoot at her. Let me handle her affairs. It’s my fault to let [Yemengard] fall into her hands. I will also try my best to make it up. own fault.”

“As you wish.” Vivian said indifferently, “It may be difficult to beat Morgos with your strength, but don’t die.

——Ah, found it, here it is. “Vivian suddenly picked up the electrode and poked it in Kaos’s thigh.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Kaos’s lower body was numb from the electric shock, “You, what are you doing?!”

“The structure of [Blood of Chaos] is very similar to the structure of [Shadow]. They are both very fragile and easily decomposed under high heat and high-frequency vibration.” Vivian raised the electrode nonchalantly, “Several An electric shock will clear it completely. It’s alright, just be patient.”

“Yes, but you just poked [there]——“

“I know. But a large number of [Blood of Chaos] gathered there.” Vivienne raised her eyes and looked a little sinister: “When Morgos injected you with [Blood of Chaos], what were you doing? Shouldn’t it be…to make [that part] congested?”

Kaos covered his face ashamedly, and said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Please, hurry up, solve it quickly!”

“It might be painful,” Vivian said dispassionately, “Are you sure you don’t need an anesthetic?”

“No need.” Kaos said painfully, “There will be many [inconvenient] problems a few hours after anesthesia.”

“Humph.” Vivian let the electric rod recharge the high-voltage electricity, “You are a deserving, romantic guy. Let you dare to find a strange woman to be romantic in the future!”


“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!” Kaos screamed continuously, from the operating room, echoing in the corridor.

The screams from the depths of the spaceship made Bedivere feel nervous. In order to remove the [Blood of Chaos] in his body, Chaos seems to be undergoing a very painful operation.

“That’s right.” Ser Arctor in the control room also took the opportunity to speak to Bedivere, “These two things were entrusted to you and Arthur by the Archmage. Arthur can’t find them for the time being. I’ll leave it to you for safekeeping.”

The old man took out two milky white crystals from his arms. This stone is very similar to the white amulet in Bedivere’s memory, but it is slightly different.

Although the shape and size are the same, the “content” of the two stones seems to be purer than the original amulet: it is a translucent white substance that radiates all the time so faint that it is almost invisible of light.

That’s right, the contents of the stone are completely transparent. Now seeing the whiteness of those contents, it is actually the white shimmer that it emits. If it does not emit light, it is absolutely a completely transparent substance.

Bedivere remembered that he had seen records in Morgoth’s institute.

In the record, he himself made some changes in the contents of the white amulet, triggering the [Fourth Miracle – Karma (Fate) Creation] and saving the three father and son Palamidis.

He didn’t know anything about it afterwards, completely lost the memory of the Fourth Miracle, and only recalled it by rewatching the video.

Therefore, he was moved when he saw these two newly made milky white stones. He knew the importance of these two stones: they could change fate.

“Thank you.” The werewolf boy carefully picked up two white stones, “I will definitely make good use of it.”

Although he doesn’t know how to use the [Hope Stone] at all, let alone how to activate the [Fourth Miracle].

That power is uncontrollable, and can only be activated in a certain [extreme state].

“What a terrible number of Karma (Fate).” Seeing Bedivere staring blankly at the stone, Ser Arctor continued: “Use them in the right place.”

“What? [Karma]? Not a photon?”

“No, it’s definitely not a photon in those two stones.” The old man laughed. When he smiled, the unpleasant smell of alcohol emanated from his body, making Bedivere almost vomit. The werewolf boy resisted the urge to vomit and just listened to the old man’s words.

“Photons are particles that express the laws of the world. You can simply use photons to convert time, mass, energy and But the universe expressed in this way is only a three-dimensional universe, which means…. is impossible to express the entire multi-parallel universe with photons alone.

Karma is a variable that expresses the dimension of the universe, which is purer and more immaterial than photons.

You will find that the parallel universe (four-dimensional universe) is the superposition of countless parallel projections of the three-dimensional universe we are in, and these [Karma] are the [fuel] that we travel through the parallel universe.

——They are very valuable and must be kept well, you know?

Bedivere was stunned, not knowing what to do for a while. The half-drunk, half-awake old man in front of him occasionally said something so profound, so profound that it was incomprehensible.

But Bedivere seemed to understand vaguely, and that was the part that surprised him the most.

Is his mind smarter than he thought?

Bedivere came back to his senses, only to find that everyone in the control room was fast asleep, including Ser Arctor. The old man was as drunk as mud and seemed to have fallen asleep long ago.

Was it a dream just now? Bedivere looked at the two milky white stones in his hands. The “Kama” loaded in the stone is emitting an exceptionally clear and transparent white light.

No, it’s not as simple as a dream. Bedivere shuddered and hurriedly put away the two stones.

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