Light Spirit Epic Chapter 431: Melee in the Festival Night (5)


Chapter 431 The melee in the sacrifice night (5)

And Bedivere is in the same trouble.

Argus’ Lightning Spear is an ancient heritage, and its power is on the same level as the Flame Sword. Argus wielded his spear and drew several arcs. The arcs were automatically tracked. In order to avoid being hit by the arc, the only thing Bedivere could do was to swing his Hydra spear (the dagger was tied to one end of the magic bow) the resulting spear), poke precisely at every arc that hits, and absorb the arc!

However, Argus always had the upper hand. He swung the spear a few times, and when Brady was too busy dealing with the arc, he aimed it at Brady, raised the gun, pulled it, and sprinted again. A huge thunderbolt slashed straight out, and Argus sprinted along with the thunderbolt and took Bedivere’s chest!

Incredibly fast! The tip of Argus’ spear seemed to arrive faster than the thunder and lightning that surrounded him. The tip of the spear was less than a yard away from Bedivere, and it was about to pierce a big hole in Bedivere’s chest!

The werewolf boy’s eyes widened, his adrenaline surged at this moment of life and death, slowing his sense of time. The world seemed to be playing in slow motion, and in order to save himself, Bedivere quickly withdrew the spear in his hand, raised the head of the spear, and stabbed at the tip of Argus!

Point to point, a dazzling flash burst out! The onlookers just blinked, Bedivere had been blasted away by the powerful kinetic energy of the collision, but Argus just took a step back! Argus’ Thunder Dash had very powerful kinetic energy. Even if Bedivere blocked the blow in a tight shot, the impact was still enough to knock Bedivere out for dozens of yards!

However, Argus did not stop. Bedivere, who flew out of the sky, was full of flaws, and the lightning and shock also shook the werewolf boy to the point of numbness. It was the best time to give him a fatal blow! Argus leaped over in an instant, raised his thunderbolt spear high, and fell down!

The gun body did not touch Bedivere, but an earth-shattering mad thunder flashed down from mid-air, hitting Bedivere perfectly!

“Crack!” Brady spat out a mouthful of blood. He felt as if he had been smashed hard by a huge hammer, and the muscles in his whole body were swelled and almost exploded. This momentary swelling has not subsided, he fell to the ground with his back to the sky!

Thorn! Argus has arrived and pierced Bedivere in the abdomen with a shot!

“Ah!” The werewolf boy spat out another mouthful of blood, and he was completely pinned to the ground by the opponent’s spear!

“It’s over.” Argus said ruthlessly, stepping on Bedivere on the ground with one foot. “Although it took a while, you’re not that great, aren’t you? The legendary silver wolf Belveref. That’s it?”


“Get you sorted quickly, I’m going to kill that white tiger.” Argus drew his spear, ready to stab Bedivere in the heart. He has dealt with Bedivere and will join forces with Baggs to deal with Albert!

Facing the fierce attack of the Hackett brothers, Albert has no chance of surviving alone! He will be slaughtered by the Hackett brothers!

“No!!” Bedivere disregarded his injuries and launched a mad beast! His rapidly growing body smashed away from Argus, took the spear in his mouth and slashed upwards, making a bone-deep scar on Argus’ left leg!

“Yeah!” Argus took a step back, guarding the silver wolf, “Yes, you still have this hand. I really underestimate you.”

“Ow…” Bedivere glared at the opponent and roared. The opponent came to the duel with killing intent, not only to take Bedivere’s life, but also to kill Albert. Facing such an opponent, Bedivere has no need to show mercy!

Argus raised his spear and stabbed several times, hitting several lightning balls. The electric ball flew towards the silver wolf at a neither fast nor slow speed. The silver wolf knew that there must be deceit, and ran to avoid it, but the electric ball kept following the silver wolf as if it had its own consciousness!

While Bedivere speeded up to avoid the electric balls, Argus had already swung several shots, and his lightning spear drew arcs of electric arcs. The target of the arcs was not Bedivere, but those lightning balls! At the same time as being hit by the electric arc, the lightning **** also detonated one by one in a chain, and waves of thunder and lightning storms exploded beside Bedivere!

“Ugh!” The silver wolf was blasted into the air, revealing a flaw!

“Ha!” Argus was waiting for this opportunity. He charged up again, and the powerful electricity gathered on the stun gun sent out an extremely dazzling and intense arc, slashing straight towards Bedivere in mid-air!

Bediver, who had nowhere to escape in mid-air, rolled his tongue subconsciously. The magic bow he was biting, the Fire of Nare, not only responded to his hand, it turned out that he could even use his tongue to pull the bow and arrow! The silver wolf pulled out an arrow with its tongue, and the shock wave it shot collided with Argus’ lightning!

Touch! ! The shining purple-white light passed, and Argus thought he had solved the silver wolf, but there was no sign of the huge wolf in front of his eyes. He only felt that someone was targeting him with hostility behind him!

Swish swish swish! Bedivere, who turned into a giant werewolf, pulled five arrows with his hands, and five shock waves spread out to surround all Argus’ retreats!

Argus carefully dodged sideways, and the shock wave swiped across his left shoulder, waist, left calf, right arm, and overhead, but it did not cause much damage to him! He also has certain attainments in the use of mind and eye, so he will not be hit by long-distance attacks so easily!

But that’s what Bedivere expected! The five arrows he fired were meant to limit Argus’ movement. At the same time that Argus was distracted and slowed down to avoid the attack, Bedivere was already rushing towards Argus!

Seeing that the situation is not good, Argus swept a shot at Bedivere hoping to push back or at least block Bedivere’s attack! But the figure of the werewolf boy disappeared from the leopard man’s field of vision in an instant!

Plan! A cold light slashed from bottom to top, from Argus’ left abdomen to his right shoulder! The Leopard Man had just felt the pain before he understood what was going on: Bedivere used lycanthropy before being swept away by Argus’ spear, and he turned into a little wolf to avoid Argus’ attack , at the same time biting his magic bow (long spear), raised the spear and slashed diagonally, giving Argus a heavy blow!

While Argus was injured and hesitated, Bedivere gave him several more claws! The silver wolf’s sharp claws slashed on Argus’ thigh, lower abdomen, and chest, leaving dozens of bloodstains!

“Ah hoo!” The silver wolf flew up and knocked Argus out with a hammer! Argus flew dozens of yards and slammed to the ground!

“Ha, ha, ha, how’s it going!” Bedi turned back into a human form, grabbed the lightning spear dropped by Argus, and shouted, panting, “Do you want to continue fighting?!”

“Ugh…” Argus wanted to get up, but his injuries were very serious, and the weapon in his hand was snatched away by Bedivere, and there was nothing he could do.

“Humph!” Brady tore another strip of cloth from his clothes, quickly bandaged the wound on his abdomen pierced by Argus’ blow, and then looked over to Albert.

His fears have long since become reality, and Albert is in a tough fight.

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