Light Spirit Epic Chapter 400: Disclosure to the Shady (5)


Chapter 400: Disclosure to the Shady (5)

The evil spirit giant snake sticking out its tongue and hissing terribly, squatted in front of Arthur, with its outstretched snake head forming a twisted “S” shape.

“Ayayya Arthur thurse ——” a strange voice sounded.

The knight noticed that the voice didn’t come from somewhere else, but came directly from the knight’s head.

Telepathy? wrong. This is something more direct. ——Having penetrated into Arthur’s body through the last snake bite, the will of a certain evil spirit was whispering to the young knight.

This big snake is the one that bit Arthur in the first place.

Arthur’s left arm hurt even more. He glanced at him suddenly, and the purple-black spell pattern on his arm became more obvious. The power of one evil spirit easily overwhelmed the power of the four Holy Spirits, allowing the purple-black light to spread on Arthur!

However, there is no pain. The body was almost paralyzed, and the pain caused by the erosion of the body by the Holy Spirit and evil spirits gradually disappeared.

Arthur turned to look at the serpent. The snake just waited silently, with no intention of attacking or retreating. What is it trying to do? !

“Ya Arthur shu shu ——” The cry sounded again, tears flowed from Arthur’s eyes involuntarily, he felt inexplicable sadness, even he himself could not explain the reason!

“Abominable evil spirit!” Arthur thought it was a form of hypnotism, and he struggled to draw out his holy king’s sword, vowing to cut the evil spirit snake into eight pieces!

As long as this evil spirit is repelled, it will definitely be restored to its original state. Arthur thought so, and immediately rushed over, slashing with his sword!

Plan! The golden light slashed across, but the evil spirit giant snake twisted its body and subtly sunk its body back, avoiding the blow!

When Arthur saw that a sword was dodged, he turned around and slashed back! The sword moves straight up, not only attacking the lower body of the giant snake, but also cutting towards the snake’s head!

The evil spirit giant snake twisted its body subtly and avoided it sideways. The golden light of the Sword of the Holy King brushed across the right side of the evil spirit, leaving only a trail of blue smoke on the snake scales!

Arthur draws out three more swords, each of which is extremely sharp, straight to the upper, middle and lower sections of the giant snake!

The evil spirit giant snake twisted along with Arthur’s sword, like a wave moving with the wind, always avoiding Arthur’s attack with the slightest movement at the critical moment! Arthur’s sword can’t do anything except draw the slightest green smoke on the scales of the snake!

It couldn’t be clearer. This evil spirit is very powerful, and he is a master at using the mind-eye technique. Arthur’s attack trajectory was all predicted by the giant snake, so it could dodge so easily!

In the previous battle with the Holy Spirits, Arthur had never seen the Holy Spirit use the mind-eye technique. It is said that it is a combat skill that has only been developed in the past 100 years, and the ancients did not know how to use it!

This evil spirit comes from modern times. Modern for nearly a hundred years.

In this way, the question is more and more. How did it come to the Avalon Pure Land, and how did it become an evil spirit? !

According to King Oser’s account, evil spirits were created by the incomplete [Round Table System] in ancient times, and such evil spirits should have been “discontinued” long ago. Why are there such evil spirits that modern people have become? Who will be able to break the seal of Avalon Pure Land and come to such a place within a few hundred years? !

With deep doubt, Arthur continued to attack with his sword, but the giant snake always avoided it with exquisite movement. If a person who is proficient in mind and eye art is devoted to dodging attacks, it is almost impossible to hit him (her)!

“Ha!” Arthur changed his strategy and swept out a sword, and the sword of the Holy King unfolded a ten-yard-long light blade and slashed over it! The giant snake couldn’t dodge this time, and was cut off by a sword!

Hiss! ! The evil spirit snake screamed, its upper body flew out weakly, slammed into the stone wall heavily, and then fell to the ground, twisting for a while!

The smashed stone wall exposed the golden apple grove behind the fence, and a gust of wind blew, and Arthur had rushed over. He stabbed out with a sword, intending to kill the evil spirit, but the lower body of the evil spirit giant snake moved instantly, attacked from behind, and wrapped Arthur!

—— I’m careless! He thought that cutting the snake in half would stop the snake’s actions, but Arthur forgot that the evil spirits (and the Holy Spirit) don’t play cards according to the rules! Being cut in half does not mean that the lower body cannot move!

The lower body of the snake has firmly coiled around Arthur, tightly entangling the boy’s body! The cold and hard scales on the snake were touching Arthur’s skin, and the boy only felt unpleasant!

He struggled hard, the boy who had just left the bath was soaked all over, not only was it difficult to exert his strength, but he couldn’t resist the strange power of the giant snake! If it goes on like this——

“Aya Ya Yaushe-” The vast sound of nothingness sounded again in the mind of the Cavaliers, and it was closer.

The upper body of the giant snake wriggled and approached Arthur. The snake leaned in front of the knight and stared at the knight. In its golden shimmering eyes, a large mouth of blood was opened. The sharp and sharp snake teeth are reflected in the eyes of the young knight, and the snake seems to be killing the knight with it——

Arthur closed his eyes, waiting for this unexpected death.

Touch! Arthur felt a shock.

A white stag crashed into the lower body of the giant snake. The strange impact passed, and the lower body of the giant snake seemed to be stabbed, and immediately released the coiled Arthur.

As soon as Arthur landed, he planned to raise his sword to slash at the evil spirit, but the evil spirit had already taken back his lower body, bowed to avoid Arthur’s sword light, and jumped back again, coiling his body into the woods Among them, escaped without a trace!

“Ugh!” Arthur’s eroded body began to suffer from severe pain again. He was sweating profusely, half-knelt on the ground, and looked up at the white deer in front of him.

The white stag is majestic and beautiful, and the sharp horns on its head extend upward like a tree branch, producing hundreds of branches. He stood in the rustling night The lightly falling snow flew beside him, and the wind and snow blew his medium-length hair, making the fluffy texture clearly in front of Arthur’s eyes.

He is not a creature.

Such a huge stag should not be a wild creature, it is most likely a holy spirit.

However…is there such a Holy Spirit? He doesn’t seem to even have the fighting power.

He also seemed to exude a familiar aura.

The stag looked at Arthur quietly, his sapphire-like eyes gradually turned black, and there seemed to be a universe spinning in it——

Arthur looked at the white deer, and the white deer was also looking at the boy. Tears welled up in Arthur’s eyes for no apparent reason.

“Who the **** are you?” Arthur muttered in a low voice.

The white stag did not answer, turned his head and disappeared into the night.

“Arthur?!” Hearing the commotion outside, Greenville ran out, “What are you doing? Did you meet anything?”

Arthur put away his sword, checked the movement of the woods again, then turned his head and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just attacked by an evil spirit——“

Before the young man could finish speaking, a powerful pain struck his whole body instantly, his eyes darkened, and he collapsed weakly.

Greenville came up to catch Arthur, who fell to the ground, and the knight fell into the girl’s arms.

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