Light Spirit Epic Chapter 430: Melee in the Festival Night (4)


Chapter 430 The melee in the sacrifice night (four)

At the same time, a fierce battle was going on in the city of Athens.

Bedivere swung sideways, dodging Argus’ spear.

However, Argus’ gun was charged with high voltage, and even if he avoided it, there were still several arcs that thundered, and the arcs that seemed to be alive roared relentlessly, slashing straight to Bedivere!

“Wow!” Bedi was shocked by the strong electric shock, and took a few steps back, almost falling to the ground!

Argus gave his opponent no room to breathe, and his spear stabbed again, straight to Bedivere’s chest!

Seeing that Bedivere couldn’t dodge the opponent’s attack, he had no choice but to wield a Hydra-fanged dagger to block! A dagger with powerful enchantments, its power is manifested at this moment, it not only blocks Argus’ fatal blow, but also attracts the arcs on the opponent’s spear and **** them into the blade! The hilt of the dagger is made from the branches of a giant tree in the Everglades. It is not only extremely tough, but also has excellent insulation. Even if it absorbs the strong current in the blade, it cannot hurt Bedivere through the hilt!

Seeing that the blow was blocked, Argus took a step back in surprise: “Boy, what did you just do?!”

Bedivere stood up and raised the hydra tooth dagger in both hands: “You have a powerful magic weapon, can’t you give me a weapon that is enough to contend with?”

Although I don’t quite understand how the Hydratooth dagger works, it’s the only weapon in Brady’s hands that can stand up to Argus’ Lightning Spear.

He took out his magic bow [Nare’s Fire], and tore his clothes to make cloth strips, and fixed the hydra tooth dagger in his hand to one end of the magic bow to make a weapon similar to a long spear (the magic bow has no strings, The overall shape is originally similar to a slightly bent wooden stick). In this way, it will be much easier for him to wield his spear and fight with his opponents!

“It’s spear versus spear now.” The werewolf raised the [Magic Bow – Fire of Nare]/[Hydra Spear] and said.

“Very good.” Argus attacked again with his Lightning Spear.

In another field fifty yards away, Bagus was slashing at Albert with his sword. His machete was covered with magic spell lines, and the knife he made immediately raised a raging flame, whipping towards the tiger-man boy in a whip shape.

Al hurriedly jumped to dodge, the flame whip slashed under his feet. However, Bagus immediately turned around and drew a vertical knife, and his magic knife shot out a column of fire, sweeping towards Albert!

Although El’s wings can’t be used to fly, they’re a big help at this time. He flapped his wings subconsciously, suddenly changed his direction in mid-air, and dodged to the right.

Seeing Albert dodging with a bang, Bagus swung his magic knife with his backhand, and the blade swept out diagonally, hitting several arrow-shaped flaming darts!

Al slapped his wings again, using the kinetic energy of the wings to fall to the ground, the flame dart brushed over his head, only burning off a few tiger feathers.

Albert looked at the magic knife in Baggs’ hands in surprise. It was a black magic sword with large curse lines. The curse lines on the blade seemed to be some kind of ancient characters. They were perfectly spaced apart, and they were connected by smaller curse lines, which were neatly distributed on the sword. middle of the body.

Albert has researched some of the most bizarre weapons of the Fierce Fang. But he has never seen such a weapon: even if a normal weapon has the enchantment of flame, it is just a high heat effect on the blade.

——Now the magic knife in the opponent’s hand can raise whip-like, column-like, and even dart-like flames while swinging it. This weapon is even more powerful than magicians’ flame magic. Efficient (just swinging the sword can cast magic, even the chant time is omitted). With such a powerful weapon, what else do magicians do? !

(Albert has not experienced much actual combat. He does not know that magicians are not just powerful magic. How to combine multiple magics to create ever-changing effects is the essence of magic warfare.)

This ever-changing magic weapon is indeed a huge threat. Albert clearly felt that he could not win with a Hydra dagger in his hand!

Another big fireball hits El! Al looked at the huge fireball with a radius of ten feet in front of him, and couldn’t help but be surprised. How many changes are there in Bagus’ magic knife? !

He hesitated for a moment, but the fireball was already very close to him. If you don’t dodge, it’s too late to dodge!

No. It’s too late to dodge! Bagus swept out several knives and raised the flame darts in the sky. His attack was overwhelming. Even if Al could dodge the big fire ball, he would definitely be injured by the flame darts!

El raised the dagger, he saw Bedivere use the Hydra dagger to receive the electric shock from Argus’ spear, and he only hoped that his own dagger would also **** the flames of Bagus (obviously not possible) .

Just as he was about to do something stupid, a shock wave was shot from the side, blasting off on Bagus’ big fireball, dispersing the fireball, saving Al’s life before the flames engulfed Albert!

“Al! Do you want help?!” Bedivere shouted, raising his bow (spear) and continuing to fight Argus.

“No! Mind yourself!” Albert shouted. He really wants Bedivere to come and help him fight, even if it’s just to teach but his self-esteem won’t allow him to do that, Bedivere has to deal with Argus, already busy enough, Al can’t add more Friend’s burden!

“Hum hum hum, want to beat me on your own? You are quite conceited. Be careful, the next blow may cost you your life!” Baggs held the magic knife high. Anyway, the dazzling light of the curse pattern on the magic knife seems to be gathering the photons in the space. Albert knew that it must be a precursor to some kind of powerful magic!

“Do you think I’ll watch you unleash great magic, but don’t do anything, meow?!” Albert shouted and rushed over, stabbing the dagger in his hand at the same time, hoping to stop Ba in time before the opponent unleashes great magic. Gus.

But Bagus swung his sword to block, pushing Iger away! That’s right, he doesn’t need to hold his magic knife high to prepare for magic, even when gathering photons, the magic knife can be swung as a normal weapon!

Compared with the magicians who need to concentrate and stand still to activate great magic, the magic sword is indeed several times more flexible in tactical use.

Albert only now understands that the opponent’s magic knife is definitely not a product of modern technology. It must be one of the ancient artifacts obtained by the Leopard people excavating the heritage of ancient people. If used properly, such a magic knife can defeat all magicians in the world.

Albert, who only has a Hydra dagger as a weapon, is absolutely impossible to defeat Bagus’ flame sword. Elport is at an absolute disadvantage!

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